My Turn

D. E. A. F.

Gather round! Don't be shy..

Reach inside the bowl.

Don't think too much, just trust your gut.

And reach for pills we stole.

You never know what you may get,

the ultimate surprise.

Just reach right in and pluck one out,

remember to close your eyes.

We've got Ritalin and Beenies,

If you want heart speed to gain.

We've got Oxy and Vikes,

If you're just tryna ease the pain.

If you just wanna chill and slow down

Xanax and Valium may do the trick.

But I suggest Ecstasy and Skippy,

If you wanna give your heart rate a kick!

Pop a molly if you're scared,

or too stressed to sleep.

But maybe you'll get Lunesta,

and get knocked out without a peep.

There are many others,

I just don't know them by name.

But I guess that's the risk you take,

when you play our game.

Come on now don't chicken out,

I told you go with your gut.

NO! Don't be stupid! Not a handful!

You'll be dead before you fall on your butt.

Yes, that's right just grab two,

Now take a swig of Jack.

You must wait for it to start,

just sit still or lie back.

I know you're scared,

At my first time so was I.

But trust me it will be okay,

you know I wouldn't lie.

See I can tell you're feeling better,

I just know don't ask me how.

Just go have fun and join the others,

because I think it's my turn now.

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