into the dark treed forest

cease the dream
come with me
Enter the darkened night 
wander lusting searches sight
to weigh the days
till dusk wakes dawn.
The Ancient ones await
amongst the jade treetops
bright jeweled stars 
chrysanthemum fractal  
scenes beam with 
 shimmer dance of night sky 
fire glow in distant clearing
the time is near.
 drumbeats meaning
the time is here 
a ceremony undertaken
the grand vision
smoke stained eyes 
the mind awakens

infinite waves of bliss 
lick from the living breathing sea
the shore 
eroding the deep chasm of time
a stained glass mandala 
caught like a dream
like a
prism of dew wet web 
lacing together 
the continuum of time to space
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What Is A Dream?

A dream is an idea of how something should be, 

Regardless if it comes to fruition. 

A visionary is a dreamer that actually does it,

A realist is a dreamer that acts on results

Of a feasibility study, not a spell from a cult,

And many dreamers are talkers, not doers.

Fantasies are things the fantasizer creates 

With his or her imagination,

With awareness that it is a fantasy,

Not a reality, and when people get lost 

In their fantasies,

Delusions are usually the cost.




© 2013

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Reality Daytrip

With death they say you rest in peace,

Is life seen as being such a chore?

Self-preservation spun around an introverted cocoon,

Instable thoughts run with the paint of a visionary mind,

One person’s vision is inspiration, but never to be sought alone.


Meandering rivers lead to future destinations,

An unstable raft leaving traces of broken pieces.

To survive and rise amongst the decay of meat and muscle,

Remembering the primal urge to live,

Mental salvation and a body to belong in.

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Posting quite a few that I've written but not published. Should really post more often as I enjoy this site.