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South America

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I've been living in many countries, though I'm just 18 years, so I can say I'm not from an specific place, actually I think where you were born or where you live never determines the person you are, only determines a pair of coordinates in this amazingly giant living rock ( Earth

About My Navel

Well.. haha funny thing, I never thought there would be somewhere I was asked to write about my navel... But still I've always had this ony head: I have the prettiest navel I've ever seen HAHAHAHA I don't know, I just love that little dude

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Book: Shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz S.
Poet: Mario Benedetti
Hobbies: MMA
Place: Beaches
Quote: I could spend 3 days trying to pick one and I probably couldn't so I just won't do that haha but I'ma say.. "Respect existence or expect resistance"
Color: Blue
Living creature: Animals!!


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