If You're Gonna Do It, Just Do It

There was once a lady who was very silly,
She took residence on the outskirts of Philly,
One day she got sick and tired of the rat race,
She said, "I'm getting out of this god-damned place".


She packed up her bags and said some goodbyes,
She knew with this move she'd be breaking some ties,
But nothing was there in that place of pollution,
Just buildings and highways with cars and confusion.


She got on the internet, and found a house to lease,
She got her a job, and beautiful moments of peace,
She met a nice man who was convicted a murderer,

They fell in love to everyone's surprise,
And they worked their asses off for the rest of their lives,
It might not sound nice to you,

But they're happy and it's none of your business,

So go suck an egg.


The End Smile

6:12 PM 5/9/2013 ©

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Remembering You

I can remember the flight

I can remember the landing

I remember the embrace

Could there have been a better warning

You picked me up 

Said you would never let me fall

Stole my heart

Then you tore it apart

Something that I wanted

Someone I thought I could love

You were creepy crawling

I could feel your lust calling

I stood my ground

I knew I couldn't give in

Just as we were parting

You pulled me in once again

I remember the summer

I remember the winter too

I wish I couldn't remember ever meeting you.

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I Just Haven't Met You Yet.

Love and Hope

You are the most beautiful thing,

I can't even explain how I feel.

I don't know what you look like,

But I know that our love is real.

You dance across my dreams,

But dreams and fairytales are full of it.

You'll never ever hurt my feelings,

or make me feel like sh!t.

You are my happily ever after,

Though I can't explain how I know.

Don't be afraid to approach me,

My smile is a green light, so go.

We'll make each other happy,

we'll be together until the end of forever,

And even when you get sick of me,

you'll still stay because we make each other better.

We'll kiss and make up and go on dates

We'll smile and reminisce on how we met.

We'll be the best and worst of friends,

You can't comprehend how good it will get.

My eyes will wander to my phone hoping you call,

I'll be looking out for you as I walk,

Hoping against hope you'll step up right then,

I'm anticipating the first time we will talk.

We'll be engaged ready to get married,

You'll be getting much more than I get,

I know I'll love you forever and ever

But I just Haven't met you yet.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Undecided Basically its about knowing that there is someone out there for you.... you just haven't met them yet. Not sure how good this poem is though.... So let me know what you guys think of it

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Walkin' on Water Lillies

Walkin' on Water Lillies,

Dancing across the pads.

Listenin' to the drippin' drops,

The sound driving me mad.

Listen to the frogs croaking,

the flies buzzin' through the air.

The wind whisltling to and fro'

Me walking without a care.

Spinning on my heels,

eyes to the sky.

Yearning for Mother Nature

to hear my solemn cry.

Staring at the clouds above,

watchin' birds as they fly.

Trees leaves blowing in the wind,

dehydrated flowers die.

I feel all these things,

as they happen everyday.

Because here in thes forest field,

I'm one with nature as they say.

The moon rising high,

while the sun is settin' on the land.

Digging my toes into the grass,

as easily as if it were sand.

The stars shining like little bugs,

dancing in front of my eyes,

smiling and laughing at me,

as the last of the sun's rays say goodbyes.

The water bubbles, the creatures stir,

as I'm laying flat on the ground.

The wind seems to taunt my ears,

daring me to make a sound.

But I just lay low and listen,

as Nature's party has just begun.

And it doesn't cease until tomorrow,

with the rising of the sun.

Then I'm singing songs to the trees,

Dancing free and acting silly.

Feeling like I never need to care,

While I'm Walkin' on Water Lillies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The coloring is deliberate according to nature and sceenery

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Broken Heart Discovery (Unveiled Smile)


Never die with a broken heart
Unless you're willing to live with the consequences
Meditating each slice
Taking it in baby steps
Will that door open for me?
And let me inside
To mend what was scarred
Lost cause
Last resort
Long vacation

Rebuild my inner strength
Rebuild my weak energy
One Step: Wise
Two Step: Discover

Never die with a broken heart
Loneliness and emotional pain
Feeling far apart
Leaving more insane
Am I capable to cope?
Move on forward along
Another big step ahead
Too lose alone
Too feel alone
Too battle alone

The wars we have with the world
Our loving desire to feel anger
To beg for just a taste of pain
Emotional, physical and mental
Judge by your discover
Unveil your face with a smile

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Unveiling a Smile over a Broken Heart is usually a difficult Emotion to overcome. And if you're already Happy, than there's no smile to unveil, because it's already showing.

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Benevolent Nebula

Lost and confused, yet daring and bold,
Silly and innocent at 14 years old,
Devoid of a mother, dreaming of a lover,
With closed mind and open heart, not a clue of where to start,
Aimless, wandering towards an abyss,
Missed four months of menses, from a prison-bound kiss.
Paralyzed, fearsome of taking account,
The cost I would pay, was a lifetime amount,
Destined, without a goodbye from a soul,
The rug pulled out from under, lost...no control,
A baby is born to a child alone,
In a frightening place, a cold hospital zone,
No one is present to hold her cold hands,
Sneers and contempt, nurses scoff and demand.
Life is preserved, but a spark inside dies,
Questions unanswered, at best she's told lies,
Darkness ensues and becomes her befriended,
Adoption is evident, this journey is ended,
But then it's unfinished, more searching to do,
A marriage, a carriage, some wine, a corkscrew,
A nose of cocaine and a fist full of weed,
To fill up and cover the pain...with godspeed

Years of self loss and a belly of rum,
It's been 10 years gone by, my Lord...this is not fun.
Cleaning it up feels as good as can be,
At 35 years old...wondering where the hell's me?
When you're sure what is missing can never be found,
Never think that your past won't come sneaking around.
So the child now 20, finally we greeted,
Surreal as it was, neither one of us were cheated,
Babies are born in the world to be free,
They belong to no one...not you, not me,
I will never forget you, nor how we did feel,
You said you felt 'whole', I say, 'finally real'.
Scattered and fragile, like menageries of glass,
Treasure life's memories, however deep the crevasse,
We can all become vicitms of loss in this world,
How we choose to accept it, savored, or hurled,
Weaves the fiber of all future bloodlines to come,
You can let go the line, or bridge the chasm.
People will be who they are, leave them be,
Some only awaken when it's too late to see,
Love is intriguing, some think it's a fad,
Some want just good things, they deny the bad,
I never regretted a moment of mine,
Good, bad, indifferent, it's been sweet and sublime,
Grateful for everythng, how could I miss?
My dark side was what guided me into my bliss.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of my road towards living my truth. This is more about adoption in the 70s than it is about me.

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle
To: Love bug
Alcona, innisfil, ontario
March 18th 2013
Today I release a message in a bottle, from the shores of Internet sea. Pass it along with hopes of finding its way to her. When she sees it she will know its for her. Will my message arrive? When? By who's hands will it be delivered? So much mystery. Thinking of you always....

I love her eyes

But it's no surprise 
My death was inevitable
They have changed
Her view is deranged
I'm no longer lovable
I could get her back
Rebuild qualities I lack
Even alone that would net a gain
If I sit tight
I could win this fight
We may be a family again
I want her to say
Before my dying day
That I am father of the year
I love our son
He is the one
Who will change the path I steer
What I thought wouldn't cease
It was just a tease
What I could have if I was a better man
I made my mistakes
Again and again for gods sake
Why can't I just stick to my plan
I tried my best
To be better than the rest
But always caused myself to bleed
Held on so tight
Tried to make it right
Wonder if ill ever succeed 
I want to tell her my thoughts
How I love and miss her lots
Hard to do what is best for me
We both made our choice
Despite all the noise
Of others opinions spoke in harmony
Chased her for years
Tried to take away her tears
I need to let her love me
Love me for me
Not what I make her believe
When I try so hard not to be
An actor who shows
Her what she already knows
Is inside my heart of stone
If I put on a play
Plan everything  I say
All fakers end up alone
Ill step back a minute
Watch her go fight and win it
I need to get her out of my head
Climb from the hole I have dug 
Free to fly my love bug
No longer tangled up in my web
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this peom will reach her in the distant future. She is on Facebook but I am not. I could just message it to her but I cant get over my butterflies. I am too nervous to send it to her directly. 


You are,
So far but so close,
so tasteful yet so gross,
and the dominos fall,
we run free once and for all,
let me lay down my love,
so i can set you free above,
flying through the sky,
so majestic and alive,
we're here,
we've arrived.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let me know what you think!

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I become Happy…

I become happy when you call me,

Saying ‘I miss you’,

Like the way the sail longs for the air, friendly,

And the sun eternally misses the moon’s view.    


I become happy while you smile,

In ecstasy and promise,

Of staying close to my heart with time,

Just then, all I can say is- never let your trust die please.


I become happy stealing some of your precious moments,

The way the sugar specks are taken away by the tiny ants.     

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