Prisoner of Lore

Foretold once was a place begotten in
the Legendary War of Mankinde.....
faire in wealth and luxourie but void
of love and charitee..
But blind are not who root in povertee
fancy by foe, for foe forgot 
once a war
raged on in these lands 
but now led to become who 
once was won by ways of war
and the villainee they abhorr. 
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continues in my reads.Excllent. 

i felt a Shakespeare flow and quality in this. The message is timely:)



PS I didn't know that one could find a "hippy" at your age given in your profile.

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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In my novles I struggle with "villanee" - those once morale and just in war become other than they began - it is true but hard truth - fine write on subject to test all who breath - :D - Stella