An Escapist's Poem (Dedicated to the Leaves/previously "Ode To Escapists")



An Escapist's Poem

(Dedicated to the Leaves)

We always pick the flower for no

Good reason,

Like an insect from a plant,

'tis steady 'til—gone!

We always had seen the sky

Like 'tis the glorious blue color

Then we often see how clouds move.

Something we remember

Now that our lovelorn past had

Paid its price, in this moment—

We falter, we forgive, we abnegate tomorrow

For our precious accident

We learned to measure strength and

Weakness in terms of cordiality;

Lest we may never go home,

Midstride, to the forlorn eternity!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 07.12.2019 (Grammar correction:  This is written - This *was written...)



This was written while engaged in a Twitter application/platform discourse.--It is an edited version.  The following is written on April 30, 2017 w/ the actual approximate time & subtitle, as follows... An Escapist's Poem (previously "Ode To Escapists")  [01:02] (an affected poem, dedicated to the leaves).