*Until The Day I Die*

Trisha M.Barrek Hopkins

I promise you to be by your side 
Until the day I die 
My heart will be for only you 
Tell you everything Nothing to hide 
My love I'll always bring always the truth 
To you always stay true 
Always and Forever Love Never hurt your pride 
Never push or shove If we ever fight 
Never go to bed mad Promise always make everything right 
For you never know when you'll be gone 
Always forgive and forget 
Keep love in our hearts and hate out of sight 
Always remember how we felt the first day we met 
Having you in my life to love I'm the lucky one

Until the day I die 
For you there's nothing I wouldn't do 
Wipe your tears when you cry 
Sweep you off your feet 
Always keep you high 
With my love My touch 
With my kisses 
When we part for the day Back by your side I want it so much 
I'll always be your Misses 
We'll fix the mistakes when they come along 
Never hate each-other 
Our souls truly belong 
Always argue 
Only to have make up love Later....Together 
When I'm with you nothing can go wrong

Until the day I die 
I'll take care of you 
Promise to never lie 
Fix you heart when its broken 
Always listen to the words you have to say 
Even the ones left unspoken 
I want to share with the world if I may 
How deep our love is How our connection is so strong 
I have so much to say 
Our love Is so passionate so real 
We will always belong 
My heart you didn't have to steal 
It was already yours for the taking 
We were meant to meet 
Our love was already in the making 
Our broken hearts we were meant to defeat

Until the day i die 
I'll steal every word with a kiss 
Form an even stronger bond 
Your dreams I'll never dis 
To my soft touch 
Your body always responds 
When we're together all over your body I'm softly stroking 
What a rush 
Caressing every inch with my kiss 
We're in heavens skies 
Sharing heavens bliss 
We're on cloud nine Our love never dies 
Together is such a thrill 
Loving you like crazy 
You have me all hazy 
Our bodies with each-other move at will

Until the day I die 
God will look over us 
His angels at our side 
Keeping us safe and sound 
Our special love he has found 
In the both of our hearts 
The way we are holding hands 
Never ahead Never behind Always beside 
Even after the day we die

Trisha M. Hopkins finished 2:13am Nov-21-2010 

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a wonderful write,only a few

a wonderful write,only a few can make such promices and keep them

ron parrish