The Yellow Monsters

If chickens brain activity rapidly increase by more than 50% there is a chance they'll take over the world. Partly because their number is ridiculously high, but also because they are evil little creatures in innocent costumes. Behind those yellow feathers masks lies a ruthless monster.


Nothing that sweet can be without a mission.


Of course argues can be made about their interest in running the world, since it's mostly contains hard work and dedication, which the little bird might lack. However you should never ignore the possibility nor the plausibility, how slight that may be. For when it comes to power and greed you would be surprised how much someone is willing to loose to seize it. And you have to remember, they do have a vendetta. Wouldn't you rise against the slaughters of you race?

Let's just hope for that evolution still proceeds to look at us as its favorite pet and grants us the privilege to stay ahead, till that day we accidentally blow ourselves up.

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Chicken Vendetta

I have to admit, I never thought chicks owned potential for a revolution, but on that day, feathers will surely fly! - Lady A