Watching on high hill as they sent
As skirts and trousers longing for new crescent
Depiction of welcome for the latter
As ranked first in the calendar

Here comes the stain remover
That cleanse soul like pencil and eraser
Welcome O you, the powered
Once again devils will be fettered

Month which qur'an was revealed to universe
Teaching morals, etiquettes and supplication in verse
It possessed freebies and goodies to hawk
Ready to change that ill-luck to good-luck

Don't hesitate to flow your deeds
So be generous to poor and needies
For a single deeds grows into double folds
So as to reap greatest crops

Unleash these priceless with farmish and thirsty
For holy days of twenty-nine or thirty
Exclude not your soul, eyes or ears from the exercise
For reward's guage comes about in big size  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem for the month of Ramadan in Islam

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Intimacy (In This Moment)

To My Wife

Lost in this moment

The warmth of our bodies make us sweat

The stiffness from what we have just accomplished

You and I,

A miracle

Your breath invites me in

Into your heart

Into your mind

Into your very soul

As our bodies mesh into one

As our souls embrace each other

You sigh as I touch you

Ectasy as we unite

Swirlling vortex of pleasure

Both of us lose sight

As life is created within you

As death is passed on through me

A miracle is created

A mirror of that moment

When we came together as one


Jesus do you hear me now?

Tests we are told to believe and go thru?


Am I near your hindsight now,

Or only if I fuckin kneel and serve you?


Do I need something that isnt there?

Or is belief itself a virtue?


For really what hath thy kingdom come?

A distant mirage one cannot run to,


So lets just save the lies of time,

And stay put in the grave,


The pestilence has consumed so many, 

Sitting while waiting to be saved....

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The Stepford Model

     We are programmed. We are complacent.

     Eve was never tempted.

     The apple never bittten.


No evil allowed. No knowledge of the choice of evil.


Human existence- simplified, beautiful, lacking.

      an eerie Sim-like board game

      Everyone wins. (No one cares.)


Bitten apple. Serpant wins.

      Vast knowledge and an evil.

      Depth now applicable within the

      Human spirit, the human experience. (Freedom of choice.)


Wars, destruction

      Under human control


      Part of the apple's contract


The Lord's power is great, yet

      Allows for us to choose.

      Everyone wins. But world's evil is not 


At the blame of the Creator

      but at the application, the choice

      of humans to give in to and act upon

      The knowledge of evil.



This is why I despise snakes. 

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God helps those who help themselves

If you're wondering when I'll stop loving God, the answer is never.

I will love and worship the Lord forever.

God helps those who help themselves, this is true.

If you are in need, help yourself and God will help you.

We live in a world that is sometimes sinister and cruel.

But if God is a part of your life, life can be wonderful.

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A God Girl

I remember the first rain, 

It's warmth and mist and the Autumn-claimed highlands that it fell upon. 

I remember the school of tiny black fish kissing the ripples on the lake's cool surface.

The auburn pines and fallen logs over pathways, dampening stumps and the wind, the wind,

The wind that whispered all around me: "You Are A God, And Peace Is Expensive."


I remember the first men, 

Gazing around at their small and perfect world, new thoughts rushing so fast though their minds-

They were breathless. I remember their hot beating hearts as they strove for purpose and comfort.

They found a name for that warm earthy feeling that wraps around two people like warm blankets,

I waited patiently for them to greet me as they did each other, drink with me, laugh with me, 

Yet all they did was pray. 


Cement and plastic kill my pure loves.

This hell's imperfections spitting up at me like hot fat in a searing pan.

The sun is too bright for most, so noses are on the grindstone, 

On a project claimed to be far more powerful and prosperous than anything from my feeble craft,

My precious pretty people work too hard, too driven, far too fast. Yet-


I can see eyes in flowers, tongues in waterfalls and bony fingers in dark forests. 

I see every being, its lies and truths, its dreams and torments, every beautiful detail, 

As exact as a botanical diagram penned with a flourishing quill. 

I see connections- person to person- like veins knotted in a body,

Synapses and junctions snapping and jumping with all that delicious energy,

All that mystery and awe that I thought propelled all things, 

I give out frugally, yet freely to those who deserve it. My beautiful chosen ones, 

I will show you misty lakes in snowy mountain ranges, streams flooded with river reeds,

Deep valleys- cracks in the earth- stretches of tall exotic wonders stringed with vines,

I will show you that craved feeling of being home that people kill for. I will hand it to you. 

I will cherish you, as your eyes are my eyes and each new sight is my new wonder, 

I will happily give you those dreamlike moments of exhilarating bliss,

And shower you with them from above.

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popular opinion

Naive am I, to realize this cultural lie and continue to live in it

Shameful am I, to see His hand held out to me and only grab His pinky

Loved am I, to feel His presence and witness His fatal actions to prove us worthy

Blessed am I, to be allowed salvation and forgiveness of sin

Coward am I, to know truth and refrain from preaching it

Phony am I, to wish to be loved in His heart and then break it

Strong am I, to admit weakness and see light in darkness

Faithful am I, to believe all is well and strive for His acceptance

Invented am I, to be taught wrongful rights and follow fragulant foot steps

Confused am I, to be only human and pray to be righteous

Two sided am I, to fight for rights and pray for love and peace

Lost in a culture of lies

Stuck with wicked habbits


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You may think me different or perhaps a little odd

For I am not religious...but I do believe in God.


“Why that can’t be.” You tell yourself. He is a little odd.

For he has to be religious if he believes in God.


I am not a theologian nor have I been formally trained

But I can think and I can feel...for God has given me a brain.


And my brain tells me my feelings are not at all absurd

For the line between the God I know and religion has been blurred.


Blurred by man who takes Gods words and in his name creates

A religion he thinks absolute...and thus discriminates.


Then other men create more religions and here’s where thing get odd

Soon we have a world of religions and just as many Gods.


Until the world is segregated and often times bereaved

By religions and the different Gods in which we all believe.


No matter what name religion gives their God I’m sure he or she’s dismayed

As she watches man explain her words in so many different ways.


What we have now is a world that, to me, seems a little odd

When so many people hate each other...all in the name of God.


Now I certainly don’t have all the answers and in many ways I’m flawed.

But let me introduce to you my non-religious God.


My God sits not upon a mountain top or on a throne high in the sky

And he does not wait to judge me the moment that I die.


My God resides within my heart and he helps to calm my soul

He befriends me on my journey but let’s me be in control.


My God advises and supports and helps guide me down my path

I certainly stand in awe of him but I do not fear his wrath.


My God believes in faith but his prophecies aren’t grim.

Because he has as much faith in me as I have faith in him.


My God believes in hope. He is not the voice of doom

For is it not hope in the seedling that allows the rose to bloom?


My God believes in charity, he knows the key for us to live

Is not how much we take in life...but how much we give.


Most of all my God believes in love. He knows it shall light the way

And he cares not if I am straight, or Bi, or lesbian or gay.


My God does not discriminate by the color of my skin.

And he cares not if I am young or old or overweight or thin.


My God does not see differences in man or womankind.

He loves each person equally...I think my God is blind.


(As I look out on the Earth today, on the world man has designed

Perhaps it would be easier if we were all a little blind!)


My God does not choose vengeance he has no capacity to hate

It is man, through his religion, who will judge and desecrate.


My God’s heart is filled with sorrow, his soul is filled with shame

When people maim and murder...and do so in his name.


My God feels only agony and oh how he abhors

When people use Him as a reason to fight a holy war.


For my God knows no war is holy and he wishes they would cease

He prays for man to use His name and live in holy peace.


No matter what people call their God I know He or She is sad

When they praise Her for the good in life or blame Him for the bad.


You see, My God is often times confused and certainly perplexed

When people think he controls what happens in this world or the next.


My God knows good and bad are part of life...I think this makes him wise

He knows everyone can find happiness and he knows everybody dies.


My God’s given me the ability to decide what’s right from wrong

Yet he accepts I’ll make mistakes for he knows my journey’s long.


So all He asks of me is kindness and to treat everyone the same

That when I die people will smile at the mere mention of my name.


For nothing in this world would bring a broader smile to My God’s face

Than knowing everyone created would leave this world a better place.


If we wish for this world to be different...then we all have to be a little odd


Perhaps we all should be less religious...and have more faith in God.

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the one commonly referred to as 'god'





you say you love your god

but you murder him every day

you rape him 


you tear the fingernails off

his loving hands

one by one, like lashes to your own back


and you 'know not what you do'


and destroy what has been given

so freely, and so lovingly

with your blame


you say he lives

his spirit is alive

you say he was a man


like yourself and your brother

a man that walked this earth

making footprints in the sand


and then you glorify his very death

over and over and over again

for the sake of your own unaccountability


do you also remember others 

passed on 

in this way?


i love you

and sometimes love is painful

but love goes on


jesus died and for me

he rests in the same peace he 

walked upon this earth


and his love

lives on in us all

love lives on


and on

and on

and on


my god is love

and you

and that is how i share my god





4:18 PM 7/5/2013






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