Dreams of demise and the rise from exile

From seats of power, those in control decided to use
their most powerful weapon against the people;
not bombs, or mechanized armies, but an unholy creation
of flesh and blood; a living weapon. To suppress the rebellious
children, who had turned on their elders, punishment came from beyond
the depths of the heavens. From his place of exile, he watched
and waited on the hour their demise would descend.

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Destiny Unknown

I know a girl
who thinks like me, talks like me
who is as funny as me
and yes sometime as stupid me

She believes in love
she believes in destiny
she lives in fantasy not in history
but whats in her heart is still a mystry

She always ask, what do you expect
being like a zillion miles away, Nothing
I don't know where I stand
wish I could stand somewhere, wish I could be something

what can I do to make her feel this
what can I do to get her back
what can I do to be that something
what can I do fill what I lack

I dont know what's written
I dont know what's destiny
I dont know what's gonna happen
Let the fate deceide whats my destiny.

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Death is the only pathway to salvation

To save his people, genocide was the only answer
he could find in his heart;
the systematic cleansing of each soul; of his race was their only walk to salvation
in the face of a fate truly worse than the death he offered in kindness.
At the mercy of things beyond his control, he found himself.

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Fate of direction

Where do I go from here
is the right direction anywhere near
or could it be my failure is based upon fear
in my head I have a plan, but my heart has no motive
scared to fail, yet scared to move forward
at this point faith is questionable
and adapting to it all makes it more subtle
I know that the final outcome can only be positive
knowing that God wouldn't have brought me this far, just to drop off a deposit slip
only that may be what I need, to get back on my feet
adjusting to leaving my worries behind, because with time all things will cease
and with time, things will fall into place, as they should be.

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I Just Knew


How did I know
That our fates
Were to be intertwined?

How did I know
That you were the one
That I was supposed
To be with

Was it your smile?
Your laugh?
The way you talked?

Or was it your cuteness?
Maybe it was how
Considerate you are?

I could write a list
That is a hundred
Pages long, but it
All comes down
To one simple thing
And that thing would be

I just knew

Written on
October 6, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was about Tom ___. I got the title and the idea from the song, Kelli Coffey - I Just Knew.

Behold Oblivion

Dusk's Rule

Should we march on, still shackled,
Into our destiny, toward our fate,
By this idea we call choice,
We should behold oblivion--

Why is the drunk unable,
and the homeless persecuted?

Here is the screaming,
Blood gushing, wounds gaping,
Fighting, as if we had a choice,
Where we are born,
Who our parents are,
and what we believe.

Eternity is an infinite loop,
Watch the sand swirl in the wind,
The waves lap any trace of time,
Forever marching onward.

Praise God, for he,
is the one you were born to.

Dancing in ceremony,
Singing hymns,
Bonded together,
Bonded at birth.

Slowly the world wakes,
With the one realization,
The illusion of choice,
It's naked, destructive force.

Idea of choice--acidic to existence.

The core of our dissonance,
Why society reverberates in white embers,
Burning itself, clawing, stabbing,
All the while, the few,
Behold Oblivion--

Supercomputers, generated,
Altered by the environment,
And all choices are inevitable,
Given time, given place.

Forget choice--feel reality,
See the paths that lie ahead of all,
Travel them each, forgive, mend, move on,
Should you say they had a choice--

Behold Oblivion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beginning of what I'll always show to the world. Few are ready.

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Dream Big


please, chase your fate
  and do be brave
as though it is
   the latest step
that you can take
   on here and there
because it's fair
   and you may dare...
the life is story of some soul
  and audacity of men
   who had once dared to
   chase their fate
 will speak for them
  and will inspire
 the other mate to hit the gate...
the gate is way to catch
  the light
which grant you wings
  and ease the strain
so that the life becomes
 your aim to feel the joy
to love your friends
  and day by day
    to chase your fate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shumakho Kumykov.

Feel free to comment and criticize. 


I am not native, so don't be strict wink

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Looking back through the years
I see smiles and tears.
Those lost and those found.
Everything like a circle seems to come around
Round and Round we go,
Where life stops only the fates know.
Slow Motion; Fast Forward; Repeat
I can't look back with any regret
For these are the days I shall never forget.  

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"A Mix of Want and Fear"

by Jeph Johnson


"it's so hard to dance that way"
when our eyes first met,
she said
I decided she was
pretty kickin'
next to me
at the table
so we planned
some time to spend
scribbling words
upon a page
like letters
and soon we had
the perfect day
...the best day of my life...
chiming in "so far"
she said
"what about tonight?"
but my tenderness tore through her
falling into a tender trap
floating through my poetry
crawling up in my lap
for while choosing my words too sweetly
like potpourri or perfume
true love, convinced completely
was all too close too soon
so she said she wanted to be,
like common people awhile
so letting go,
for three whole days
I did not see her smile
she feared what I wanted
I wanted what she fears
with the fear that greys
the night and haunts
the roadside raining tears
one night I thought
would be our last
kiss underneath mistletoe
holding tight,
throughout the night
she drove on
not letting go
and for three more days
I cried like she wanted me to hate her
and almost got me drinkin'
sobriety came much later
after the saddest
experience I've ever known
became the saddest
experience I've ever felt
she said "no"
but staying friends
at the time
seemed the best decision
and my heart
it almost melted
but again
she still looked in
my eyes
and smiled
with her special pout
that makes her her
and only her
trying to get out
so I don't cry any more
my tears are out of style
despite waiting
half my life away
for the miracle of her smile
dreams and nightmares
drift away
despite another perfect day
when I woke up
the rain was still
pouring onto the ground
like a wave of mutilation
built up
to wreck it down
if I were me
I'd fall in love
with you again much better
only this time
reason and rhyme
fight out in love letters
she might have said something
she didn't mean to say
and now it's going to be
one hell of a night today
I'll take these dreams
and make them whole
in a truly sweet collaboration
emotional idiocy inside my soul
with toned down exaggeration

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Twilla, 2002 

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