Break Your Sound Barrier

Can you hear my mind screaming out to you?
Listen to the voice of the woman you loved,
Crying out for you to take her back.
It'll lose it's voice soon if you won't be able to hear it...

I won't be able to stop myself from trying to break it,
The sound barrier that separates both our voices.
You may be able to still see me through the glass,
But will you be able to understand the pain without hearing it?

My heart beats faster than normal when I see your name,
Hearing too many echoes to give me a headache.
The sounds are blocked off by your barrier...
Soon enough, I'll break it and let you feel and hear my pain!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry if this is my shortest poem, but I think it's time that I stop writing about my past relationship and move on.


My Love

Why do you do this?
What is it for?
Why can’t you see
She’s the one I adore?
But what do you care?
Her life isn’t fair
So easy to take
Her heart and tear
It seems so unreal
And yet I can feel
Her sorrow, her pain
Standing in her rain
Her heart’s tears, falling down
Slowly going to hit the ground
Splash against the hard pavement
And now I wonder what you meant.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something fast...created in about two minutes :P enjoy

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Tears of Pain

Tears Of Pain

Tears that I can't explain.
Tears that drive me insane.
Tears that burn my cheeks.
Tears that makes me weak.
I don't know how to express my feelings,
Or the truth about their true meaning.
Tears of pain.
Each tear has its own tale.
With each tear that I cry I feel as though I have failed.
Failed in life with the things that I can not change.
I know I shouldn't be here and to me this is all strange.
Tears of pain that falls from my face.
Unbearable memories of love and hurt that I can't erase.
Hurt that I caused to the ones I love.
Precious memories of how my sisters used to run to me to give me kisses and hugs.
Tears of pain that causes my heart to feel so down and low.
Tears of pain that I can't ever let go,
as each one falls to my pillow.
I could see the pain in their eyes.
I remember how no one wanted to compremise.
I remember how I felt when I couldn't help them no matter how much they begged and plead.
The way I felt as I heard myself scream deep inside of me.
Watching them drive away with my two little sisters locked inside while the desperately and franticly tried to get out, then turned around,
crying and trying to reach through the back window with tears of pain streaming down.
Tears of pain.
Tears that no one can wipe away.
Tears that grow in its pain each and every day.
These fears I have of starting a new family.
Fears that prevent me from becoming the person who I want to be.
Tears of pain.
So much love I have inside,
but I have so much hurt that I try to hide.
Tears of pain that makes me keep my distance.
Tears of pain that flow because I can no longer resist it.
Tears of pain I'll never let go.
Tears of pain that kills my soul.

By: Twylla Medina

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What Can I Say?

My Love

What can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

Pain to see her fall all day
Pain to see her cry
Pain to know she walks the road
Which leads people to die?

Pain to know she can do better
Pain to dry her tears
Pain to fortify her soul
For countless, endless years?

Pain, I wish I could help
Pain, I want to kill your fears
Pain, I want the best for you
To turn sorrow into cheers.

But what can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

How do I make her feel?
How to save her from herself?
I try but she’s not listening
So I continue to give myself.

Yet what can I say to her?
How can I explain?
This feeling, I know it’s love inside
So strong it causes pain?

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Ten Years On (Remembering 9/11)

9/11 Poems

Etched forever, are the names
upon the stone, they will stay,
in our hearts, we'll remember
what happened that horrific day.

Hearts were broken, many lives lost
how is one able to forget?
Ten years on, too fast
all the sadness, had been set.

Tears flow like rivers today
memorials roaming worldwide,
loved ones being forever remembered
for all those, whom had died.

An Angel taps your shoulder
follows you, wherever you may go,
your loved one is there with you
hugging you tightly, you know.

They will always love you
until you meet in the end,
but, for today, ten years on
prayers for the broken hearted, up to Heaven, we'll send.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've won online awards for this write and submitted it to get published in an anthology. It got excepted.

Here Comes The Rain


You made my day as black as night
My life feels loss of meaning.
You’ve turned dark what once was bright
How can you know what I’m feeling?

Did you know that once you filled my life
Your loss would be unreal?
I could’ve avoided the pain and strife
If you had told me how you feel.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Why did you say that I am not enough?
Why pierce me to the soul?
Because now, like the winter wind outside
My heart’s become so cold.

Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.

A Poem About Wrestling

Every day I pour out my heart and soul,
Working hard to achieve my goal.
My mind says go, but my body screams STOP!
And I find myself up against the rock.

I tell myself "just gotta push through."
Then reach deep down inside and somehow, I do.
But my mind soon betrays me, saying "please, no more!"
"It could all be over, there's the door."

Thinking the whole time "You're no good, just quit."
I summon the will to get out of this pit.
When it's finally over, when the whistle blows,
I look back with pride and my face, it glows.

I soon shower up and say "Let's get out of here!"
And then I leave, less some blood, sweat, and tear.

I'm often asked my motivation, they say "Why?"
"Why do a sport where you feel to die?"
"Why do a sport, filled with so much pain?"
"A sport where you give so much, but see little gain."

I shake my head, for they can't understand,
Why I think this is all so grand,
Well let me tell you, just why I train,
When my body is so sore, when my energy is drained.

I do it for the lessons that I may learn,
For the discipline I get, and the respect I earn.
For the people I meet both far, and near.
Though many poke fun and say "dude, that's queer."

It's an internal drive, one I can't explain,
That causes me to work through all the pain.
Though my body aches and my muscles burn,
When I must not eat, and my stomach twists and turns.

These words I always say to myself,
"Get back up" or "Almost done, keep working."
Working towards things, both physical and not.
Because even if I lose, at least I fought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First off I've never been the poetic type, I just got the urge to write about what was on my mind, and it rhymed. But feel free to critique (or maybe if I'm lucky, compliment) my work.

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Phoenix Tears

Let her dream
Of flying,
Let her soar through the sky.
Crimson feathers
Brush the clouds,
And paint them
A delicate pink.

Let the fire
Give her life,
Let the wind
Carry her soul.
But one day she must wake up,
For a bird may never fly
With broken wings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments appreciated. :)


As she stood, gazing into the mirror, looking at the aging reflection
that stood before her, Jennifer closed her eyes,
as if to catch the falling tears;
in her thoughts echoes of a haunted past played on,
beating against the walls of her mind
torturing her with scenes of a summer long in the past;
a summer they couldn't escape. "I'm so sorry...please forgive me."

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