For As Long

For as the days and weeks pass, and the years and aeons
Follow their destiny into the universe, traveling the planets,
There will be a growing number who call on Jupiter, Mars,
The voiceless sparks of light, and love, in the stars,

For as long as we relentlessly continue
To trade insight and inspiration for revenge,
Hiding behind the suffering of Jesus, crucified,
Still, to this day, adamant refusal, to remove him from the cross,

Using his life to excuse our misgivings,
Ignoring those here, to maintain our style of living,
Injecting his pain into each child on Earth,
Negating the Divine, and worse....negating every child's worth,

For as long as we blindly submit to the past,
We neglect what is here, stones repeatedly cast,
Spitting on the dream of unity, and more,
We will always be wondering why we can't even the score,

For as long as we stay boldly and stubbornly sure,
Humanity's true potential will be lost into the wars...

....life is so much more.



4:44 PM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the ever growing ignorance toward our connection to Divine Intelligence and compasssion and insight lived out as virtues, and not just words.

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Infernal Absence - August 17, 2012

Chapter One

Isanity screaming inside my hollow mind,

begging for forgiveness, an objective blind.

Infernal determination, fulfillment needed;

cutting and scarring my esteem so receeded.


Ignorance without reason, a mystery veiled;

unwanted self-treason, a memory impaled.

The black cat company, a desperate attempt

to rid of others, this external conscent.


Numbness quickly detracting every emotion,

followed by a perceived negative notion.

The sum of my life, instantaneous death;

my mind is taking its final breath.


My eyes are weeping, my lungs are bleeding,

my soul is tearing, my mind is leaving.

And breaking into nothing, a blank plane;

an inperceivabe place, a shattered brain.


A little blank boy, all that's left behind,

with nothing else to call his own.

In search of someone, he tries to find,

but all he's found is that he's forever alone.

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Don't Call Me Beautiful

Dont Call me Yours...Dont Call me Crazy You Havent Been Around to Know For Sure

Waiting for an excuse to tell me why you never Came I Missed You so Bad I went Insane....dont call me Beautiful Dont Call me Sweet You Havent Even been Around to say dont be so sorry if you and I Know You never were in the first place.. Dont Tell Me You Care Because Obviously you didnt Dont call me Beautiful because inside is rotten...because while i waited our loved expired and this ugliness Expanded.. Ive Never Been So Hurt And Abandoned.... Dont Call me nice...Im Cruel now...The Old Me Is Dead and You were the one Who Dug the Knife In....Dont call me Beautiful....I Agree with William Control..im A Beautiful LOSER And Death will take Its Toll so as the hour glass Drops its last few grains of sand...I Weep because I Once Had The Heart To Let You In... Dont Call Me.... Dont Tell me Im Beautiful.... Dont Tell Me you Miss Me...Because by the look on your face....Im Just Ugly... so please dont Sympathize me... -Sincerely,Your Dead Horror Queen

War of the Masses

Crashing to the ground, side by side,

Sharing pain and distant apathy,

Two soldiers in a wicked war,

Battling against the world’s expectations,

Each in their own space, but it is too big to fill on their own.


Tongues lap on dirty pavements,

Cleaning the streets of all lies and truth.

Buried insomniac is restless beneath the concrete,

Noise cuts through him, as sight has no end.


They say it’s not right to be that way,

They are the masses of right, spitting at the handful of wrongs.

They judge and load bullets as they hand over the gun,

They shoot you before an epiphany has left your tongue.


All are wicked to the victim of war,

Collective drones piled up to make a wall,

Segregation is on the tongue of them all,

The only belief that matters is your own.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not sure on the title for this one


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Like a shiny demigod, you stand here before me with unconcerned eyes beaming down into the depths of all I am, but you’re blind and I can’t seem to find the will to help you-- I don’t care to. I’ll let you struggle and always think you know when even I can’t know. There’s a dynamic flow in everything and it’s everywhere, but still from somewhere a selfish, stagnant force fights for dictation, and gets stuck at ideation. We get stuck at identification and separate you from me. We’re isolating and decimating, contemplating and waiting for some external action to save us.
Failing to see the unity, schisms fracture Love and disrupt Peace. Quakes of arrogant desire believe their imagined lies to confine their own lives strict within the cage of fearful ignorance, securing us in sensation and fenced in selective cohesion. Reason is a thing oft in neglect, associated with only the intellect, a mere man, amassing “facts.” Think about your knowledge and realize it’s aged, already stale (naturally technique and recipe remain). We can’t know NOW, and therefore can’t measure it. With no labels, now is new, infinitely unknown… This is now. This is all there is and all I am, but not me. There is no will, therefore no actor. There is no I… There is this moment….and here, accordance with the harmony of reality occurs. “I” don’t love. Here, there is Love, Peace, and Freedom, the lack of all self. Nothing is here, but here is everything.

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