The Finagler








The Finagler



Are there worse people

other than those who kill for

countries & their lives?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This poem is an abstract idea and does not pertain to any particular person.  Like most art, they are subject to interpretation, as well.

Reedited on 12.17.2019:  I have now added unto the hashtags, these words/phrases:  conscientious objection, pacifism, non-interventionist, non-resistant, non-aggressionist, anti-imperialist, antimilitarist, statelessness, stateless, philosophically stateless, among the others, after learning them out of something that I encountered on my visual field in the prior day(s) upon researching an online subject which, in all honesty, was the result of my social loafing at work.  The main idea was the background from which it was taken & that the sharing of books/authors and then comparing notes with others have brought this development about.  It could be a fluke.


It was a hot day, I think,
as I watched the spider eat the fly.
Someone else may have turned away,
or killed the spider and set the fly free.
But not me.
I watched as the spider ate the fly.
As I ate myself.

14 Causes Of War, 12 Kinds Of Censorship Of Antiwar Workers, False Flags

The writer has many beloved conservative  relatives and friends who do not share the opinions here.


14 Of Many Causes Of War

1. different religions' hatred for other faiths 

2. racist hatred

3. nationalism

4. petroplutocracy

5. drug lords and kidnappers (within and outside of intelligence services)

6. arms sales and other war profiteering

7. loanshark capitalism 

8. empire building.. land acquisition

9. generals and mercenaries attracted to violence

10. generals soldiers and mercenaries attracted to the ego of advancement in the ranks

11. revenge

12. lust (as with Helen of Troy)

13. conflicts over fishing rights

14. Nuclear possession nations unwilling to give up their own lethal weapons as they prevent others from having them


12 OF Many Reasons THE US Antiwar Movement IS NOT Reported

The US government has bombed or invaded
at least 17 countries since 1980.
Why has the great opposition to these
wars not been as powerful as that against
the Vietnam War?

1. War profiteers worked to end the draft, replacing

it with an allvolunteer army (an army largely of the

children of the poor),, removing college students
and their networks from opposition.
2. The military's embedded journalist policy
prevents reportorial truth.
3. Unlike Vietnam, many of the later targets of the
US government have been Muslim nations. Many powerful
media corporations in the US cooperate with the objectives

of Benjamin Netanyahu.
4. President Cossiga of Italy, German cabinet minister Andreas Von Bulow, dozens of members of the Japanese diet, French scientists,

Anglican bishops, countless documentarians such as Loose Change, thousands of pilots, engineers, scholars and scientists are some of the millions around the world who have spoken and written about 911 as a CIA operation. Its objective

was both an erosion of 1st amendment liberties in the US, draconian new laws such as the Patriot Act, and the expansion of the security state as well as overriding the peace loving people of the US with a false flag operation in order to enter Afghanistan, ostensibly to kill Osama Bin Laden who was already near death from a constant need for dialysis which he underwent in Dubai.  20 years later, the media still maintain the lie.  The CIA had spent many millions arming the Afghan people with shoulder held

missiles which drove the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. The 20 year Afghanistan war (as of Feb of 2021) began 6 weeks after the 911 bombing.  Islamophobia, a presence near China,
the attraction of Afghan oil, poppies, and minerals
were all factors.
5. Corporate media including CSpan, social media, and search engines are censoring the coverage
of the antiwar movement
6. There are almost no national tv talk shows. CSpan has almost eliminated open phones shows in which the caller speaks of whatever he or she wishes.
7. Over 90% of corporate radio in the US is
controlled by rightwing Republicans such
as IHart Radio (formerly Clear Channel).
8. The war profiteer industry has multiplied
since the 60's and 70's.
9. NPR affiliates such as WKSU of Kent State University
have been coopted by Republicans. The station management
ignores the anniversary  of the May 4, 1970 murder of 4 students on campus by the National Guard, ordered to campus by a Republican
governor. The NPR network ended its 2 hour afternoon callin show.
10. The Pentagon has militarized the National Football League,
linking the violence of war to the violence of football  Article It's time to end the militarization of the NFL
11. The CIA has had programs to militarize the pacifist religion of Christianity since 1947. The result has been that rightwing Christianity is pro-war.
12. Unprecedented varieties of Republican vote fraud with the help of billionaires, Karl Rove and others have eliminated peace voices in the US Senate, House and state legislatures.


Andrea Bernstein: The Trumps, The Kushners and American Greed
Andrea speaks about Netanyahu as the defacto secretary of state during
the Trump years, his and Jared's roles in replacing Rex Tillerson etc.



Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews Vicky Ward, author of Kushner Inc.


1. The Tonkin Gulf incident (a lie by Lyndon Johnson used to expand

the Vietnam War)

2.  The yellowcake lie (the lie of the G W Bush administration alleging there wer WMD's in Iraq as he, the 2nd Bush to invade Iraq, had an excuse)

3. The World Trade Center bombing (objective: excuse to invade

Afghanistan and initiate a 20 years war (as of Feb 2021)

4. Remember the Maine... another false propaganda campaign to initiate the Spanish American War

5. World War II  FDR knew the US did not want war.. there were many ways the government deliberately provoked Japan. The US had broken the Japanese code and knew the attack was coming.


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