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Raymond Burt

believer, and the doubters, they'd appreciate the monstrous. do well too avoid the glimmer, the pits of the fiery. dwell not in my judgment. do such a thing, fall for 30 miles. do for I jest innermost. do such my mind, the ass. do fuck the ass its the genitals. dwell in she, and the bright, and the light can't be understood, we're the apocalyptic, bereave these the sufferers, the lime disease, and the aids, these taken by my evil, pride and the Beast. do such a murder, I let stay the earthbound spirit, I can see I can feel, I am being dealt, and I ask often you, I had proven you, and had fallen, the knife. and dwell portion often the arms, and the legs, dwell not for the machines, the temple of us, we produce the sinner, they below our servants, do not maim thee, dwell, in my cocaine, and the fear, the bloodletting, and the hell form, these hate hi, how are you, devour me, leave this appeasement, and the horror often a soles, and the dead growth, they art the centipede, the demons evil, do none such, poor men, and the seas of the dead, dwell inside the tunnel, and the cowardice, they 'd laugh, dwell in my horn, the dom and the doorways to my hail, dwell not fierce some warriors, killed, head removed the stump, the wheelchairs, overgrown, comments, do it for the horror, subdued ones

Unbound Faith

Faith is unbound by extremist pressure,
Lick the wounds of a liberal fissure.
The point-blank wound given an emissary,
A Soluble cure for the target preliminary.


A fast food chain of asphyxiation,
We give up hope for the stationary.
All falsehood gospels of visionary,
Cough and whine under political disciplinary.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Short, but to the point, I would think. 


snake eat frog cozy
female snaps white tree branch
I spoke silence and cried cudgel-bean
baby elephant's tusk

Ivory tunnel wherein cops came in

Eternal seed

Spill dew upon the chastened ground

Food come up

Danse Macabre

Dance Macabre

Dance, Macabre

Dance, Macabre!

Love like a winter storm,

Bitter and torn,

Like the pages of a beat,

All that is weathered and worn,

Comes down at your feet

Cat jumps on bed

How we miss a proper psychopath like you, Ted

Now we’re all nutcases in a nuthouse nation

America is a nut tree, strewing nuts all along the path

A girl on a bicycle picks one up and puts it in her basket

The year is not as it was before

And she is peddling to her grandfather’s house

Along the way she hits a stone wedged between the slots

And she is upended from her bike

Like a snail out of its shell

And she hits the ground on her back in a blue? Is it a red dress?

I can’t tell

Anyway there are flowers on it

It might as well be a tablecloth

It is inauspicious

And a gruesome atrocity

She lies on the ground, with nowhere to go

She decides to have a snack

And flipping open the basket pulls out the nut

She cracks it open

And put the naked, fetal-positioned flesh

On her tongue

Wouldn’t you know that’s the first place you put a nut?

Then she closed her mouth

Crunch crunch crunch

Hammer of the Supreme Court is coming down

I forget who this girl is anyway

I’ve lost interest in her altogether

Her teeth, her hair, her face, which was never turned towards me,

her ugly freakin dress,

Which isn’t hard to imagine,

She looks like a Quaker going to her first dance party,


I tell you, her clothes represent the massacre of the Jews,

But who she is I couldn’t tell you at all

Tuxedo black drawn quick tight wrong

Red gondola bid me tea-tote farewellisms

Exquisite monstrosities denote fatigue in the overall infrastructure

Marble outcasts in Thebes groan bandsoon

Terracotta landmarks dream of schools scorched in new high noons

David and Goliath duel first head south then you’re eyes

Michael watches as dunes rise from hopeful farms

Dog drag leash and finds turtle

Clandestine memories sweep under the chimney

And in their expiration go up into the night sky over Paris to blanket people

Faraway, fargone, farlost, farsung

Eden is an eternity waiting to happen

Gone the day when the brethren I would make

Hurry to the stars

Divine appointment

Checks with the teeth I am so disappointed

The Year of Sorrow, sowing tears

Neverending luminous light

The wicked man, yoking his peers

God’s anger burning bright

Partiality, still by wealth, as we judge by appearance

Lazarus peering down at us, from on high

Metaphysics’ mysterious disappearance

Morality’s abject conclusion, far from which we lie

Torso wrapped around brown baskets

Hunting grounds of rabbits burnt to a crispy potato and strawsack animal dog on a string

Never you mind whose side I’m on

That should be clear as a McDonald sign

Exorbitant amount of anything spiritual does not harm

Warthog shoulders beef on its snout can’t breathe but can help some more


O Holy God

O flowery descent

O wondrous flow of Sword-King’s blood




Death commands plain view of the stars

So fell the veil of reality

Between the marriage of Heaven and Earth

Penetrance Penetrance Penetrance!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A surrealist verse on a wide variety of subjects.