The Key

The worst guards are ourselves
We sit on the shelf waiting for someone else
Not realizing we are waiting for a visit
In self-made prison cells
We must leave
We must break
The grip of fear is yes; sometimes great
But Love is a real power we don't yet understand
Able to move mountains
Able to turn acid rain to soft sand
We are all the Universe
How can it be another way?
How can something become something seperated from everything?

Humanity must listen
It must awake
This system controlled by the few
Brings dis-harmony death and pain
Without it, we would laugh, love and play
In unison with eachother
Including our planetary mother
She's alive
She's aware, she sees
This is a dream
It is not real
We think it is
But it is just a veil

The cell has broken
Secrets running rampant
No longer quietly spoken
Knees no longer in the sand
Fist swollen with teared eyes open
Love is with all of us
So why dont we hold it?
Why don't we dance and be joyous and happy to show it?
Because that is true power
And these bastards know it
But it is not just them
They are victims themselves
Hurt and pushed around
Just as much as anyone else

People ask how can we be free?
Isn't it obvious or is it really just me?
It can only be attained by happiness and peace
Anything is possible
No if, ands, or buts in between
Love is the key
And we, I passionetly believe
Will be the generations that will set this planet and ourselves free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We will be, the generations that will set this planet free. I will always passionetly believe.

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h9515's picture

Wow that is awesome and I

Wow that is awesome and I totally agree. What a great eye opening write!! Thank you so much sharing!! Don't ever stop!

alecope's picture

Thank-you for reading and

Thank-you for reading and your positive feedback! I will continue!

allets's picture

I Will

...continue to look for your next offering, sooooo positive and sooooo YES - A