thing theory

thing theory




all are just these props

our heartbeats untranslated


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 06.23.2023 (Notes/Comments box entry was reedited for misspelled/mistyped/misconstructed words, incl. one in the hashtags (a misconstructed word "ultural..");01.02.2023 [22:25]


I momentarily added only three hashtags (upon glancing and reviewing some older poems while posting newer entries, despite already having similarly grouped hashtags, eg. cultural variation.  They are the following:  cultural variances, cultural transformation, cultural variance.

4 Kings

-Incomplete. Sample Purposes Only-


As we, the fated kings ascend, there’s an ominous black wind that foretells of our dominance being at hand. We’re heralded as the world’s end since all the pretend heroes they once hailed have failed; or better yet they’ve been felled. It’s called doomsday, a dark day because all the illusions will be dispelled, the frauds exposed and expelled for the proposed truths they’d never tell. We’re a catastrophe in the face of their hypocrisy as the claim in their names is stripped of the apostrophe. 

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Its all about sex
Its all about drugs
Its all about money
and all about the thugs
Its all about popularity
Its all about the clique
Its all about fitting in
Its all about shit
Its all about style
Its all about fame

To me its all fucking lame
These stupid trends
and trying to fit in
Trying to look like her
Trying to be like him
Putting others down will make you win

Its all about looks
not what's within
These shallow people
Have no sense of humor
All they have are "twins"

Well, I don't want to be like her
I don't want to act like him
Just being myself,
You all act like its a sin

I may not be a saint
I may not be in style
All I know is
we are only here for a while
So I'm gonna live life the way I want
And they cant get in my way
I am gonna go astray

I may get shoved around
but that wont stop me
I will pick myself off of the ground
and keep on walking

Its my life and I'll live the way I want
I'll never give up
because I know that's what you want
So screw you
I don't like you anymore
Your face is such an eye sore

Its my life and I'll live the way I want
I'll never give up
because I know that's what you want

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