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The Grim Encounters

Satish Verma

Light comes, light goes. You
enter my poems to subdue the stings.
Four alphabets keep me alive.

Why it had to happen.
Missed you, watching you, disappearing
in clouds.Cannot see your footprints.

The yellow dust covers
all the dawn's beauty, settling on
the eyebrows of rising sun.

Curtain Call

You are beautiful,
still untouched by moon.
I am creating myth.

In small hours, I
release the pain at dusk
to touch you unsaid.

I think, not to think of
you, when nightingale comes
to collect your song.

Killer Lover

He keeps feeding me lies

Until I bleed out

My killer lover isn’t only mine

But he keeps coming back

I’m the only one who treats him right

But he doesn’t see me as a wife

Until he has gone through his likes

And realizes I was the love of his life

I’m not oblivious

He just slashed my heart open

But I can’t treat my wounds until he’s fully gone 


The Winds Of Change

The winds of change

Have swept through our tree of life

And stripped the branches bare


Naked limbs

Resembling gnarled arms

Reach for what used to be

But is no longer there


Left cold and alone

Any remnants of love or happiness

Has been thoroughly erased


A twisted skeleton

Of a once flourishing life

Now stands in its place


Cobwebs have become its security blanket

And parasites its company

In a forest of misery


Though there’s still evidence of life

There is no consciousness

No hope or purpose


Just an empty shell

That’s smells of

Regret and sorrow


Whose decaying bark

Is just a symbolic reminder

Of our faded dreams

Which no longer serve us


Just a silent tomb

Which echoes the sadness

Of empty today’s

And a forgotten tomorrows

My Son

Two years, almost three, and you didn’t learn a damn thing. I have learned everything I needed to know about you. Your anger, your insecurities, all the way to the little bit of lettuce and mayonnaise on your Ham sub (Lightly cooked). You were my son, and I took the place of your father. I hope he’s damned a long life in agony knowing that he created you, you were always so proud of how much you were like him. I praised you when you did good, scolded you when you lost control, I was controlling at times but that’s because I loved you. I want to hate you, but I refuse to, because in my mind you are the prodigal son and you will come back to me. I will accept you because I love you. But no longer will I yearn for you, no longer will I reach for your grasp or stroke my hand upon your back. My hand will be removed from your life, my name will be etched out of your memory, you will starve in the depths of Sheol, this pit of Hell that is your life. My spoken prayers for you will surcease, when you call I will not listen. You will forever rue the day you were born, wishing that maybe your mother didn’t conceive you. Satan will set his traps and you will no longer have a warrior willing to wake you up and protect you. My words you ignored, my pleas you scoffed, my instruction was mocked. God is searching for you, my son, please do not ignore him as you’ve done to me, he loves you so much more. I write this with all the sincerity I can muster, and I just pray that God teaches this lesson, so that I may rest in his embrace once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I can't do it, I'll just return to my boy. 

Love's Theme

So few words produce encryption that begs this reader to ponder! I see America, referenced in "the freedom bell rings" and "shades of gold", which I understand alludes to the anthem "America the Beautiful." That said, the reader encounters "barren land," and the quandary the poet asks to "understand:" "love's fullest swing." For me it invokes the scything of the Harvest, on that land with "shades of gold," but, it suggests to this reader, a 'reversal-of-fortune' or a 'surprise ending'...Through


Strikes fear in the heart

Renders you all apart

Overwhelms all sense

It's self its recompence



I dont know very much about her,

I have never seen her truly smile,

I know to be here many bad things had to occurr,

Sadness glooming all the while,

Her heart is so very beautiful,

Her eyes are truly so kind,

Her voice is always so hopeful,

As she puts her hand in mine,

She whispers please dont hurt me,

Dont ever leave me behind,

I will love you always and forever,

If you just treat me kind,

I tell her please trust in me,

I want her to always be mine,

I dont want her to have to ever worry,

Because I will never leave her behind.

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Briar Patch

Dead inside

no revive


Sacrifice this



Drowning in the blood

of pain


No love,

no joy


Pierced on the thorns

of the briar patch 


Drunk off the hate

of existence 


Struggling to overcome

the madness 





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