Love You First

Go then, child,
Leave the nest, and fly,
Into the world of golden skies,
Raindrops of sweet, blissful mornings,
And nights of the silver moon,
Among the dreams and dreamers,
Into the garden of enchantment,
And gumdrop delights,
Icing on your cake of fortune,
Find your twinking light,
Go beyond the starscapes,
Climb the ladder of laughter
To it's shadowy depths
Of chaos, and after,
Find your piece of solitude
Amidst it all, marvel in that prize,
Applaud your fancied conquered plight.


Be the master, be the thief,
Call yourself another name,
Reach for all your heart can hold,
Catch that star of fame,
Slay the dragons
And dominate the demons,
Do it ten times over, touch the burn,
Then return and look into my eyes,
And tell me what you've learned.


And when my eyes remind you that
You cannot change the past,
Perhaps then it will all make sense,
And you'll treasure things that last,
One's hell, another's heaven,
One's glory, another's pain,
You will never escape the truth
That every sunshine one day turns to rain.

Hold this life in gentle hands,
Hear your past with every pace,
Praise the raindrops when they fall,
And never hide your face.


6:10 PM 5/20/2013 ©

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New Nurse's Assessment

The young man had a large gash on the lateral side of his right hand,
The serous fluid drained onto the surrounding reddened area,
Appeared to have been serrated,
Beefy red meat exposed at it's center in strands,

Doctor call came and she reported, "This looks infected".


Handing the file to the physician so he could inspect it,
To her horrid surprise, somehow laughter, she injected,
He handed the file to a colleage, with a sheepish grin, it was rejected!

Again the assessment was read by another,
Bursting with made her shudder,
Why on earth are they mocking this? What seems so funny?


And one of colleagues, stopped laughing and said, "Honey,

This is truly a serious matter, we've heard,
And your assessment is fine, except for one little word,
See when there's a wound oozing with purulent fluid draining,
To say there's pussy drainage coming from it, really distorts the meaning!!"



10:24 PM 4/27/2013 ©

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True Story... Embarassed

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Blood they say is thicker than water
Anytime I'm home with my mother
brothers and sisters
I feel like being with them forever
Their presence radiates joy and laughter
But this bond is more than that of blood
It's of blood binded with faith
Now I have to leave, it is a must
Though my body somehow resist
I feel no remorse leaving this apartment
I have a mission to fulfil, In sha Allah I will

There is another bond drawing me
of lovely brothers and sisters in faith
That makes me feel comfort
Even though I'm far away from home
They are all my family; they loves me
I'm glad I've them all around me
A home it is a away from home

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Musical Arrangement

I can taste the sound of laughter,

Like molasses on my tongue,

Like the sun is heard in chorus,

Childlike and full of fun,

When I touch the sight of scarlet,

It feels smooth against my skin,

And the smell of fresh pink hyacinth,

Hangs noodles down my chin.

A snowflake softly graces the wind,

A raindrop meets a lake,

If synesthesia ruled the world,

We might all be chocolate cake.


© 2012

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Metallic love

I can't focus... it's getting to me, more each day.. 

my thoughts stretch like clay, & unfortunately mold me, here & there.. 

I wish so much for you to of been able to stay.

was it really mean't to be this way..?

cause I surely feel unsatisfied.. 

comfort is something we all crave.. 

but you were like security to me, & I watched it all get ripped away..

what a waste of a night.. what a realization, I couldn't fight..


I miss you more then the depths of the ocean go deep..

some nights like this.. I have trouble trying to sleep.. 

we yearn, we learn.. forever burn...

tables turn..

I want to take back so much i've said..

because they were useless particles floating around in my head..

6 months pass.. everything falls to ash but the memories.. 


fuck me for letting other opinions get in the way of my true heart..

fuck them for denying love.. as if they really knew.

sorry I can seem like a rainbow of emotions.. or a bleak cloudy day.. 

but I can promise much sunshine after being drenched in such heavy rain.. 


will another 6 months make a difference..?

or would it just be a whole year spent needing you..

it's not like I can't live... or breathe without you..

but it's to the point I really just don't want to... 

sorry about getting "distracted".. 

I don't excpect you to still feel like you need me,

want, love or care about me.. 

though I feel all the same & even more.


this incense continues to coil... & I could watch it for hours.

as i'm thinking.. when I die.. would this all of passed right before my eyes?

I want to know that instead of sitting here, waiting..

hoping, wondering.. not knowing.. 

instead, I'll get to see you smile again..

that for me, would never ever be a waste of time.

at least i'd know that's what I did with my last bit of life.


I don't know if I have the power anymore to get you to laugh without trying..

or the privilege of being on your mind... 

when I take my last breath, please tear this heart out of my chest..

put it in a jar.. keep it preserved.

if you go first.. i'll remember your wish, if it's still what you'd want.

i'll hold onto yours too.. even though it's no longer beating..

always I will love you.. through my hands this blood is seeping..

like treasure... from the chest.

metallic love..  

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Alienate Beloved


There is a silence in the world

Since we didn't said farewell;

And your beauty with an alien speech

An alien tale would tell.


There is silence in the world,

Which is not peace nor quiet:

Nyarlathotep; a golden heart

Ever I seek to flee therefrom,

While I belong with Thee,

And walk the ways of the riot.


But when I hear the music moan

In rooms of thronging laughter,

A serpent-tongued Demon drives me forth,

And silence follows after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for Nyarlathotep.

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Forest creatures sing
Symphony of sparrows dance
Nature surrounds life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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Never Enough


On the times I get to hold you
When we get to touch
Are able to kiss
It is never enough

To hear your laugh
And how quiet you talk
Of being that close to you
It is never enough

When we do spend time together
The minutes seem like hours
When in fact it’s the opposite but
It is never enough

Now that we are trying
To talk dad into letting us
Be together, we both find that
It is never enough

You brought up the idea
Of us getting married one day
And having babies but then again
It is never enough

It never will be
Because when we get what we want
We sit and think of the next thing because
It is never enough

Written on
September 26, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Tom ___. With him it's never enough, and never will be.

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