You Were Never the Victim

Wow, this is the best poetry book in the world.

I love how deep it is.

That one poem is so funny my heart skipped a beat.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages.

And the most amazing part is,

It sucked.

A lot.


Who were you expecting, a white knight?

I’ve heard these jokes before in checkout lanes.

And the customers in front of me never knew you existed.


I’m not that pretentious.

But you are.


I do not have double standards.

But you do.


Someone whose castle is built on mediocrity can’t scare me into hiding.

But someone else might be.


The moat is heavily guarded by trolls that can ruin their lives

If they refuse to walk on eggshells around you.


I keep pointing out your flaws

But you never even see them.

Instead, you fired a bomb into the crowd

And ecstatically handed the cannon to me.


You impersonate a traumatized child so onlookers would feel bad for you

And point their fingers at me at the drop of the hat,

Leaving me with nothing else to say in my defense.

I’m beginning to believe you love the drama more than you love your craft.

You’ve thrown burnt bridges in the wind today and I’m off to the pen,

But I’ll let you have your fun for now.


I have stowed away in the back of the truck to escape my sentence,

But I’ve come back to fight you with a rocket.


I’ve been ready for perfect storms since my old flame tried to kill himself.

And pinned the blame on me because he wanted me all to himself.

I have nothing to lose if you play the “defenseless child” act again.


You may have been one locked in a tower once upon a time.

But you grew up to be a dragon and imprisoned someone else.

It’s not my fault that you made yourself look worse.

It’s yours.

You can stop lying to me now.

I know you were never the victim.

Cut Short

I gave you hell in the morning time,

You gave me hell in the evening,

And everytime we were around each other, you never seen me,

You jumped ship, and you made it look easy,

Unloyal, your so spoiled, and so full of yourself,

When I talked to you about your potential,

Accusations of me never having a picture frame,

With your name and my name under a photo of our first dance, became influential as you convinced yourself I was never really down with you,

Like I wasn't spending all this time with you,

Sharing everything that was on my mind with you,

When you looked into the future, you saw me kissing on another woman,

You blame me for a future that I didn't know of and never wanted,

When nothing is set in stone, and constantly the future is always changing, 

You snatched that picture away, the names and the frame,

Now I'm having dreams of *** moaning my name,

Your future has become my reality,

Yes now im everything you thought I'd be,

Having nasty thoughts about her before I sleep,

I'm messaging you while thinking of where I could be,

Being held by a retired marine,

Feeling, and stealing little moments, little things,

I'm a bad girl, I won't blame you for that,

I'm a sucker for woman well traveled, a nice uniform and a certain type of sensualness,

Remember when you jumped ship?

Your own foresight back with a vengeance,

So don't hit me up saying your vision is now clear and you realize what you've been missing,

Your vision was clear when you accused me of wanting a future without you in it,

Funny how life works,

Even when things are sunny…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you.

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My Soul Has Been Damned

I put my hands around my wife's throat and I squeezed.

What disturbs me is that when she died, I was pleased.

When it came to having morals, I used to believe that I had some.

But every time I look in the mirror, I'm horrified to see what I've become.

My wife was so mean and she loved to provoke.

Life became intolerable every time she spoke.

She told me over and over how ugly and stupid that I am.

I snapped and killed her and now my soul has been Damned.

I want to go to the Cops but they would lock me up for life, I would never again be free.

But that's only if I would get lucky, it's more likely that I would receive the death penalty.

When it came to my problems, she was the source.

If I hadn't snapped, I might have considered divorce.

As each day passed, that witch became even colder.

I'll spend the rest of my days looking over my shoulder.

She was a horrible Human Being and she loved to annoy me.

I'll never stop fearing that the Cops are closing in and that will eventually destroy me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Happy Birthday on June 2nd (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)


                                 Happy Birthday on June 2nd


Happy Birthday!


Some escape some door to open


And today is your first day where you left my heart completely broken


I’m sitting here peering out the window thinking what was it all for


Every noise I hear, I think you are at the front door.


Happy Birthday my ex-love!


The way you treated me I truly didn’t deserve.


While I feel tortured you seem to remain completely unnerved


And while you’re in bliss and enjoying the revelry


My mind is stuck in the past, enjoying the reverie


Pleasure came easy to me but it was harder to please you


Sex was all too familiar to you when you had nothing else to do


But you will soon have to walk back over this same bridge again


Until that day, happy birthday on June 2nd


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Speech can be a masterpiece of artistic creation,

Elegant calligraphy, decorated with the odd heart-flutter flourish,

Fingers working, dancing, pounding on ivory keys, 

The smoke from a handsome mouth drifting through mahogany halls

As though from a fired gun. Dust settling after an earthquake. 


I cast myself in my plays, 

Too immersed to retract from the action, 

Too selfish to watch another fertilise the seeds, 

Too inflated to see my words applauded to another, 

"That's the theatre!" "That's life!"


People care little for Mona herself, 

Only for her master, his talent unbound. 

We praise not sunflowers, but their gardener insane. 

Shakespeare was lucky, the devil of devices, 

But the new world has eyes, not ears. Not brains!


I cannot see the target but for dazzling light, 

Heat and heart working furiously to fuel those pretty-penned words, 

I'm dashing or thrashing, whichever is box-office smashing, 

The multi-skilled wonder man of paper-in-hand, 

I love the stage and I love my plays, 

In most, I play the devil.

Dove Love

I will climb up your mountain and wait…for your arrival.

As I see your cloud approaching I will greet you with a smile.

The oceans will rise, to meet with your feet.

Your integrity and beauty can easily be seen.

And you offer your hand…and I accept,

With no hesitation…no I’m not fakin’...

My legs won’t stop shakin’!

We’ll light the sky on fire.

And we’ll ride every shooting star.

As the sun melts, fire begins to crash.

But no worries! No worries!!





. . .

Love will leave us blind.

But these doves will keep on dancing, on the sands of time.

Love will leave us blind.

But these doves will keep on singing, through the test of time…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

- Garrett Ash     https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=528793460520577&set=vb.379983085401616&type=2&theater        <---HERE IS ME PERFORMING THE SONG. SINGING AND PLAYING THE ORIGINAL SCORE OF MINE...Enjoy! ;)

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When You Look at me, What do you see?


When you look at me, What do you see?
When you look at me, what do you see?
newborn child who is already to be born into this new century!


When you look at me, what do you see?
A young teen, who is as beautiful as she!


When you look at, what do you see?
Tall black women, who is almighty!


Now tell me, when you look at me, what do you see?


Let me leave you with something, so that your mind can open up and


When you look at me, this nice young lady...
All you will see, is the real me who I want to be!


Now tell,
When you look at me, what do you see?


Family Portraits Only Capture Lies.


Lately Mom's been drinking

while laid up in her bed.

And dad looks overwhelmed

Like this is all over his head.

My brother keeps on stealing

and the little one is starting to follow.

Am I the only sane one?

With the chance of reaching tomorrow.


Sometimes I want to abandon them,

even though I know thats wrong.

But I can't keep dealing with this,

Its already been too long.

It doesn't even seem like we love each other

More like a resentful toleration.

And now I'm dipping into Momma's liqour supply

but only in moderation.


We used to seem pretty happy and normal

as we posed for a family photo.

Taken back before we started hitting rock bottom

that's back where I want to go.

Now Daddy's talking about he's leaving

and momma doesn't seem to care.

I wish I knew were he was going and so does he,

he'll figure it out when he gets there.


Sometimes I feel as though I can't hold them together

as if they're slipping between my fingertips.

Not caring that they are making us all cry

and ignoring the pleas from my lips.

Sometimes I wish I was so much stronger

So I could force them to stay.

But even I'm starting to realize that

This isn't where they want to be at the end of the day.


They're always fight about money

Constantly saying that we never have enough.

But even then family should stick together

When the road and life get tough.

People are always complimenting how we look happy

in pictures, imagine my surprise.

But I guess that they don't know

That Family Portraits Only Capture Lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem Inspired by a song.



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Daddy Dearest please don't go


 Daddy Dearest please don't go,

I need you here with me.

Though you don't seem to think so.

Without you it's worse, can't you see?

We may not be the perfect kids,

or even the happiest family.

But as long as you stay with us,

the happier we can be.


We need you to keep us together

because you are like our glue

This family will keep on falling apart

If we don't have you.

You may think you aren't important.

But you are, believe me I know.

And we need you to keep us sane.

So Daddy Dearest please don't go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal crap -_-

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