The Game of Struggle

Dusk's Rule

While falling into a dark hole,

Hands out--uncertain where's the floor,

Just waiting to land a roll,

Thoughts of after, being sore,


Pressure building, pressure crushing,

It threatens to crack and split,

All fibers of spirit and breath,

Sense of permanent rushing,

Losing the mind, losing wit,

It is either life or death,


Fight back, rise up, resolve, 

Either let the pressure break,

Not crack, but craft willpower,

Do not devolve, simply evolve, 

Don't give in, just take,

It shouldn't be the final hour. 


Challenge the fall, the descension, 

Reverse the course, set sail,

Drive to be upon acension, 

Death no longer strikes pale, 


The face that is cut to stone, 

Mending all the broken bone, 

The spirit, mind, will found strength, 

To strive beyond all length, 


The markers of limitations,

Of the possibilities,

Against all disabilities,

Building new foundations, 


Out of the intense pressure, 

Carved out of the rough,

A diamond none fresher, 

One that will resist all scuff,


Not by avoiding being cut,

But as one to abuse the rut,

And become something more,

--Always finding another door. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To meet resistance should be matched with equal resilience. 

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