Wordless Rhythms


Wordless rhythms -
if you close your eyes and imagine
strip away all the noise
and simply listen,
what will you hear?
A quiet thought
nagging at the soul
A silent question
at the back of your mind
A mute whisper
regretting that more could have been done.
If you would just close your eyes and listen,
you would know,
we are broken.
We need life,
not death.

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The Mercenary and The Squire

The nightly curtain crept across the land
Forcing to life all that are under its command
And by its hand, lustful shadows cast upon a wall
As into a passionate love we do, once again, fall

Soldiers, basking bodies in their master’s lunar light
A practice field where many may show their true might
It is here that in private rounds longing is released
When it is flesh of the innocent upon which they feast

Enter the ring, a ravenous mercenary with many kills
And by his hand he brings along a squire of many skills
To dual away until altered is the purity of her soul
So that come morning he may say it is her he has stole

But smart was the squire whose sinlessness was feigned
By her body and to it so the mercenary would be chained
Unwise was he as he drew her closer by his leading hand
So quickly the she squire gave him all he could withstand

Long into the hours of their master’s reign they battled
Until it seemed that both fighters were visibly rattled
Battered and panting they agreed to a truce
To stay in each others arms required no excuse

Stay like that they did, well into the reign of dawn
But with no fear, for their master had not gone
Wrapped in his curtain of darkness they remained
Safe from the world, their lust filled night contained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The mercenary is a man.
The squire is a woman.
The night is their master.

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Come, Sinner

Come sinner,
repent your sins.
Do not keep them in your soul.
I hear the sorrow in your voice
and I will heed your call.
Though I am not god,
I come with open arms.
Just know, sinner;
I will not do this twice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't actually know how to properly write poetry, so if someone could give me tips on structure it would be much appreciated!

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The Dark Neveah

Sinking deeper
Into the red clouds
A whisper brings you
To a place
Of dark pleasure
And sweet satisfaction.

Oh why,
Must I endure
This wondrous torture?
Trapped within my own web,
Of self loathing?
Speak to me,
And let me hear your voice
In order
To set myself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy, my friends.

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In the Hands of Christ

When I was born You rejoiced in my new life.
When I learned to crawl You taught me how to use my knees.
When I learned to walk I said "I don't need Your help!"
and when I fell I said will You forgive me?

This is how I grew
through trying, and failing too.
I've into the man you see,
and I believe...

When I started to run away You chased after me.
When I only wanted to hate it was Your love that made me see.
Then I tried to end it all one night,
but it's thanks to You that I'm alive!

This is how I grew
through trying, and failing too.
I've into the man you see,
and I believe...
I'm still alive tonight
still learning wrong from right,
but worry not, for I'm okay.
I'm in the hands of Christ!

When I get old and gray You'll be the same You are today.
When I fall once again. I probably won't know what to say,
but when you look at me it will make me see
that there's power when Im on my knees!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This just came to me. I don't know what i think of it yet. Feel free to tell me what you think.

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Lost & Found

I feel like a butterfly who has lost his wings, I feel like a singer without a voice.
I feel like a note without a key. I feel like an abandoned wolf lost and free.
I feel like a cat who lost its mouse, I feel like a foundation that lost its house.
I feel like a boomerang that won't be back, all because you gave me no slack.
I feel like I can't tell the truth, I feel like the one who helped Mr. Booth,
I feel insecure that you're reading this, I feel the meaning might be missed.
For though these feelings are always there, I know that you will always care.
I know these feelings will come and go, just like I know that you'll always show.
I know the source, I know the place, I know that look you get on your face.
You cry for me when I feel blue, and you hold me closer, next to you.
You were always there when I needed you, I took my steps and you followed too.
I know I can upon you rely, for when I'm lowest and forced to cry.
I blame myself for walking away, when really I should have just stayed.
I cannot explain just how bad I feel, about the time I drank behind the wheel.
I cannot begin to understand why, you always hold me when I cry.
I walked away from you so many times, yet you're always there for my crimes.
They say you died yet I keep seeing you, so if your dead, then I must be too.
And if I am dead then it must be too late, to get my ticket to go through the gate.
But I cannot be where you are, for I was just driving my car.
A flash of light, then the color red, I must now surely be dead.
If I am dead then what did I do? For you accepted me, but I did not accept you.
I have no reason for being here now, unless you are showing me how
how I should have lived my life, how I should have honored my wife.
How I should have respected red. For that is the reason I am now dead.
How I should have come to you, when I was sad, lonely and blue.
How I should have not cut my arm, for you died so I would not see harm.
My friend told me all about you, but I did not listen, I wanted a clue.
"A sign that he is real indeed, some sign he is there is all I need."
Those were the words I kept telling my friend, I wish I had listened in the end.
For I see now you were there, you always stood by me, you always care.
But it is too late, oh please let me stay, I promise I will change my evil way.
Forgive me and allow me a chance, to never ask that girl to dance.
Let me live and you will see, the kind of man you want me to be.
Do not shake your head, do not send me there, please show me you still care.
I can change, I know I can. I just need another chance.
"You had your chance, you blew it instead. Depart from me, for you are dead."
Then I awoke, it was only a dream. Must have been the french fried ice cream.
I got in my car and started it up, with a beer beside me in my pickup.
I let off the clutch and started to go, to that girls house, my favorite ho.
I picked up my beer, and took a drink, the light turned red and I stopped to think.
How many signs are we given each day, when we keep asking and we say:
"I will believe when I see a sign!" that is your life, I won't waste mine.
I got my sign, on the road that time. That semi-truck that almost t-boned mine.
I threw down my beer, got out of my car, hit my knees in front of the bar.
I could not believe the life I did live, I did not want my fun to give.
But that life I learned was not fun, it was one step away from a loaded gun.
I cried in the night, in the pouring rain. "Help me not start that life again."
I could not believe the fool I have been, and there you were, once again.
Standing before me, you gave me a hand. "Welcome home, now you can stand."
I tried to stand, but I could not, it felt like my legs had started to rot.
I tried again and as I did, out from the bar walked the girl with a kid.
She was not my wife, only my toy, but in her arms was a little boy.
She just stood, to stop and stare, then handed me the child, said "I don't care"
"Take this thing, I don't want him!" she walked away and I never saw her again.
I stood there in the rain for a moment and smiled, in my arms I held my child.
I looked up to see him standing there again, I turned to go home to raise my kin.
I never looked back not till today. When to my own child, my story I could say.
He wanted a sign that you were there, so I told him this story, because I care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me just shortly after waking up. I sat down to write something on my facebook wall and this simply came out.

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And we sin again and again
always dying within
to share what has been
shared again and again
the passions that burned from within
to risk the consequence of one glorious sin.

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Devil says...

I danced with the devil for a moment last night
When he took my hand I was filled with fright


I knew who he was as I followed his lead
But I didn't let on... it was only a dream


Why has he come to me on this plane?
What message has he from his domain?


After a while I escape from his sight
But one of his minions still stands by my side


I step back behind him and open my palm
Passing his heart my hand shudders so strong


Demons squirming kicking and screaming
I was startled awake but still remained dreaming


Again I pass by the shudder has lessened
Making me feel less and less threatened


I scoop out the demons hiding inside
Scooping and tossing I cast them aside


Soon I reach in... empty the bin
I know I have healed this man from his sin


Who might he be this man in my dream?
I did not know him yet he came to me


A healer in dreamtime is this what I do?
Devil inside says it can't be true



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Devilutions I: Carnal Metamorphosis

Satanic Serenades

Muscles expanding

Tearing at skin

Veins are the roots in tree trunks imbibing

Life force increasing, growing in strength

Stronger than strongest

From without and within!

Projection of Will


Sacrifice offered

In iron and might

Pride is exhaulted

Before My eyes

Lucifer risen from Satan within

The power euphoric

In beauty and sin!


Carnal divine

Daemon emerges

Devoid of time

Forbidden secrets

Beast comes alive

Dark Devilution

The Gates open wide!

Immortal preservation...

...Metamorphosis sublime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem inspired by the iron works, while molding the carnal temple to perfection. "Sacrifice" refers to energy expenditure utilized towards The-Is-To-Be.

(Infernal Alignment Level 1: Physical Superiority).

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