Metallic love

I can't focus... it's getting to me, more each day.. 

my thoughts stretch like clay, & unfortunately mold me, here & there.. 

I wish so much for you to of been able to stay.

was it really mean't to be this way..?

cause I surely feel unsatisfied.. 

comfort is something we all crave.. 

but you were like security to me, & I watched it all get ripped away..

what a waste of a night.. what a realization, I couldn't fight..


I miss you more then the depths of the ocean go deep..

some nights like this.. I have trouble trying to sleep.. 

we yearn, we learn.. forever burn...

tables turn..

I want to take back so much i've said..

because they were useless particles floating around in my head..

6 months pass.. everything falls to ash but the memories.. 


fuck me for letting other opinions get in the way of my true heart..

fuck them for denying love.. as if they really knew.

sorry I can seem like a rainbow of emotions.. or a bleak cloudy day.. 

but I can promise much sunshine after being drenched in such heavy rain.. 


will another 6 months make a difference..?

or would it just be a whole year spent needing you..

it's not like I can't live... or breathe without you..

but it's to the point I really just don't want to... 

sorry about getting "distracted".. 

I don't excpect you to still feel like you need me,

want, love or care about me.. 

though I feel all the same & even more.


this incense continues to coil... & I could watch it for hours.

as i'm thinking.. when I die.. would this all of passed right before my eyes?

I want to know that instead of sitting here, waiting..

hoping, wondering.. not knowing.. 

instead, I'll get to see you smile again..

that for me, would never ever be a waste of time.

at least i'd know that's what I did with my last bit of life.


I don't know if I have the power anymore to get you to laugh without trying..

or the privilege of being on your mind... 

when I take my last breath, please tear this heart out of my chest..

put it in a jar.. keep it preserved.

if you go first.. i'll remember your wish, if it's still what you'd want.

i'll hold onto yours too.. even though it's no longer beating..

always I will love you.. through my hands this blood is seeping..

like treasure... from the chest.

metallic love..  

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Through the flesh and bones

You push your way through

A mighty effort

To release your aggression


The clock strikes now

Now is the time

Push and shove

Don't miss this chance


Bones will be broken

But none will be yours

Bend 'n' snap

Make them suffer ["sufferrrrrr"] [MAKE-THEM-SUFFERRRRRR]


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Mark of the Beast (song)

How can you see in a world so blind?
Propaganda fills your head, polluting your mind.
Twistin' your words and feeding you lies,
The Man's got you beat, to doped to realize.

Promoting love and praying for peace,
But the men behind it all wear the Mark of the Beast.
They'll smile in your face as they weave their lie,
Stab you in the back just to watch you die.

And the Innocent One and the Holy Father,
Frozen in fear by the sight of this slaughter.
Stricken with awe at the destruction and carnage,
With the blood of millions, the Earth is tarnished.

No goddamn illusion is gonna solve,
World's on edge, so easily dissolved.
Takes one push to fuck their system,
When you're done with their games, dammit, heed my wisdom.

Get out of it now, before it's too late,
When you're so drunk with passion and fueled by hate.
Don't blame it on chance, or excuse it as fate;
Get out of it now, before it's too fuckin' late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first metal song I wrote for my thrash band and is the second full song lyrics I've written, this one has a bit of language in it, I apologize to anyone who is offended, but I feel it is essential to this song and to express my feelings at the time I wrote it.

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The Fallen (song)

A world full of pain, sorrow, and hate.
War presses on with Death in its wake.
Lamentations of horror, loss, and of grief.
Like ants in a flood, seeking relief.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

The blood of youth flows, staining Earth red.
They wash their hands clean, but it hangs on their head,
Conscience ripping at their being,
As they feed their war machine.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

With blackened hearts they carry on,
Toiling under a tireless sun.
While their fallen lay in shallow graves,
Where nameless tombs mark darkened days.

In the distance the women mourn,
A future bleak, shadows forlorn.
Call-to-arms, Ares' might,
Young men rise to join the fight.

Lost souls wander aimlessly,
Horrified by all they see.
Rising up from hallowed graves,
Greeted by a world depraved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote for my technical thrash metal band, it is the third full song lyrics I have written:)

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Steep Steps to Hell

{Walking along this boulevard, the Street seems to suck me in as Tar and Paint seems to float; tearing the existence of life and all that lies in front of me. The Floor beneath peels off and floats to uncover a chained metal swirling staircase, leading nowhere but down toward a black empty space. I could feel my soul tug at my heart as I felt compelled to walk down these steep stairs leading down to, as far as I knew, Hell.}

As far as I can tell, I’m walking the steep steps to hell
hearing the toll of the doomsday bell x2

Bleeding through my fingertips, a life so hard to keep.
Pulling myself together just to dig myself deep.
Grinding a living, without a fucking choice,
got to keep your head down, speak with no voice.
Everyone’s got a living, but the price is to be paid.
A soul upon a headstone, spoilt blood within your grave.

As far as I can tell, I’m walking the steep steps to hell
hearing the toll of the doomsday bell x2

Can you hear the echo? Screaming agony.
told you the stories, but see it as I see,
the twirl of these staircases into the burning pit beneath.
The Pattern of eternity, living out the grief.
surely a life should have significance for this,
conforming into rules that don’t truly exist.

As far as I can tell, I’m walking the steep steps to hell
hearing the toll of the doomsday bell
Ensuing Life’s Ransom, the sum must be paid,
Work your fingers to the bone, into an Early Grave
Laid within your bone coffin, a Bankrupt Corpse,
Rest in scattered Pieces, as a dusty Memory.

}How I feel, strolling down steepened steps, dragging along my soul kept within,
Taking steps, slowly breathing deep, grinding my way to nothing and still}

As far as I can tell, it’s a blessed release from the chains of Life,
Walking down these steepened steps to hell.
As far as I am brought, the devil whispers “Life’s too short”
Walking down these Steep Steps to Hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

18 Nov 2010 09:31
{} = spoken word

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