If I Could Talk

If I Could Talk:  I?m lost, please help me find my way home.  This place is where I call my own.  I?m loved by this family who raised me, for they never failed to praise me.  They love me, they taught me & they prayed for me.  Please find me.  I know I?m lovable, playful, & wonderful.   But don?t take me in as your own.  For I have a place to go where I call home. -----signed Minnie?s caretaker-----

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey this poem, my mom made, I hope u like it, when i heard it i still cry!  It is hard not too, I do miss Minnie, but I'm over it, but if u read it would, will cry too, thanks for reading!!

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The Letter

Ugonna Wachuku  


To fill empty hours of my despair and positivity; to occupy 

these fleeing hours that seem to have no meaning; just to

find fulfilling reality to the pain I face, let me write you this

letter; hoping that my intention would be well understood;

believing that whatever I feel for this being on the path to

love and life would be made known when the next new

moon brightens our calm sky; in order to bring hope,

inspiration and smiles to the bleeding soul of each

humankind who fatally face persecution and 

fundamental human rights violation.  

May we have good governance, servant leadership, love, 

human rights, peace, security, abiding electricity, healthcare, 

education, economic viability, prosperity, durable roads, 

functional public transportation, national pride, global 

respect, accountability and sustainable development for 

our enduring, protesting plus "suffering and smiling" 


This is a mind journey in the being and soul that I am. 

In my native Igbo language, we call it: ak na uche; 

meaning common sense and good thought. Let me, 

in this poetic letter, take the mantle of good thought 

and common sense into that unfathomable realm of 

the human mind and essence in motion. This is the 

realization of all that makes us human. Whether 

we are humane is another matter.


Let me, therefore, write this letter to you; believing 

that the meaning of all I desire and cherish for the 

survival and oneness of humanity would be seen in 

that same spirit of peace, love, creativity, innovation, 

sustainability, inspiration and solidarity amongst 

humankind. May we see, hear and understand. 

May we be. 


The Letter:




Many days ago, I left home.   
You were not there; but I had
to take you with me in order to
find meaning to the new person I
would be through creativity 

and innovation. 


You were not there. So, I resolved
not to leave you behind shadows and
dark clouds. Many streams flowed in
my heart. I was so lonely. Yet not
alone. I was on my way to this new
life, hope and beginning. Yet, I
knew brooks in your thought. Those
brooks embraced and watered my effort
to find that nature of life in an
environment so peaceful yet painful.


My faith was strong. I had every
firm belief that I would make it.
You gave your blessing and love
even before I asked. Did you not
tell me what to wear? Did you not
affirm that my faith will surely
see me through in that ever 

present Sea Walker's

unfailing love and care?


When you walked away, a windy, 
calm, refreshing breeze from you
embraced my being. I felt angelic
hands on my head and shoulders.
Thoughts of you followed me to the
end of blue, midnight clouds and
skies. I was breathless. I hoped to
see earth's coming new day.


In my dreams; in my thoghts:- those
thoughts you posses, I saw your face
that blue, cloudless night. I saw 

inspiring hand of beauty and dignity

which you placed on my life. I waited

to embrace your new rainbow. Then,  

waited on the beach of your love

and solidarity to ponder and dream
good, new dreams for you and for
me, for humankind in need and pain.


I write to you today, in my pain;
in my despair; in my uwavering 

hope; in my uplifting joy, in my

loneliness and calm uncertainty; 
just to let you know that love will
always conquer; even when its not
given or given but not accepted. 


You mean hope itself to me.
You mean loving thought and
the will to survive to my
being. You are life. You are
love so brilliant. And this

loving brilliance I must follow

in order to remain human with
humaneness; for us and for

our enduring, protesting plus

"suffering and smiling" people;

because through this devastating

pain, meaningful freedom, sustainable

liberation and hopeful reality must 

emerge to plant our inspiring people

on flourishing "green pastures"

of this blessed land.   

With love and every beautiful wish:


Ugonna Wachuku   


The cloud

the sky filled

with images

filled with dreams use your imangnation

i see a duck,plane

i see an elephant or is it an advark what do you see

in your eyes it is all different make a picture of the image or dream all together just be happy for livin in a world where you can enjoy all of these things

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can you plz sign my guest book

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Here are Your Roses

Ugonna Wachuku   


I am back to you again.
I am here once again to
let you know my thoughts:


On moonlit roads to home
and yesterday, you walk
to the beat of my heart.
And I too walk to the
beat of your humane


On lush landscapes of new
love and hopeful life, you
plant rainbow colours on
clouds of my being.


Tomorrow, when soaring
eagles meet us on the
mountain top, you shall
lovingly ask me:


"Where are my roses?";
and I will gladly say:
Here are your roses,


Here are your roses 

~ Critiques/Comments ~    


Valerie Jochum

Ugonna, you have such a unique way of writing.  Your expression will lead anyone who reads it to believe, it was written just for them.  So lovely!  


Renee' Quinn

such wonderfully colorful words....  my favorite line would have to be...  clouds of my being.....  that is a fantastic line.....  


Farah D

I had to read this after your comments re- my poem and the link you left! and I am stunned! this poem is the "other side" of mine! beautifully and expressively written!! Thank you so much for the link you left! or I might have never discovered this wonderful piece of writing!  


Teresa jacobs

I love the line, "On moonlit roads to home and yesterday, you walk to the beat of my heart", ahhh, so romantic. Once again you have managed to gather my feelings and captivate them with your wonderful style of writing. I am so intriuged by your words and savor eveything about them. The stories they reveal give meaning to life and the essence of your soul. Thank you for sharing. 


Deborah Russell

There is great human compassion expressed here. Anyone could be "beautiful one" and that leaves me to visualize this window to world of love in purist concept. Great writing. 


Myra Lochner

Ugonna, Giver of Roses ...  Here is a rose for you too:  HAIKU  fragrance of the soul painted in purple and pink stemmed on Life's green  Myra Sun  


Rosemary Basil

Ugonna, your poems are pure light words dancing in a dark world. Thank you for sharing and for signing at my site!  


2002-03-06 21:13:59


Misty Lackey

here are your roses beautiful one, what more would any woman want to hear but these words from a guy. wow, you sure have words to melt a heart and send it into passion. 

2002-04-23 16:29:48



dear uggona  

beautiful words as always 

2002-05-11 07:47:16


Judy Costea




You make the reader feel as though they are the one in the poem. I love the way you bring my heart and mind into your poetry, as though i could be on this path and journey enjoying life and love with you. You have such a beautiful way of expressing all that is around you and making me see it all so colorful and close to the heart. 

You are truly a man of many talents. 

Thank you for giving your beautiful gift of poetry to us all.   



2003-01-24 09:59:41


Lesa Gay 


Thank you for the roses Ugonna! 


As many that have already commentd on this, I too agree that your work always draws me

into it as if you were writing directly to my soul. It is always such a pleasure to visit your site.

I am sorry the hour is so late or I would stay longer. 


I will be back soon to read more of the person that is you. 


My love, 


2003-02-04 03:33:22 


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Pushing You Away?

There are days that I feel helpless like I'm left with out a clue

There I days that I feel needed, left with thoughts of you.

There are days when I feel so lost and confused.

I feels days like that theres far to much to lose.

I want to pull you close but your to far to touch

When I don't hear your voice I miss you so much.

I can't have you beside me, something I need to realize

I pray to myself, you wont hear my lonely cries.

I want you, I need you, each day your away from me,

It grows stronger, tell me will we ever be?

Did i push you away with my feelings when making them known?

Are all my oppertunities nothing but blown?

Oh I long for your silent tongue a whisper in my ear

Will it be the answer I long for or the one that sheds a tear?

Do you say the things you do  because you  really feel?

Or because my innocence you think you can steal?

I think your words are all true

But I think of my past, and it makes me blue

I'm trying to let go of the past I left behind

I'm trying to move on, but the pasts darkness are making my feelings hard to find.

I don't know how to tell you the things I feel inside

I cant get the words out, yet I have nothing to hide.

If I've pushed you away, know I didn't mean to

But know this, the words I said,were only to you.

Not just some guy that seemed to pass me by.

They were to you,why would I lie?

Just let me know  how you feel,

So that my wounds inside will have the chance to heal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soemtimes the words we say can totally screw  you in the end.

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Bring in Sheaves

Ugonna Wachuku  


With love for the earth's rural poor in unwavering support of the crucially essential mission and work of CIAT: International Center for Tropical Agriculture: Science to Cultivate Change: and FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: + IFAD: International Fund for Agricultural Development: 


Through blue, cloudless skies,


I see rainbows and stars drawing


glorious patterns and planting


flowers with nature's sweet scent.



Beautiful hearts and loving souls


gather to tell the story of the


rain. The rainbow is there to tell


this love story from heaven. The


farm will bloom forever with 


fertile rain from these clouds


in celebration of the world's 


rural poor and those of us 


living in hunger-striken 


shadows of life and wounded


hope bleeding.



Inspiring smell from earth's soil


meet me on this journey to


welcoming farmlands of home.


I see grandma's handsome hand


sowing seeds for new life.


I warmly view mummy's caring


hand cultivating corn seeds, cassava


and yam tubers for our earth's


rural poor. With gladness, I 


remember CIAT's, IFAD's and FAO's 


crucial mission and work throughtout our 


yearning world of poverty and hunger!



I see heavenly hearts beating for


the new harvest when these seeds


come to life with my love for


these poor of the earth; these


rural hearts of beauty longing


for healthy abundance and fertile


renewal of their earth's barreness.



For these beloved rural poor, CIAT's, 


IFAD's and FAO's bounties abound. 


Grandma's seeds are sown. Mummy's 


handsome harvest is real. And through 


the loving lushness of my weeping 


heart on green pastures, and fruitful 


meadow sea shores, joyful, refreshing 


rain is given from heaven's heart to 


our tearful earth's rural poor made 


whole in heaven's unfathomable 


abundance forever.



There is a glad song echoing


throughout the galaxy; far beyond


the simple skies we know. This harvest


will renew humanity. This coming harvest


will teach us love and brotherhood. This


harvest will be a new beginning if we


wish it deep down CIAT's, IFAD's 


and FAO's systems; deep down 


humanity's heart of cultivated love 


and sustainable survival on rural 


landscapes and agricultural lands 


waiting to be made fertile and 


humbly rich for the good of our 


enchanting earth's rural poor.



For these beloved rural poor of our cute,


yearning earth, CIAT's, IFAD's and 


FAO's bounties, experience and 


knowledge of poverty eradication 


and science of cultivation are made 


available with care and unwavering 


love embodied in humaneness:



Then, humkind, CIAT, IFAD, FAO, 


grandma, mummy, me, let us go forth 


and bring in the sheaves for our 


beautiful earth's beloved rural poor. 


We must go now: 



As we bring in sheaves, let us share this 

new breath of love and oneness. Bring


in sheaves. Bring in soothing sheaves.


Let us breath from that calm, refreshing wind


of this fertile love, for the earth's beautiful,


rural poor: Love made real and meaningful in


CIAT's, IFAD's and FAO's committed mission 


and crucially essential work of enabling our 


world's rural poor overcome their poverty 


and nutritional deficiency!



This is the welcoming message I leave


with all women and men of goodwill and


love this new day in unwavering support


and cherishment of CIAT, IFAD's and FAO's 


highly essential mission across the world.



Come! Beloved Humankind:  


Join CIAT's  mission now, this day! 


Join IFAD's mission this new day! 


Join FAO's mission this new dawn! 


Let our earth's rural poor overcome


their poverty. Let their "levels


of nutrition and standards of


living" rise with improved 


"agricultural productivity" 


and nourishing "science to 


cultivate" abundantly! 



Together, as 
















let us










for our
















































Bring in Sheaves 

~ Critiques/Comments ~    


Lesa Gay

I was raised on a little farm in Iowa.  I know well the smell of freshly turned earth, the busy time of harvest, and the prayers to the Lord for a bountiful harvest.  Thanks for bringing to mind a picture of my childhood.  ~Lesa~ 



2002-04-04 15:39:45

Linda M. Medeiros 




As usual, you have outdone yourself. Each of your poems pour out with love, compassion, truth and with your heart's spirit, your words impress deeply into my soul. There are many poor and hungry and if they could use their soil would plant and grow for themselves, but, those of them that destroy and ruin, prevent this. Yes, let all who can share a kernal or morsal do. Let us help each other so that no one starves by the hands of evil. Thank you for sharing. Linda



2002-04-08 14:43:57

Helen Schmidt 




What fervent words pour from your bountiful heart.  This wonderful piece reflects your caring concern and unending hope for the betterment of those less fortunate than you.  I certainly enjoy reading your humanitarian poems, Ugonna; they are wonderful.  




2002-04-08 16:15:24

Mona Omar

dear ugonna a beautiful  poem  full of compassion  planting more seeds of love :)



2002-04-09 02:33:55

Keith Neal


Another piece that allowed the reader to 

gain visual experience with your words. 


The line where you described your mother's 

"handsome" hands is a characteristic I've  

seldomly heard having reference to a woman. 


Another eloquent piece from you! 





2002-04-09 03:46:50

Amy Riberdy

These are such strong words, pouring out with the heart's compassion that is so much a part of the many beautiful poems that you produce. 


To take the seed & plant it in the hopes that it will produce the bounty necessary to feed the hungry of the world, is feeling the greatest joy in the many miracles of God.  


To imagine that one simple tiny seed can feed so many. And the action of a mother's hand sowing these seeds with tender loving care brings hope to the hearts of all wish for a better tomorrow. 


This piece says this & more.... 


Well done 





2002-04-10 13:30:02

Douglas Lazard

I will check out IFAD... What a wonderful poem expressing your heartfelt desire for the betterment of mankind! And yes, we must do it through the healing and caring management of dear mother earth!  Like you I can't wait for that better day of love and brotherhood1 


Well done my friend! 

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~ 



2002-04-11 06:43:43

Mary Charest

Hi Ugonna, 

Your humanitarian poems really touch me.  I join with you in hope that we can feed the poor and change the world with unwavering love.  This is my constant prayer. 





2002-04-11 16:13:55

Myra Lochner 


Dear Ugonna ... 


Let me try again to post this comment ... it is also on your guest book ... 


I love the visual impact of this poem, imitating a pregnant sheaf, ready for the reap.  The beautiful imagery as well as the implicit message of hope and expectation is a typical Uggona style, reflecting a tender heart.  I also love the way in which you reach back to you roots ...  


Thank you for inviting me here again.  It is always a pleasure to read your work.  


May God bless you and keep you.  




Ps. Ah! The Internet is surrendering to tender touch ... LOL ... here goes ...  



2002-04-12 09:30:33

Donna Allard

email hidden

Well Ugonna.. tis a prayer we should all sing, tis a seed we should all plant, tis a hope that should dewll within all souls, on this earth and beyond, the rainbow.  


Just a thought :) Donna



2002-04-12 23:19:50

Farah D

Its amazing how much inspiration you bring out with your words..Ugonna. I found this poem powerful and beautiful and at the same touching and sad. All I can say is your words.



2002-04-14 13:27:24

Lorraine Reutter

Dear Ugonna, once again the your humane compassionate heart is echoed in the walls of this beautiful poem...thankyou once again for sharing ..I will be sure to check out IFAD...Respectfully ...Lorraine



2002-04-15 10:54:24

Ann-Marie Williamson

well done. Beautifully written and beautifully layed out.  

If only more people could look at things in the same way. 

Keep up the good work.



2002-04-15 12:27:09

Tim / manatee Marshall

hi,this gets an A+ from me,keep up the good work



2002-04-15 13:57:22

Jessica (Cook) Edwards

Thank you for including me in your list of friends.  You write so eloquently of the things you love and I can see clearly that you love your work with the poor.  God bless you and yours and know that you remain in my prayers. 




2002-04-15 20:19:31

Betty Hattersley

Ugonna what a beautiful poem.  So many times I wonder why harvests are poor in the places that need the food.  Yet many others waste or destroy so much.  To see children happy and smiling is a wonderful sight.  These poor people don't ask for much, are always proud and work so hard.  Your words are so deep and true...thank you for being a friend's an honour to know you.



2002-04-17 13:30:59

Adele Smith

This is an insparational poem. Can't wait to read more



2002-04-19 14:30:03

Misty Lackey

Well Written with good style! 

I really am happy now that I have read all of your nice comments on my poetry. you are quiet a talent yourself, 

keep it up, and stay sweet :-)



2002-04-19 22:37:14


This poem shows that we cannot do things solely on our own and for our own good alone.  Either we are aware of it or not, we need God, men, goodwill and a cooperative nature to provide sun, rain, a good soil in a symphony of love and life. 


You have been able to bridge a faceless organisation with real life, a woman sowing seeds, far away in Africa but this could be anywhere in the world where there are the rural poor. 



2002-05-09 13:08:34

Karyn Indursky

It's shocking how much love pours from you into all of your work. You really know to deliver not only the scenery, but the tranquil, loving feelings. Then, you even go on to dedicate this and list the links. It's just amazingly beautiful and respectable.


2003-05-02 11:48:50 


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Make it Alright

Ugonna Wachuku  


Now that the drums are silent;
now that the stars are shinning;
now that my love breathes with
new freshness from the waterfall;   


now that your searching soul has
risen so high to kiss the ripe
lips of my being; now that the
birds are singing you a soothing
song; now that life has planted
sweet smelling roses in the
garden of your soul; now that
the nightingale is whispering
your name to heaven's love;  


now that your beauty has brought
brilliant bounties to my being;
now that your love will outlive
the monuments of stone; now that
you will take me to that glorious
garden in the land of your birth:   


darling, beauty from heaven,
beauty of the caring soul,
just make it alright.
Make it alright for you and
for me.


Make it alright for humanity.

Make it alright till our love
builds this dying world anew.  

Let flowers, trees, forests,
streams and oceans bloom.
Make it alright for you and
for me.


Make it

alright for



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they’ve cut your branches

stripped all your leaves

the shade you gave, that too is gone

pitiless loggers look what you’ve done!

i stand here sorry, helpless it’s true

wish i could be part of you.

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Uplifting Sea Shores

Ugonna Wachuku  


For her whom I
heartily call
Valerie K. Jochum


Exciting pathways and wonderful
winds are here. Uplifting sea
shores of hope and beauty are
also here:


You are just here too with a
serenading smile seen beyond
lush landscapes and striking
stars. Yet this calmness is


Like a river bird on welcoming
streampaths of home and yesterday,
you follow the the beat from
heaven's waiting wind with ease.
Like blue dolphins on this pathway
to that blessed land in nature,
you lead those boats back to
shore with love unbound.


Now, on this moonlit night
of inspiration and oneness,
I await your homecoming at
that ancestral village square
where the bountiful soul in
you will be refreshed for that
love of humanity in the you that
you are. Surely, your uplifting
sea shores of hope and beauty
will be there. I too will be
there, yearning, with my lighted
bald eagle head and being.


Your heart will unfold with
new landscapes and gardens
from lost ages and hidden
treasures of the unfathomable.
But then, in the new meaning
that you bring to this village
square, I'll breath of enthralling
fountains and rising springs.


Yet, tonight, I await the coming
of new dawn with new meaning;
with strength; with that sweet
smelling flower you bring from
heaven's heart. I'll be there
indeed; so too will be mankind.
We will be there awaiting your
homecoming on moonlit pathways
and village squares:


When ancestral drumbeats finally
come to us with loving bounties
and saving smiles, we shall
remember that you are humbly
home, Valerie! 


Uplifting Sea Shores: 
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Valerie Jochum  

Dear Ugonna, With waterfalls, lanscapes, gardens and heavens waiting 
winds, your writing drew me captive as a prisoner never wanting parole
from our cell of friendship.  Knowing you for so long has been a great
blessing to my life.  At times we are distant but only due to life's
separate trails, never are we distant from each others thoughts.  As
you have surprised me with this loving dedication to our relationship,
you have my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to God for uniting us in
this way through our present journey called life.  I do hope one day
to meet you my dear friend.  Now, as I read this poem it moved thorugh
me as comfortably as the blood flowing through my own veins, then,
suddenly I read,..." I too will be there, yearning, with my lighted
bald eagle head and being."....Oh Ugonna!!  You tripped me up and I
laughed so hard!!!  All I could visualize was the light of the sun,
stars and moon reflecting in brillance off from your beautiful bald
head!  You always have a way to make me laugh!  You are an incredible
man Ugonna and I just adore you for your wit and sense of humor! God
blesses the goodness inside you Ugonna.  You are indeed still the only
Eagle I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  When I look to the skies
and over the mountain tops, observing an eagle in flight, I always
remember you and imagine you flying high over those Swiss Alps.  :)
Never will I forget you Ugonna and, you are ever still in my prayers
for your success in writing and, life in general. Love, Valerie Jochum
New York

Abritelite .
a beautiful description of a world we would all love. abritelite

Renee' Quinn
Valerie is such a beautiful spirit.... she is blessed to have an eagle
in her life.... for me and the native american way I believe.... each
animal, plant and stone has what we call medicine... and the ealges
medicine is the power of the Great Spirit.... the connection to the
Divine.  It is the ability to llive in the realm of spirit, and yet
remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.  Valerie has
so many wonderful spirits working in her life... she is very
blessed......  this was such a powerful piece.... she deserves
something this beautiful  

Iqbal A. Rashid
Marvellous dedication in the form of a very beautiful poem. Velerie, a
magical soul who has thoroughly enchanted me as well, rightly deserves

Dewey Davis
This poem calls me to a home I've never seen...It's a sweet image,
being welcomed in the village square like a long lost cousin. Your
village calls not only Valerie; there are millions of us who are far
from home. What beautiful things you write!   

Teresa Jacobs
Ugonna, you are beautiful... This poem is beautiful. Valerie is
blessed to have a friend as rare as a jewel. That is you! I am going
to read your beautiful words over and over again. You are a true
writer of feelings and your words linger in my mind leaving me with
their wonderful touch. Love Teresa

Valerie Jochum
Dear Ugonna, Much time has passed since I've been able to get here to
read your works.  You know, I love them all!  But pardon my arrogance
for saying this piece titled "Valerie!!" is my favorite!!!  mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmmm  :-) Happy New Year My Beloved Eagle.  ((((hugs))))

Douglas Lazard
Ugonna,  I see we have a mutual friend!  Valerie is a very special
person and a wonderful friend. She and I have done several
collaborations together. She has a heart of gold and I as you do, love
her dearly! this is such a wonderful tribute that you have written for
her. It's makes my heart soar, for there are few who deserve such a
heartfelt homage as she!!

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~
2002-03-01 11:22:35 

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