Grade F

Young man begging outside the train station

Not only is he young but he's also white

Privileged like the queen

Porcelain white skin

He should try being as dark as the night


A kid with a kid

That's what her mum called her

Her beautiful baby won't stop crying

Should have just had an abortion

She's Muslim as well

So she thinks she's destined for hell

No hanky panky before marriage

What a disgrace!


40 year old male with no driving license

What is it that Margaret Thatcher said?

A man riding a bus at age 26 may count himself a failure

Damn right!


Tick Tock Tick Tock

That's your biological clock

30 year old unmarried female

Don't you know you have failed?

Marriage and children is all you're worth.

What a disgrace!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was bored at work lol.

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Unsuccessful Humans

drugged out in an alley full of piss, nodding off or emerging from the high into the hell of need. Failure of a human: marks on both wrists, abraisions on the neck, inability to move anywhere but in bad company. Loss of all vision, living only in the past, as if reliving it over and over will change the present into something beautiful and better or more ugly. Fail to acknowledge all life as valuable and worthy of not being denigrated - even the incorrigible and sinful. Those who chose alcohol and or a radical racial perspective over people, kin and strangers. Freezing in fear instead of fighting back - destined to not die well. Just a few thoughts. Hell is what you make it. Heaven is here and possible for any human, no matter their failings or cursedness. - Just struck a chord's all ~Interesting write, food for more than thought.


I had to do a bit of ranting as being 65 and never married. I am a success and I think the poem is a plaint, a look at reality without blinders, realitiy in the raw - not personal perpective and philosophy, just the way it is. The ego defends the rest of the mind well. You write the way a poet emotes. Hope you are very bored at work again soon. Welcome to Postpoems. ~Star~