end times

untitled (true music)








untitled (former working title: true music)





as if one have
all the value judgements

in this—


tribulation period,



if only wind
instruments were
invented to share
a message, —


would souls
truly speak
in the present moment?



time & its insignificance





like metanoia
—a paradigm shift—
suddenly, anxiety
changing one's drift





from kabbalah
to phonetics
linguistics, semantics
hermeneutics of the Torah


from ancient

to the renaissance

what more can
one presage?









if a believer

prays to a false God

[of an othered religion]

permitted but








wronged sainthood






senile syllogisms & oblivion








An Active Volcano And Homesteads

An Active Volcano
& Homesteads

He wants to visit
a Mitsukoshi somewhere
but, instead, they
visited Harajuku in Japan

It's like a Resident Evil
film sequel during
that silver afternoon
just because every big
city needs one

But the tremendous
beauty of a volcano
and a mountain simply
cannot be denied

Its mysteries even
symbolized the island
country, her homeland

Without that sad part of
the past (Alas, now it's over!)
they could not
have walked past each other

It seems everything
happens for a reason

I say everytime this
was the case,
it happens each season

And so we question time,
biology and our biography,

and blame the universe for our

subjective and objective reality








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited:  06.10.2023 noticed, while rereading and rechecking/reviewing my own experimental works, an ungrammatical and misworded verse/line:


1.  "each could not
have walk passed each other"

and changed it to:

"*they could not
have walk*ed pas*t each other"


2.  "the past (Alas, now it's over)"


"the past (Alas, now it's over*!)"


In a Japanese Countryside

Snow Capped Mountain/Mt. Fuji (credit:  K K, Pexels.com)

In a Japanese Countryside






I'm in a Japanese




but with whom?




Quiet community,
revived Western humanity,



that even Mt. Fuji is


That even the train cars on

metal rails in train stations

are silently drifting, giving

way for us—sleeping




in our modest households.







 Mt. Fuji, Japan (credit: Liger Pham, Pexels.com)

Inclement Weather Upon Us








Inclement Weather Upon Us





There was this doom
science calls an
"Amospheric river".



But I've seen a
different scenario,
during a time
of this type of weather

on my own,



clouds, low-lying

which happened
just right after
my own mourning—



That's the time
when I learned about

that [someone have said]
does not exist in your
modern society



—I violently disagreed
due to their ignorance:
like no such a squall wind


is ever-so-significant


without 'spiritual discernment',



(truth be told),

the numbed person can be
wearier than those lying
sickly in their deathbeds

and getting old.








through the storm?








through the storm?




until the day ends
as if we're ever friends


did I ever ask your



a way to speak
everything's so quick



where are you gonna
take me?—








Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This is a work of fiction


And then I beheld terrible visions
of the final days
the death of the angels
the fall of heaven
and to my knees I fell
and then I wept
for the coming of the end of worlds
the child beyond the stars
was shown to me.

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Woe be unto the rebellious children of the earth
the followers of the end of worlds
the ignorant and the blind
who give into lusts and the blood letting
who seek to open the gate
for the day shall come when that gate will open
and from that dark and horrible place
judgements and torments will spew fourth
and into an everlasting punishment
your souls will be taken...

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I saw the armies of earth march
across land
and sea
and through the air
to go to war with the false god
day and night the land burned with undying fire
and the skies filled with wings
of man and of angel
who fought against the condemned ones
the soulless dead who numbered as
the sand
in the name of the true god
the father of Gabriel and Lucifer
the architect of heaven

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Darkened Eve

And there they tarried for many days and nights
giving in to prayer and fasting
and entering trance; crying to the darkened skies
for their gods to return from beyond the clouds;
for refuge from the end to come on the eve of the eclipse.

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