A hand full of air

Something stirring 

A cautious hover 

Over a breaking smile 

gratitude spills 

tumbling over the reverently held ether 

life lives here, moistened with 

Blood, sweat, Tears and rain 

Every fall a rise 

Like the breath of providence 

A dip left 

A twist right 

the rhythm of life inspires dance,

Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbage 


Your hands are never empty 

There is no void, 

There is only the appearance of nothing 

Which by the mere thought is even something 

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it? 

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, yes you can! 

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Sitting in Silence

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

listening to you talk about anything and everything that could possibly pop into your perfect little head.

The past, present, future, your family, your friends, your dreams.

I'd listen to you talk about all the things that make you cringed, or cry, or smoke from the ears.

I'd listen to you complain about the economy, the weather, or all the flaws you see in yourself though I see you as flawless.
And if for some reason,

through all your hours of talking, 

your mind goes blank,

and you run out of things to say,

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

being completely content listening to the silence that surrounds you and me.

Not just face value.

Love is a cardboard cut out.

4 letters thrown together in surrender.

Because they couldn't find a word to match Sunday mornings in your tshirt,

And The weight of your arms across my ribs.

Needing nothing.

Being whole. 

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The Old Man

Sitting on his rocking chair
That’s where you’d find him, he was always there
Sit on the front porch, breathe the sweet summer air
Living life without a care

I used to stay and talk about life
He’d talk about his kids and beautiful wife
Outlived them all, now 93
And I thought about how sad that’d be

But he said, if he went back
If time somehow went off track
He would never change a thing
He was content, and then he’d sing

“God, when you see fit to call me home
Ne’er again this earth to roam
I pray that you’d remind this boy
That only you can give us joy.”

Twenty years and now I’m grown
Got some kids of my own
A loving, dear, and beautiful wife
And it’s just a wonderful life
I remember the old man now
He went back home anyhow
And now he’s gone to his family
I smile at how happy they’ll be

And I pray, “Lord, help me be like him
Give me his wisdom, his freedom from sin
And let me have that joy he had
So I can be a better Dad.”

Now my friend, time is short
And to you it won’t report
So, love and raise your family
And you’ll be happy, same as me.

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...For I am a Calypsos

The Influence

Feeling content as the present me thrives
critically wounded with a state of lust
but no harm done for i do not feel pain
living freely with no anchor as my body sets sail
no interest in finding solid ground since the waters are calm
white rapids have turned to nothing more than a graceful summer breeze
Ive learned to control the weather for I am a Calypsos
In pursuit of tomorrow without regretting the past
pleasure comes from self assurance that you may be...
quenching my thirst for restitution for i have for so long been deprived
the tides have turned to my favor almost as if i am defying gravity
pride has mended the hollowness that agony has carved out
For once i finally feel intact

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My Love


When I promised you
That I will love you till death came undone
I didn’t know that I would
Have to wait in the long run

Yet, all that made it clear to me
Wait for you I will, until you come down
And be with me that will be
The only time I lose my frown

So wait for you I will
If waiting means that I love you
Then I will wait forever for you
Because my love for you is true

Right now I am living in a shadow
Because the sun wont come out
It feels like I must yell for you to hear me
You have no way to communicate so all I can do is pout

And wait for you to come around
Because I know you will
I am content to wait for you
And you know that I will

Written on
April 30, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Bri. I wrote it because its going on two months since we last talked, and i wrote this just to say that I love hm, and if waiting proves my love for him, then wait I will. I love you, Bri

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Monday's To Do List

I can feel that it's frigid out

 I am content to stay asleep

snuggled close to you,

under the warmth of the duvet,

feel your arm holding me

listen to you breathe,


the cat keeps kneading


patting my face

in hopes of wakening me

to feed him.

He wins.

And I'm up,

shuffling in slippers,

making coffee,

feeding the starving cat

I contemplate going back upstairs

to crawl back into bed,

snuggle close to you,

under the warmth of the duvet,

feel your arm hold me

 listen to you breathe

but it's Monday


apparently I have a job


since I am the responsible sort,

I stay up,

make our lunches

and mentally make a list

of things I should do today:


1. Crawl back into bed,

2. Snuggle close to you

        3. Feel your arm holding me

4. Listen to you breathe

      5. Forget the world exists...

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