Dark Prophesy III: Islamicide



Ass-ending muslim prophet
Emerging from The Well
Decapitate Mo-ham-mad
Send him plunging into Hell!
Replaced with pigskull head
Smeared with the fatwah of swine
Impaled Abaddon's sword
Ignited in Hellfire
Shaitan's scepter Pitchfork
Held upon the temple's peak
Humiliation for the world to see...!


Corpse within the sow cadaver
Another crucifixion
Bending over, so much sheep
Bow to the gods defeated
koran inserted deep
Bestial remuneration
Daemonic Djinn set free...!

Unveil the sinful vices
Hidden within her lust
Hijab stained with seed
Sweetest of Lilith's harlots
The Sinful Sultan's Harem
Serpentine desires released upon the wind
Cast off thine chains of tyrants
And join The Devil's din!

The slaughtered mullahs
Hanging from their guts & turbans
Blood of Allah stain the sands
Maskim Xul takes command
Crescent turned to...
The horns of Iblis to sacrifice!
The sky aflame with Evil Eyes!

The sheeple turning round & round
Ring around the rosy death
Counterclockwise widdershins
Muezzin reversed, necrotic voice
The call of destruction burst
Mecca explodes and burns!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Vlad Tepes. Plunging the depths of another Black Mass to execute dimensions of blindlight. No god stands before Myself. Bow before the glory of The Satanist!

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"Is a Poem Depicting Mohammed Okay?"

by Jeph Johnson

So if Mohammed had been alive in an era

Where photography existed

Would it be blasphemous to take his picture?

And what about his burial shroud?

What if his miraculousness

(Like Jesus with the Shroud of Turin)

Burned his image into the cloth?

Would Mohammed himself

Be guilty of blasphemy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Dead Names, Spoilt Milk.



Our Father who art in Heaven,


All false and


Evermore rather Untrue.


Your teeth are all dead names,


And faces,


Of spoilt milk.
















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Islam means peace,

Islam is bliss,

Islam supports humanity,

Islam believes in equality.


Islam is the fastest growing religion today,

We can proudly say,

Like the sun Islam enlightens us,

It has no hatred for other religions thus.


Islam brings delight,

It does not instruct to fight,

Unless the situations demand,

Islam began in the holy land.



Islam believes that Allah is the Creator,

The Omnipresent, the Omniscient Protector,

Hazrat Muhammad [P.B.U.H.] being the last Prophet,

The founder of Islam whom all the Muslims humbly look at.


The Quran is the last Holy Scripture,

That the devotees admire ever,

The Muslims invite others to accept Islam,


Being so gentle and calm.

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Watching on high hill as they sent
As skirts and trousers longing for new crescent
Depiction of welcome for the latter
As ranked first in the calendar

Here comes the stain remover
That cleanse soul like pencil and eraser
Welcome O you, the powered
Once again devils will be fettered

Month which qur'an was revealed to universe
Teaching morals, etiquettes and supplication in verse
It possessed freebies and goodies to hawk
Ready to change that ill-luck to good-luck

Don't hesitate to flow your deeds
So be generous to poor and needies
For a single deeds grows into double folds
So as to reap greatest crops

Unleash these priceless with farmish and thirsty
For holy days of twenty-nine or thirty
Exclude not your soul, eyes or ears from the exercise
For reward's guage comes about in big size  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem for the month of Ramadan in Islam

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