The Mercenary and The Squire

The nightly curtain crept across the land
Forcing to life all that are under its command
And by its hand, lustful shadows cast upon a wall
As into a passionate love we do, once again, fall

Soldiers, basking bodies in their master’s lunar light
A practice field where many may show their true might
It is here that in private rounds longing is released
When it is flesh of the innocent upon which they feast

Enter the ring, a ravenous mercenary with many kills
And by his hand he brings along a squire of many skills
To dual away until altered is the purity of her soul
So that come morning he may say it is her he has stole

But smart was the squire whose sinlessness was feigned
By her body and to it so the mercenary would be chained
Unwise was he as he drew her closer by his leading hand
So quickly the she squire gave him all he could withstand

Long into the hours of their master’s reign they battled
Until it seemed that both fighters were visibly rattled
Battered and panting they agreed to a truce
To stay in each others arms required no excuse

Stay like that they did, well into the reign of dawn
But with no fear, for their master had not gone
Wrapped in his curtain of darkness they remained
Safe from the world, their lust filled night contained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The mercenary is a man.
The squire is a woman.
The night is their master.

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a few carefully chosen

words from a stranger can mean so much, but here no words are needed, fantasy is always filled with eccentricities that stimulate passions with practice. The goal of stirring ones audience to want and crave more. As writers we are eager to share in the unrestricted, the freedom that imagination allows. I will always be fond of giving positive comments to others, to nurture the appreciation of an artist. I hope you continue to write and sharpen all of your talents.

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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Great and very interesting

Great and very interesting idea. Good work all around.