Misery's Bitch

did you find the rabbit hole where you were hoping to find your soul?
i fell into an invisible man.
he missed what he never tried to understand.
he's fed, fat, and happy.
i'm plotting the perfect moment for my revenge.
the cold air nuzzles my neck and chokes on my cigarette.
i'm riding his hot air to the clouds and sliding down to hell on his icy cold stare.
there's love's embrace and fear's kisses all jumbled up inside my memories of him.

did you get to keep her as your one shining light of happiness?
she thinks you are in love with her, but we both know that's not true.
lonliness stalks you at every lie you tell her.
she's not going to buy your delays forever.
she's the type of woman that marries and your the type of man that worries she wants to marry you.
i'm chasing down karma and pointing him to your door.
stack the deck any way you want.
truth has a way of coming out.
it's worth the wait to watch your life fall apart.

did i set this up so i always lose the only thing i want?
maybe i'm wired to be misery's bitch, but i stopped lying.
you never break character with her or I.
how long can you keep pretending to be the man she wants you to be?
no wonder you're always sleeping.
all the acting must be exhausting!
i'd beat some sense into you if i thought you knew how to feel.
i've had my breakdown.
i wonder how long before yours comes around.
i dreamed about you lying with me instead of her.
i don't know if it was nightmare, but it scared me.
you scare me!

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Awesome piece!

proof that pain is a tool. Really enjoyed this piece.Thanks for sharing. Sincerely Melissa Lundeen