into the dark treed forest

cease the dream
come with me
Enter the darkened night 
wander lusting searches sight
to weigh the days
till dusk wakes dawn.
The Ancient ones await
amongst the jade treetops
bright jeweled stars 
chrysanthemum fractal  
scenes beam with 
 shimmer dance of night sky 
fire glow in distant clearing
the time is near.
 drumbeats meaning
the time is here 
a ceremony undertaken
the grand vision
smoke stained eyes 
the mind awakens

infinite waves of bliss 
lick from the living breathing sea
the shore 
eroding the deep chasm of time
a stained glass mandala 
caught like a dream
like a
prism of dew wet web 
lacing together 
the continuum of time to space
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truthintragedies's picture

"Smoked stained eyes/ The

"Smoked stained eyes/ The mind awakened" <3 I like this

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

Beatnik1979's picture

Thank you

I appreciate your read.

darkpool's picture

The last stanza was fantasy,

The last stanza was fantasy, but it was dreamable. I liked it more.

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you for your read!

running_with_rabbits's picture

"a stained glass mandala"

I liked that line, the rest felt like a disjointed dream to me, like I wasn't sure what was going on I was just goign with it until it was gone, and then that line stuck out and grounded the poem for me

Much Love


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I would be dizzy inside this dream. :) Also, the opening lines kinda remind me of Rammstein's "Stripped" but not scary.

Beatnik1979's picture

Du hast?

Who dosent love Rammstein

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Love it

That is a trip.  Reminds me of the effects psilocybin mushrooms have on the brain.  When you can see the boundaries of time and space, man!  You explained it well.  Then when love hits you it's almost crippling.  Reading this makes me want to go there again.  The title also, trancendesitiny. Great!

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for that late thank you....

you picked up on exactly what I was putting down ...

thank you!