Her Poetry

Her Poetry

It's everything she’s ever done

It's every time she cried,

It's all the days she laughed out loud

It's the dreams she kept inside.


It’s silent screams on paper

It's the inner voice she cannot hide,

It's the beauty of the sunset

It's the lies that lovers lied.


It's the beating of a broken heart

It's a love that never died,

It's the birth of all her children

It's her tears that never dried.


It's all her dancing demons

It's the angels standing by her side,

It's the breathing of her very soul

It's when her heart and pen collide.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im not really sure where this came from. But I feel like someone can relate, somewhere.

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my heart...its beating...should i be scared?...my heart Is bleeding...Should Anyone care?...this feeling...is so new the warmth inside is all there because of you...your heart..your soul...and looking into your eyes makes the loneliness numb..as the stiches in my heart are removed i kill the madness and try to keep you the end is near and soon we will die in one anothers arms crossing holding and embracing one anothers hearts Forever in your heart and forever in mine my dark angel,my love,my Bloody Valentine..so sweet so dark,mine..the one who posseses my heart...I Love You...a word..that can only be said by someone who would be there for you..always..someone you'd die for..someone you trust,someone you want to always care about..listen to and live for...so darling..I Love You... No doubt in my eyes or my mind..that questions your appearance..

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I wondered

Finished Poems

Saturday I watched the snowfall, as I walked on the sidewalk;

I wondered, why did I hate snow so much, if all it was, was water;

The Icee thin crystals were soft and beautiful;

All the little kids loved making snowmen, and having snow fights;

I wondered, had I lost my spirit?


Yesterday I watched little kids, more like stared;

All the laughter and screams came from them in the most joyous way;

I wondered, why did children enjoy laughing and screaming at nothing;

Is it because i'm grown and they're still innocent human beings;

All you had to do was look at their cute baby faces and they would laugh;

They would laugh because they're innocent.


Today I watched my puppy play, more like tease my cat;

I wondered, why did my dog like being so playful;

Her thick, black and white tail had slapped my cat in the face;

Yet she moaned and growled as if to laugh at her doing;

I wondered, why can't I have as  much fun as my dog?


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Today is lovely

arising I saw ypur face

happiness abounds. 

copyright by heather burns

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Pursuit of Happiness

What is Happiness?
I have no idea, who knows!
Can’t you, in any case, guess?
It’s the ray that your face shows.
Where does happiness breathe, any idea?
Just a faint feeling, similar to light,
Had faced it I, once, in UTOPIA!
What about those who, to taste happiness, fight?
Can’t achieve happiness, it’s something to pursue,
Let’s catch it together, me and you.
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True happiness.

True happiness
doesn't come from the treasures
or wealth that we acquire
but the contentment
of love peace
and the place we call home
within our hearts and minds
our love for God
and spiritual growth
to which we aspire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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I am

I am the emptiness that fills your soul.
I am the one that creates a void, that hole.
I am the dread that never sleeps
I am the one who dehumanises you, so that you will never weep.
I am the one who brings no joy.
I am the one who plays with your emotions, you are my toy.
I am the one who will always bring you down.
I am the one who makes you feel like a clown.
I am Depressed, that is my name.
I am a figment of your imagination and you are my game!

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I Do

Its dark. So. So. Very dark.
My lips, shaking
Yet still capable of clasping to my teeth.
Smile. I smiled.
Into to light I walked.
I was once told, this should be a good moment.
Was u ready?
I walked into to light.
Down the staircase my mother once walked
Step step step.....
No hesitation.
my smile widened.
I do.

your music

your music makes me smile
your music makes me cry
your music makes me feel
warm and happy inside.

your music makes my stomach swoop
it makes me feel alive
and safe and lovely and perfect
like i have no need to hide.

Your music is so beautiful,
when you play your music
I can feel how much you care for me.

The warm caress of your music
fills me inside
makes me feel complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my very talented boyfriend.
as per usual all comments are welcomed with open arms!

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