Why Even Try


"It's a hard thing

to decide

what side

to be living in today.


I once 

was a man

who inspired smiles 

with a bright hearty laugh


and jokes for folks

that were the inside-jokes

of the English Language, 

(Puns, just in case 


you were wondering).


But wandering about, 

in this ugly,

heinous place

makes one think 


well, twice,

about what makes a side.

What makes wrong,

what makes right. 


The success 

of written poetry

can be measured 

on finger tips;


there is no way 

to make pay and rent. 

Remaining neutral 

even draws hate,


those who decide

to have no denomination 

in different categories of life

are called derelicts 


and heretics

from both sides,

being assumed 

we run for the other. 



Why even try.

Why even try to write,

why try to beat


this sense of helplessness.

All too many reasons to frown. 

All too many things 

keeping me down.


And how will I make it

as a writer?

I won't,

that's how."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I won't make it.

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behindthemirror's picture

I'm so sorry. You were

I'm so sorry. You were important to so many people.