Love’s fate


 A girl I met a match in heaven,

 More dark as me could be no better than my old lucky number seven.

Our lives started so grand the faults so small,

Being without each other just makes my skin crawl.

The people came against us one by one,

As every year that past we became that much strong.

Almost seven years now under our belt,

When she is not drinking she makes my heart melt

To wake every morning her face I first see.

The feelings in my heart larger than the sea.

To realize after time I have choices make,

 These choices so hard that will certainly control our fate

Written by,  Rob Casteel

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I Think You're All Nuts'

Just a thought!

I think you're all nuts, all stem from the same tree..

Take a look, they say "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree."

You all just sit there everyday, dreaming someone wants you...

Waiting to be used, wanting to be picked by someone special,

Not caring who, as long as they can separate you from of your shell.

They'll take what they want, all that's good, then discard the rest.

I look down at you, picked over, crushed, used up...I see

Your shell... fractured, broken, empty... nothing left inside to grow.

I weigh my options and pass you by...    "I hear pecans are in!"

                                 Besides....."I think they're all just nuts!"

       by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"I Think You're All Nuts!"

*I Saw You*

March.22.1998 12:54pm/

 May.26.2013 4:30pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I saw you 

That'sall I had to see

I never knew

It could be meant for me 

I thought I always had to live in a dream

I always thought my heart would never wake

But you're the one that patched up the seam

Could it be true that your not a fake


I never thought this day would come 

It had to been fate

That brought us together 

I always thought I had to hate

Is it meant to be 

That we are meant to have eachothers heart

My heart belonging to you forever

Maybe this is Gods way to start a new begining

A brand new start


I always wanted you to be mine

Since in the past

When I saw you I wondered what it would be like 

If I was with you all the time

I believe God brought us together 

So we could have something special

A love that lasts forever 

Together as we wine and dine 


Things happen for a reason

Maybe together we can find that out 

Even if it takes us through every season

If I could give you all the long stemmed roses 

I would do it in a heartbeat

But if it was only my love I could give

With me would you plan to meet

I would give you my life just so you could live

But next to you will you save that seat


I pray that you believe

That you're the one I've been looking for 

I'll always be afraid that you might leave

But for now I want to give you memories to store 

When I saw you I didnt think it would be 

I never thought I could have more 

I never thought God would give me a chance

I never thought you'd find something special in me 

But now I see

He's giving me this time to have a loving romance 




Now that I finally got you back I'm not letting go

My feelings for you 

I do want you to know

My feelings are 100% true

I want a life with you to share

Make memories to remember

Show you how I care

Watch seasons change in September

Promise me you won't leave 

If we get into a fight 

Lets talk it through

I'd feel a lot better if I knew


I never knew that one day

You'd come up to me... a nobody

And say I love you

I couldn't believe it I don't know whgat to say

When I saw you baby

And looked in your eyes

I then knew I truely loved you 

I believe this can work just maybe

My heart no longer dies


I will love you always and forever

For enturnity and a day more 

From here to the moon and back again

You and me together 

And our remember whens

Your love,charm,kindness, and soft touch I will store 

I thank the lord above

He really knew

I thank you and him for your love

I am so happy for that day I saw you 

My feelings for you no one else can comepare

I will hold on to eachother

Our love we will forever share

Our hearts belong to no other




People come and go,
He left her in the cold.
She suffered from the idea
Of confusion and pain.


The dark days are over
She was happy and contented.
She wished he wouldn’t cross her mind anymore.
But fate always finds its way back.

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*Fate Has Brought Us Together*

Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Sun 5/25/2008 8:10 AM 

I believe for me there is a soul mate 
And that we are meant to be 
And what brought us together again was fate 
Deep down inside i pray this you see 


I promise to you i will take care of your heart 
I promise i'll try not to make you cry 
Ill make sure you never fall apart 
I promise to send chills down your spine 
And make your feelings fly 
I only ask of you to always be mine 


Fate has brought us together 
I believe this is it we're meant to be 
I promise to love you forever 
And if you trust me you'll be able to believe 
That you are the only one for me 



*Until The Day I Die*

Trisha M.Barrek Hopkins

I promise you to be by your side 
Until the day I die 
My heart will be for only you 
Tell you everything Nothing to hide 
My love I'll always bring always the truth 
To you always stay true 
Always and Forever Love Never hurt your pride 
Never push or shove If we ever fight 
Never go to bed mad Promise always make everything right 
For you never know when you'll be gone 
Always forgive and forget 
Keep love in our hearts and hate out of sight 
Always remember how we felt the first day we met 
Having you in my life to love I'm the lucky one

Until the day I die 
For you there's nothing I wouldn't do 
Wipe your tears when you cry 
Sweep you off your feet 
Always keep you high 
With my love My touch 
With my kisses 
When we part for the day Back by your side I want it so much 
I'll always be your Misses 
We'll fix the mistakes when they come along 
Never hate each-other 
Our souls truly belong 
Always argue 
Only to have make up love Later....Together 
When I'm with you nothing can go wrong

Until the day I die 
I'll take care of you 
Promise to never lie 
Fix you heart when its broken 
Always listen to the words you have to say 
Even the ones left unspoken 
I want to share with the world if I may 
How deep our love is How our connection is so strong 
I have so much to say 
Our love Is so passionate so real 
We will always belong 
My heart you didn't have to steal 
It was already yours for the taking 
We were meant to meet 
Our love was already in the making 
Our broken hearts we were meant to defeat

Until the day i die 
I'll steal every word with a kiss 
Form an even stronger bond 
Your dreams I'll never dis 
To my soft touch 
Your body always responds 
When we're together all over your body I'm softly stroking 
What a rush 
Caressing every inch with my kiss 
We're in heavens skies 
Sharing heavens bliss 
We're on cloud nine Our love never dies 
Together is such a thrill 
Loving you like crazy 
You have me all hazy 
Our bodies with each-other move at will

Until the day I die 
God will look over us 
His angels at our side 
Keeping us safe and sound 
Our special love he has found 
In the both of our hearts 
The way we are holding hands 
Never ahead Never behind Always beside 
Even after the day we die

Trisha M. Hopkins finished 2:13am Nov-21-2010 

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"Destiny Calls"

Just a thought!

I board a ship,her name is Destiny

She guides me through deep, and dark seas

The swells I encounter break hard over the bow

Her hull is strong, she repels all debris

The map I follow takes me to many places

Her compass leading the way

My heading points towards adventure

Without waver, bring new exploits each day  

These routes are navigated over timeless waters

Through sandbars and a long narrow straight

My journey will end in a beautiful cove, called...

"Destiny"... designed by Fate'








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought, through the journey of life'

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Prisoner of Lore

Foretold once was a place begotten in
the Legendary War of Mankinde.....
faire in wealth and luxourie but void
of love and charitee..
But blind are not who root in povertee
fancy by foe, for foe forgot 
once a war
raged on in these lands 
but now led to become who 
once was won by ways of war
and the villainee they abhorr. 
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She Told Me

She told me that she didn't know

anymore what I thought we knew. 

She told me she was thinking still

of where to go and what to do.


She told me that she loved me still

yet she thought it best she go.

She told me that she always would

but in her eyes it didn't show. 


She left, and there I stood alone

as she swore I'd never be.

She left, and there I stood alone,

lost at home with her memory. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on a conversation had on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend of this year. It is raw and painful and I don't know what to do.

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