through the storm?








through the storm?




until the day ends
as if we're ever friends


did I ever ask your



a way to speak
everything's so quick



where are you gonna
take me?—








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LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This is a work of fiction

facebook friend



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the only definition

that seems fittingly so,

is that a 'facebook friend'

could be anyone...

you simply do not know,

the 'unknown zone'

may be the place they

call home,

it's somewhere 'out there',

not here, and not gone.

so dear facebook friend,

with communication

so penned,

wherever you are,

i cannot say,

but you've been 

a dear friend,

forever and a day,

you are always there

with you cute

profile picture,

smiling as we chatter,

through the strains

of life's strictures,

i never met you,

and yet blindly, 

we converse,

about everything online, 

in fact, all in the universe,

you're there when

it's raining,

and even in the snow,

carved in digital 

realities, which

little of I know,

but now the time has come

for me to clean up 

this list, and i fear 

i must delete you,

oh, please don't 

be pissed!

exactly you're 

mission, i dont 

have clue, but 

believe me my dear,

our friendship's 

like glue,

on my page you

are hidden, 

so you won't notice

you're not there,

til your next quip

or comment,

attempted to share.

we never exchanged 

phone calls, or

met for a beer,

but my inbox is open

so you can email

all year, 

you live miles away,

but believe me 

of this,

you're as close 

as you were ever,

even though we 

n'er kissed,

if there's one 

thing to learn

from this digital void,

is that social networking's 

for fun, an accessory,

to be enjoyed,

because although

we are spirit,

this life is so,

so much more,

our friendship conceived

through this virtual birth,

but truly my friend,

our names on a list

does not show

our true worth.


3:04 PM 8/11/2013 ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

What exactly is a 'facebook friend'? If you have never met the person, it is a friendship without a person. It is a name on a list. Oh, come on....we ar better than that!! ...hehe.... 

Digital Imprint

Old world politics reversing hands of time,

A backward destination to when domination was not lost,

With limited information, tick the correct box,

Nothing is as dangerous as an opinion formed in asphalt.


Hammer away at the subconscious,

Let sleeping morals die,

Create a panic to silence an uprising;

Using children as a shield for ignorant lies,

Dial a fear to deliver a repression,

What is cornered can only hit back harder,

We are not passive; we are the temperate of men.


A war in the background of digital distractions,

The winner is the oppressor, the hand cast in gold,

Pay for the bail, then no crime was committed,

Never a rich man wore a noose like an heirloom:

Wicked indulgence passes the priest’s hand with silver.


A confession makes an obscenity a right,

Mechanical error in the beating of a heart;

Strangers spit poison, are we on our own, or an occult?

The fence divides, but it offers protection,

To sit, and ponder; to blame, and claim,

No right to an opinion, the guilty remain.


The illusion of the loyalty of slavery,

Truth is an adversary dressed in cheap clothing.

The age of enlightenment became overshadowed by reality TV,

Creation began to burrow, the death of self-control.


No love lost on splintered shores,

Ignorance buries its head,

While creation dies, greed and hunger prosper:

Futile are the ones who never believed to dream.




Digital Industrial

Hammer to the bone,

Pain to make the heart beat slow.

There’s diamonds in the water,

Drinking sorrow with a bittersweet grin:

There’s so much effort put into hate.


Tomorrow rests on a hazy sunrise,

What is to become of resurrected, buried lies?

We sewed our eyelids to the warning,

Forgetting the echoes of careless whispers,

Withdrawing into a false sense of security.


Break the cycle,

Burn the trail,

Systematic slave on labour’s golden wheel;

Giving heart to a brainless machine,

Apathetic and lethargic:

Not programmed for reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a revolution