The Sailor

My Love

They say the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
But you know that I hate to leave you like this
I know that you need me, and you I will miss
But the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
I have to go to become worthy of you
And I don’t know what else to do
But if you’ll wait for me, I think you will find
That fairytales happen, so never you mind
You look so beautiful, please don’t you cry
I will come back; now leaving is nigh
You have to let go of me now my dear
But I’ll come back before another year
Know that I kiss you every night
Sweet, loving dreams make life alright
Yes although you have to let me go
I’ll come straight back to your arms, I know
I’ll be waiting, and wishing till I see you, and then
I’ll hold you and never let go again
But I have to go, and soon you will see
A man where a boy used to be
Who’ll be able to take care of you for all of our days
And who’ll never leave you, together always.


It rained today like I wanted it to,
Life smiled like I wanted it to,
Each day comes with its pack of joys,
As well as the efforts and ploys,
I have to keep on holding the fort,
I have to take care of my own boat,
And when God sends down His mercy,
In the beautiful rain drops blessedly,
I know I am still closer to Him,
And I know how much I love Him,
But He loves me and mine even much more,
As it shows via Heaven's opened doors.
More than seventy mothers and seventy fathers,
When He is with me I enjoy the laughter,
As it spreads all around with joy and good,
On beaming faces in the city and the woods.
So, let it rain more like I want it to,
Let goodness be blessed like I want it to...

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Happiness lingers,
and flutters,
in the valves of my heart.

I can feel it,
all through my veins,
in my body.

Dancing in a way,
to the beat of my heart,
like the tom-toms in Africa.

Happiness lingers,
and flutters,
like butterflies in my heart.

I can feel it,
all through my veins,
in my body.

Dancing in a way,
as my heart,
beats like the tom-toms in Africa.

Linger ~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Made this poem as a dedication to Africa. I do not know the roots of my African heritage but I feel like I do. Whenever I think of Africa, I think of a place full of happiness.

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Christmas Morning

Christmas morning hearing
childrens laughs, unwrapping
of ooooos and ahhhhhs
happiness is here from
Mr. Santa Claus

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Blue Skies & Butterflies

Sunlight gleaming, golden glimmer~
Dragonflies flutter, iridescent shimmer.
Winter fading, new life showing~
Winds if change, gently blowing.
Wrapped in warmth, natures embrace~
Rays of happiness dance on my face.
Blue skies, butterflies, distant laughter~
Dandelions & dreams, chasing after.
Sleepy sidewalks sprinkled with pink~
Yesterdays blossoms, gone in a blink.
Amethyst, fuchsia, apricot, blush~
Paint the sky with heavens brush.
Willows weeping, growing shade~
Crickets singing, twilight serenade.
Black & blue & glitter star-shine~
Thieves of day, criminals benign.
Cheshire moon now smiling hello~
Darkness falls, sunlight must go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is one half of a set; the yang to the yin of my other poem titled, "Darkness Falls". Hope you like them!

My Letter To You

My Love

I feel your pain over here
Sometimes you said you wish I didn’t
But I didn’t stop
I don’t mind standing in your rain
Just by my being there
You start to feel better
You start to feel normal again
I’m glad that I can do that

I can be your light,
Even in your darkness
I can be your fire,
Even when you feel so cold
I can be your life
Even when you feel like dying
I can be your happiness
Even when it’s gone

Don’t worry about me
I know you care
I know you wanted to stop the pain
You did
You don’t know it
But I wouldn’t be here without you
I might not be alive,
You stopped my cutting before it happened
And I love you

You are my light,
Even in my darkness
You are my fire,
Even when I feel so cold
You are my life
Even when I feel like dying
You are my happiness
Even when it’s gone

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Verse 1:
When the darkness
Of the past
Overwhelms you,
Know that there
Is a light hid,
Hidden within
Your heart.


That light
In your heart –
Will you choose
To ignore it?
Or will you
Continually shut
The world in?


The pages have turned.
A new story’s ending
Will be written.
Is your story
Written there?
(Written there)


Shutting the world in,
You lose yourself,
Lose yourself in the dark.
Trapped within
Memories of the past,
You have chosen
Your ending.


The stories ending:
Morality speaks.
A spark appears.


With this pen,
You write,
Write a new ending.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song in a series titled: "For a Friend" , which is a series of songs at various stages of life dedicated to a friend of mine.

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The Harder We Love

you are my purpose. my light gravitates to yours.
you and i entwined in passion's embrace erasing our past mistakes.
it feels good to hurt this way. i ache when you're away.
your kisses hold the cure. your touch purifies my soul.
together we achieve nirvana on an earthly plane.
light fills our empty spaces and the dark shadows are chased away.
there's power in our love. we've only scratched the surface.
the closer we become the deeper we trust. the harder we love!

you are my heart. my being vibrates with joy when you are near.
you and i talking about the day chases our blues away.
it amazes me how well we are in tune. i compliment you.
your energy energizes my lethargic ways.
together the world cannot help but bow to our demands.
love overcomes the most hateful of souls and we gain control.
there's no shame in our emotions. we show them proudly, like a badge of honor.
the more we proclaim our love for each other the deeper we care. the harder we love!

you are my need. my happiness depends on yours.
you and i laughing at nothing satisfies me.
it feels like the first time every time we touch.
your desire for me jolted me out of my misery. you awakened me.
together we ignite each other's fires.
luck brought us together and we've never looked back.
there's magic in our chemistry. time can't destroy us.
the faster we explore each other the deeper we become inside the other. the harder we love!


Maybe some things don't go right,
Sometimes you hold on things tight.

Sometimes things starts off bad,
But remember the things you have had.

Things can turn around an change,
But only god knows how to rearrange.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this is short, but I wrote this for a person I know for his lost. So I wanted to put it on here, I hope that's ok. :)

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