Verse 1:

Our love is like an ignition switch

Once it is lit, it burns eternally

I'll be yours to keep

and you: mine to keep



If only you'd realize

my love for you

Things wouldn't be

what they are now

Tell me,

if this is a fantasy

or reality with you

'Cause I need to know

if I'm hanging on/for nothing


Verse 2:

Get in line

with the rest

'cause your love

ignited my heart



Your love is all I need

'Cause without you

I was a wanderer

Now, you caught me off guard

your love is my sin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ignition symbolizes the burning passion and desire that two lovers want of each other....That their love is eternal and will last.

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Verse 1:
You can cast your worries on me, babe.

'Cause it's safer in your arms.

This place is our safe haven.

Where do we go from here? 



You held the world

At your fingertips.

Yet, I cannot seem

To let you go so easily.


Verse 2:

I won't care

As long as

You are here with me.

I smile at the

Thought of us.



Let's take this chance

And make it our's.

'Cause you're mine to keep

And I: your's to keep.



Let's start from here

Lose the past.

Change our minds.

Take a chance on us.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote about my "dream guy" and I trying to take a chance on each other since our bond is deep/strong and cannot be: 1) broken, 2) ignored, and 3) denied.

Realize March 25, 2007

When will you be able

To realize that

The world was our canvas?
Painted with a hue of colors,

The artist vividly decorates

His canvas with an image.

An image of the world.

Envisioning the future,

The artist paints
Relics of the world.

Adjourned with a goal,

The artist begins to paint

The final portrait.

Realizing the errors

Of his ways,

He sits aside the canvas.

Replacing it with another,

Painting the future,

The artist realizes

The world through

His depiction of reality

And the conflicts

Plaguing the world.

Realizing that the canvas

Was more than just a portrait,

He continues to paint

The world with

Premonitions of the future.

Satisified, the artist

Realizes that the canvas

He set aside

Was that of his lost love.

Departing from that realization,

He continues to paint the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote back on March 25, 2007. It's simple about an artist realizing he is still in love with "the one that got away".

On My Own

Verse 1:

If only you could see

That we're meant to be,

Though, I can make it on my own,

I want you by my side.

'Cause I'll be there

When the world stops.


I can find a way home.

I can make it on my own.

If only you'd be by my side,

I cannot make it without you.

If only you'd realize

That I'm the one for you.


Verse 2:

All this time,
I've been incomplete without you.

Our hearts are witch each other.

Maybe, I'll find someone

That I'll love unconditionally.



This love that I found again,

I'll cherish our memories

That I thought I had forgotten.

If only you were by my side,

You'd realize my undying love for you.


I won't let you go

'Cause babe, you're my poison.

The day we met still

Lingers in my mind.

Your love is my sin. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song written on American's Thanksgiving. It's about loving someone that does love you but can't admit it yet..

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Fragments of the Past

Verse 1:

Fragments of the past

Begin to overwhelm me.

Say not another word,

I can hear you.

Though, I'm so far gone now.



My heart is tangled up on you.

I cannot imagine life without you by my side.

You've stood by me through everything

And I've finally found you

In our safe haven.


Verse 2:

I should have known

From the day we met

That you were in love with me.

Now, I shall confess that I love you.

Yeah, admit it: yo're in love with me too.



When all is said and done,

I'll start back at one with you.

Take me back to the day we met.

Those were the moments

That I knew we'd be together in the end.


Fragments of the past

Over take us both.

Our feelings are mutual.

We've made it this far.

I love you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song about giving your guy best friend a chance in a relationship with you after your previous relationship failed...e


Verse 1:

When all is said and done,

I cannot help but think

Of our memories together.

Those were the moments 

That made my heart tremble.



Tell me, I'm dreaming.

Since the day you let without saying goodbye,

Everything has changed.

We broke up yet

I still never knew the reasons why.


Verse 2:
Where ever I go

Pieces of you are still with me.

I'd do anything for you

If only to make you realize

That we were meant to be.


Do you remember the day we met?

I still remember it,

Those words your promised me.

Why did you let me go?

I love you so much, so much that it hurts.



All I know, All I know is that

Our future plans together went out the window.

All I know is that I'm not over you.

All I know is that I love you.

I love you so much that it hurts. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song about an ex that you're still not over. Written November 13, 2016.


Verse 1:

This may be the end of us.

Can I be your memory/

Though, I know you're so far away,

Wanting you is driving me insane.


You're in everyone I see.

Where ever I go, your face appears.

Whenever you look at me,

You smile without noticiing.

You've fallen for me.


Verse 2:
And just lke that,

Our love began coincidentally.

Why can't you be brave like the others?

Just approach me and start a conversation.

You're so far away.



You don't have to fear this love.

This love saves us.

Don't waste your time.

There won't be any second chances.

Are you scared of losing so much?



I can see no one but you.

Though, I know you're far away.

These thoughts and feelings

Won't be able to reach you now. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on "It's You (English Subtitles)" by Neon Bunny. It's an indie Korean electrco-pop song. 


Verse 1:

Remember how we felt for each other?

Throw it all away.

So blinded, I can't see the end.

I fell for your lies.



In this story, I write our memories.

There are only happy moments there.

Here, like this, let's remember each other.

Fiction in fiction: I can't be the one for you.


Verse 2:
Please end me yet

Please don't go.

'Cause I fell for your potential.

Tell me, do you feel the same?



Come away with me.

If I already knew that

Your were mine to keep

And I: Your's to keep,

I wouldn't have wasted time.



Wake me up from this dream.

Our memories and heart entwine

It forms a maze of love.

For you, you are my ender. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is based on ONE OK ROCK's "The Beginning". It was written about falling for the potential in someone and then being disappointed when he/she didn't live up to your expectations...

Stand By You

Verse 1:
Days pass by,

Without a sound,

Without a whisper,

You suddenly left me.


I know that you are

Still in love with me.

But it wasn't meant to be.

I'll stand by you

Through it all.


Verse 2:
If you love me,

Just tell me.

I'll be your's to keep.

I think about the day

That I'll be the one for you.


Since the day you left,

Love doesn't feel the same.

Now, I must let you go.

If there is any way,

I'll stand by you through it all.



For al time,

I'm known that you were "the one."

Tell me, do you feel the same?

'Cause I love you, all of you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song today when I really should be studying for exams this coming week on Monday/Tuesday night classes. It's about moving on, letting go of the person you thought was "the one" and then finding "the one" in someone else that can love you better, treat you better, etc.