Eyes of a dead man

I gazed into the eyes of a man.
They were deep and dark, an empty and cold place.
There was no fear nor hate.
I looked into the eyes of a man and they were as empty as the cold night sky.
His freedom drained long ago.
Today I looked into the eyes of a dead man and seen that immortality is a dream.
Death is nothing more than the end so it is time for you to begin.

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Note of Love to You

You want a love poem...
You want me to write about my love for you?
Write about your soft lips
Write about your beautiful eyes

and give appraisal to your warmth and beauty within

Well i can give you this...

You take my breath away every time you look my way,
You make me weak at the knees just knowing you're close by,
I start to shake and ache for your smile and for your touch just by thinking about you.
I love you
Those gorgeous eyes make me melt
Those soft lips, leave burning trails behind
Those rough hands hold me down
and your tender words of love make me fall even more for you

This feeling is so deep that it scares me to think of a day when your not there
This love is so strong that these words are not enough to describe this need and want you to bring to my heart
Your arms wrapped around me, and take me away to a never ending ever after
Your breath on my neck, your soft kisses, and that stare
have me smiling like a fool forgetting time and the world around us

I want to hold on to you and just kiss you all over,
I want to stay up all night and play video games till the break of dawn,
I want to fall asleep in your arms, and when we are apart i want to fall asleep to your voice over the phone,
I want the now and the future knowing you will be mine
I want our long talks about family, school, careers, and everything in between.
I want to be the one that scratches your back and massages your scalp to make you fall asleep
I want to be the one you go to when you have bad days, i want to be there for you always.
I want movie nights, lazy sundays, and host dinners with friends at our place
I want my dreams to entwine with yours and make one life out of us.

You make me smile with a look,
You make me relax with a touch,
You make me cry out of laughter,
You make me feel safe with a hug,
You get me warm with a smile,
You get me high out of life,
And drunk out of your love.

So this is my Note of Love to You
truly always yours,

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Boundless Beauty

Love Poems

With its glimmer, the essence of your eyes reveals the tales of untold passion and unbound love
With its sway, the grace of such alluring hair casts upon the world the auras of infinite light and emotion
With your smile, all sources of pounding pain are erased with an embrace daring to all forms of darkness
With your approach, the beats of my heart rhythmically resonate with the natural tendency of the universe

With your touch, a cleansing so magical redeems the worn fractions of my form with a hope shining as bright as the wildest of stars, offering vivid glimpses into the vistas of unreal heavens
With your presence, the pace of the world’s unwanted commotion fades into the threads of nothingness, and the potency of your being illuminates my world with the rays of inspiration

The sweetness of your voice kindles the fires of my lost vitality, and reincarnates the spires of my soul with the flames of life and the tears of joy
The whims of sparkles emanating throughout the endless plains stretching throughout the infinite scope of your wondrously precious eyes, enlightens me with all the beauty the exists in heaven, and in hell

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Transcendence of Love

Love Poems

The ultimate freedom the tingles of your gestures offer bless me with a subliminally sanctioned transformation
The celestially stimulated contact with your being unleashes a fire unfettered even by the sowed roots of superstition
The sparkling symphonies which mingle harmoniously throughout the insightful plains of your eye’s instigation
Illuminates with potent ability the sources of my skeptical form, torching the flames of genuinely generous inspiration

The swaying of your boundless aura of profound beauty engulfs the miseries of the world with the spires of artistically embellished inclination
Filling the hollow pits of perpetuating idleness with the dynamic flowing of resonating intuition
Enriching the destined damnations of my split soul with a bridge built merely of lov’e constitution
Embracing the long lost stagnated scars of the past not with easy effort recalled, but with the streaming by which its resurfacing leads to reincarnation

The paramount pains of the universally practiced acts which be performed on the superficial grounds of an inhibiting stage
Ultimately prevents the binding of our lost fates, by which the whims of our capriciously wondrous love may fluently flourish
Placing obstacles above the ones naturally set, whose physical laws impede our eternal escape from the flaws of this perfect world, before time comes of us age
A flee which corresponds to the timeless cries of those who craved true transcendence, by which an authentic love be nourished

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Lovers flight

Lets go out tonight
maybe catch a flight
I know the perfect place to go
dimmed lights are no problem so
the sprinkled dust from the night before
makes a whores bossoms glow
so all past loves are let go

now our hearts are sure to go
and all attachments should be cut before
they skipped the flight so your good to go
with your arms around me
and my eyes in yours
feels so hard to just let go

the clouds drift apart so this love flows
and the storms formed before

were to make our pastures grow
you plant your seed
and ill nurture it for
as long as it take so you can know
that you have never been on this flight before
this figurative plane can never land
this is love at it's best
but if you missed it by a glance
its ok beacuse most never understand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Loving a person fully never means settling for less

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At Least One

At least one of us gets to be happy I guess
One of us always seems to get happiness
That’s not the problem I have here
The problem I have is this ever growing fear
That the one who gets happiness will never be me
Once second we re in love the next you’re taken away from me
Found happiness with someone else
And I m left alone
Like a used rag doll on the shelf
They say everyone supposed to find someone
I guess this time it was your turn
And again my heart comes undone
I am just sitting here hoping that after a while
Of all this pain that comes
With trial after trial
That my heart will be torn to the point
That I cant put it back together again
Then I ll never have to deal with the pain within
I won’t blame you I can’t blame you
But I do feel like a fool
For thinkin I could ever satisfy you
Cuz it always seems like being my best
Is never enough to impress
Anyone anywhere anyhow
Why I even try anymore I just don’t know
For all this pain I got nothing to show
I m sure you don’t wanna hear this now
I ll make sure you never will
Wont take away from what you have now
Just gotta express this for myself
For the sake of my sanity
I just wish you and me could be
but it cant be
cuz I couldn’t make you happy
guess it means I don’t deserve happiness
cuz this time it was at least one
at least one
that can be loved
at least one that finds love
at least one
that can be free
at least one
that can be happy
I m just sayin that its to bad
That the one can never be me

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How life will be <3

I guess the more I try to find answers..
more questions are still left.. If only i can forget....

Oh how I wish letting go could be easy....
Almost like using an eraser of negative feelings.
oh how easy peasy.

Someone new is headed my way...
And I know he will make my day.....

I hope Im okay...
if things dont go my way.....

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Subject of Embracing

I am reaching for a potency
to ease the restlessness in me
and in doing so I ought to be
aware of my dichotomy.

The half of pent-up energy
has odds with all anatomy,
and shouts about its time to seek
a solace from this shell of weeds.

The other watches mildly,
all blinking eyes and ill-at-ease -
its mind abuzz with things-to-be;
expression drifting vacantly.

Whoever would encounter these
halves a-whole in some degree
may go away or stay to see
what concludes of he-complete.

Depending on their urgency,
they may feel love or some discreet
wash of feeling in shades of pink
that draw them close in coming weeks.

And all that's left is lunacy,
and complex need for subtlety;
all the while we hit the sheets
and do something about our needs.


I could not stop
The rhythm of my heart
I could not stop
that big grin in my mouth.

My mind blows me away
For this just came to me
I never thought it will come
I haven’t begged this from someone.

Happiness……you’re so unpredictable
You never warned me, never at all.
I haven’t seen you for so long
I haven’t felt you this strong

I just found it in front of me
No effort, no bad energy
Just found it one day
It came to me so easy.

You came with spontaneity
So I hope you stay with me
And linger a little more
So I can still savour that deprived pleasure.

Happiness….. you may come and go
And no matter what you do
You will forever get stuck
In the memories of my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Felt so low for aso long after unemployed for a year but I tried to stand up and try to be happy with all the blessings.

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