Quick turns the tide

When the wave reaches a high

You house of sin is my establishment.

And every flame and flicker jolted

  at some other person's expense

Becomes arsony at my foot.

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Wash Away

1998 - 2010

Standing in a ditch

Waiting for the flood

To come down on me

Surrond Me

And I swear

It's not deep enough

To wash away

The sorrow

That I'm livin in

Anything that'll clense me

Of my sins

And free me of

My guilty conscience

Wading in the water

Like healing power

Swaying back and forth

Swimming in my own filth

Walking in circles

Towards standing water

Arms wide open

To the pouring rain

Drowning in an ocean

Of dispair

Anything to ride me

Of the demon that resides

In the depth of my soul

Water rising

To some kind of heaven

I beg

Forgive me for

The hearts I've broken

The bruises I've made

The bleeding I've caused

I know I've done wrong

And betrayed anything

True to me

Damaged all opporunity

Wash away

All the fear

And all the lies

With head turned up

To the sky

Wading in the water

Like a church hymn

And I just want

This storm to end

I beg...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written August 9, 2004

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Above, a cloud disperses

as the storm ceases

to exist.  A rianbow streaks

across the sky above now- -full creaks.

This is only nature behaving

as it was created to.

But what about me and you?

Do we do the things

God created us to?

Or are we way to selfishly self-centered,

doing our own thing

and ignoring The One Who created

us all, both me and you?

Above, a cloud forms,

'tis the beginning of a storm,

as water gathers in the sky.

I can smell it, a storm is nigh.

This is only nature behaving

as it was created to.

But what about me and you?

Do we do the things

God created us to?

Or are we way to selfishly self-centered,

doing our own thing

and ignoring The One Who created

us all, both me and you?

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These boarded up windows

let no light into this drearily

shabby heart that was once

a magnificent temple where

The One True Living God

was worshiped in spirit

and in truth.  And the flame

of hope was daily lit

by The Creator's own hand.

Comfort was offered by the rod

and the staff of the Great Shepherd.

But, now even joy has been banned

by the boards of sin upon the windows

that let in not light, but only shame and guilt.

Oh, Lord that Thou wouldst mercifully

rip away the boards of sin and shame

from the windows of mine heart,

and let Your light shine into my life once

again.  Lord, won't Thou replace these awful

boarded up windows?

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Like Water

Like water you should soothe me.

It's the fluid that nourishes thee.

Like water you should quench my thirst.

It's the vital drink that gives me the burst.

Like water you should cleanse my soul,

It's rainwater, pouring, during a thunderstorm.

Like water you should mold me.

That, makes up a great percentage of my body.

Like water, you're everything this life was drawn from.

An essential ingredient in our creation.

In my canvass of dreams, it is just an accepted fallacy;

Like water, it oozes from my supple skin

And recycles to cool off my sin---

But remains a waste when I pee.

Like water, it's nothing.

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Wind rages, lightning flashes, rain pours from the sky above.
Standing stranded lost and alone, like a hand outside of a glove.
Stuck here wondering what to do with the storm that's come into my life
Wishing I was in a peaceful place where from the storm I could hide.
Yet here I am, drowning and alone, as the waters rise up higher and higher.
Wishing I had something to float on, like an air filled tire.
But alas I'm sinking, deeper and deeper, and while it?s against my will
I've dug myself a hole which is filling fast so I now drown in my own sin.
Crying out for a simple hand, someone to save me again.
I keep digging that hole, deeper, deeper deeper,
I keep watching the clouds get darker and closer.
I know the storm is coming, though I do nothing to hide,
I wait for it to reach me, then I break down and cry.
If I would only learn to not dig so deep,
To simply wait out that storm, then peacefully I can sleep.
I've been waiting a while, searching for some buried treasure,
I'm diging myself deeper, deeper and deeper.
The hole fills up and then it stops, I barely made it alive
I should climb out, I should run, but instead I simply dive.
I dig some more without learning..
When will I learn to avoid the storm??

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is another I wrote with my sister but deals with my constant struggle with some sins.

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I am no longer exist

don't try to find me

inside the dream and your memories

I have cleanse all the season

along with my guilty obsession

I am no longer in your mind

my body's still there

but my soul is wondering somewhere

I am no longer real

I am formless and undefinited

miss me in your summer nights

and I know I still unforgotten

who would kill me anyway?

I am just a dreamer with nothing to say

I am loveless within the transient

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Very short huh? I created this during the lesson at my college ><

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The Unforgiven Sin

Some people lie or kill,

There are others that will.

Some people who deceived,

My sin was being conceived.

Some forgive the sins of lies,

Others forgive things kept from eyes.

Some forgive the killer within,

But mine is the unforgiven sin.

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At Eden's Gate

It tasted no more sweet nor pungent than
some other fruit.  Nor could they find some hidden
essence---except that it had been forbidden.
That quality will ever tempt a man:
such that the wanting is its sole attraction
(while having brings too little satisfaction).
Thus runs the curse that all, since then, must bear
ever:  the here not quite as nice as there;
the now not like the future or the past;
and something always wrong with first or last---
depending on position and perspective.
Too frequent, universal, and collective---
temptation and desire (joined in collusion)
will wreak upon this world a vast confusion
that God Himself will have to straighten out
(enormous task, of that they had no doubt).
Here, now, began with them sin's great coercion---
to discontent, corruption, and perversion.



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