Face me...

As the deathly, Icey slices of the shattered glass fly towards my face, unzipping the skin…

I knew. They. Were. Here.


The cold sweat pours down my face as I search for a plan…

I can’t hear myself think!

The deafening sound of bullets showering on your cover

The yelling of young men

…and the last shrieks of the female nurses, who have now fallen

contributes to the foul smell

The foul smell of the empty shells where the souls lived.




My long hesitation on the battlefield has paid off…

O’, the exquisite beauty of the sharp pain

One glance down…to view the left shoulder

As the metal drowns into my flesh…


Harsh Rubber of their soles thuds

Thuds. Sound surrounds, me




Only to see the points of those guns

Only to see the strings of life

Face. Me.




-Sachi Ruaya



*Written within the time limit of 15 minutes (phew)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would consider this poem as one of my most abstract, descriptive works.
I used my critical thinking to choose the appropriate words, text structure and ‘story’ structure since I strived to emotionally impact the reader with the words, metaphors and other linguistic features. 
I have taken many risks such as using sentence structure in which the reader may have to think deeply to comprehend the meaning using the context. *At the end of this poem I have placed the translated meaning of any statements that may have confused the reader.
Skills Discussion 
I have deliberately structured the sentences to enhance the text according to the audience and purpose, successfully involved the reader by the use of literary devices such as metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, abstract and technical terms appropriately in context, control and manipulate the linguistic and structural components of writing to enhance clarity and impact and chose to manipulate or abandon conventional text forms to achieve impact.

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New Nurse's Assessment

The young man had a large gash on the lateral side of his right hand,
The serous fluid drained onto the surrounding reddened area,
Appeared to have been serrated,
Beefy red meat exposed at it's center in strands,

Doctor call came and she reported, "This looks infected".


Handing the file to the physician so he could inspect it,
To her horrid surprise, somehow laughter, she injected,
He handed the file to a colleage, with a sheepish grin, it was rejected!

Again the assessment was read by another,
Bursting with laughter...it made her shudder,
Why on earth are they mocking this? What seems so funny?


And one of colleagues, stopped laughing and said, "Honey,

This is truly a serious matter, we've heard,
And your assessment is fine, except for one little word,
See when there's a wound oozing with purulent fluid draining,
To say there's pussy drainage coming from it, really distorts the meaning!!"



10:24 PM 4/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True Story... Embarassed

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Scribble naughts and.... * Theories


It was not a choice place of meeting but serendipity had other ideas. How she laughed at me, her toy her play thing, a human study in a petree dish. Human. I laughed at the thought that I had considered myself half absentmindedly as part of something that is so foreign in nature to my own state of being.


The petals of life seem to fall haphazardly as the wind that blows decides to take them. And the wind is a temperamental creature. I understood the air, it was closer to my existence than any other moving thing. as thin or as weighted as the conditions allowed. Of substance one moment, of nothing the next, pushing vapours and gasses where they could go. It was understood because it moved as it could and it has always been so. The wind rather like my own life force seemed to be able to nudge, push or shove its way into the crevices of unusual quarters.  I have never till recently have been invaded by way of another through my own mechanisms. This was puzzling, a confusion and an a realisation of my imposition as I studied my own. What was it this 'thing!?' with such power to take me from my own purpose?


This was an exercise in futility dragged through an alien landscape, led by compulsion spurred on by the held hand of chilike curiosity. why had she turned left instead of right? she had no calling to go. It was the flicker of him that ghosted her interest. a haunting fascination held in flickers of surreal memories half had, half dreamed.


 I did not know where the line, clearly blurred now started and ended. Had i crossed it? was I still crossing it? Serendipity laid tricks like it was her main core of business. Cunfuzzled fools in the making. I had joined the ranks of the impressionable.  why was her shoe stuck in a crevice four yards back and why was the rain so cruel? Did it have to hitch a ride with my elemental companion force? More dread. A drowned rat making a resigned trudge through the torrent of cold abysmal lashings.


Damn this shadow chasing, damn this coup! damn serendipity and my hostaged fascination! I could not wait to reject this fool, johnnycake come lately and his whiz tricks and spritely friends of fate. I had my own allies, and in that moment of resolution felt my eyes in tandem with my smile brightened... why had I not thought of this before? More wizardry? i turned abruptly. I will go the other way! She had thought it best but instantly became bested by the dark figure she ran smack bang into.


sweetness and hell all in one instant as she smelt a warm musky scent now in tandem with the sharp sting of pain shooting through the cartelge of her nose snapping back against a hard chest... She fell to the floor, a tangled mess muttering... 


Disfigureing fool, infirm of purpose! I am cursed by this wretched enigmatism! Will this 'thing!?' Not let me go? I catch sight of my happenstance assailant and one slash of recognition my anger fell to the floor as shock formed its bubble around me. 


"Watch where you park that thing!" 


Bubble bursted! vapour droplets of shame prickled as they fell onto my skin. A rawness of emotion took over.


Well I... I- suddenly Interrupted by a choking rage. I did not count on anger being such the rubbery force it could be. it had flung its self as far back as was optimal and was apparently on its way back!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tbc... Draft.. still working on it.... 15 

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Light and Dark

Every tear a snapshot

Every wound a memory

Scars I can’t remove

Remind of what you did to me

Visions glare in front of me

But I can’t feel a thing

That life both past is present

All lost because a ring


I'm trying to make things better,
but they only get worse.
Trying to stuff the pain away
To try and hide the hurt.
But this world is grinding at my sand paper sanity
until it's absolutely nothing.
And these demons have me on my knees begging for mercy.

Well, at least it’s something


I can’t go on like this

I’ve got to get away

Fallen angels dragging me down

To die again today

My heart has lost it’s city lights

It’s eroded into the slum

And I’ll never feel a thing again

I only can feel numb

Lost, abandoned, forsaken, left

Deserted, discarded, neglected, bereft

Cast off again, I can’t even start

Another child aborted, but this was my heart


All that’s left is apathy

Nothing left inside of me

Never will we be one

And so I’m left again, numb 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Italics were written by Underwater_Trying_Not_to_Drown.  Enjoy

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