Who needs love anyway..

Love and Hope

Love is stupid, Love is blind.

Love my dumb friend, is simply unkind.

You hope to find someone that's true.

Someone who will Love you for you.

But instead You find lies.

Aching sadness and unanswered cries.

Yet love is good? Something I want?

I doubt it, Can't understand what they flaunt.

Why would I want love? If it ain't real?

Why do I need someone, to know how I feel?

Do I need kisses to make me feel warm?

Do I need a Honey? To make the bees' swarm?

Truth be told, I don't think that I do.

I don't need to be controlled by: Him, her or you.

"Better to have loved and lost," they always say...

But truth be told, "Who needs love anyway?"

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