rundown....abandoned.....falling apart


foundation cracked......weary from neglect

feeling condemned

rainbows all vanished

pot of gold .......empty

darkness.....happiness obscured


just in time save me with a glance

a simply word.....mending damage

a smile.......fixing all that is broken

feeling alive!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Muse whispered in my ear !
what a deal!

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These Arms

These Arms

Sometimes its hard

When you've given it all

When you've done all you could

But yet feel only so tall

Here's something to remember

Something I want to make clear

You can run to me

These arms are here

And when you need them

They will open wide

And you can enter

Your own special place to hide

And I will enclose you in them

Therse arms

Your secret world

Will sheild you from harm

And no one will enter

Unless you want them too

They can't taunt from the outside

But the jeers will be blocked from you

And these arms are available anytime

I will always be standing here

Even if you need them for only seconds

Help you take away your fears

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Into Your Eyes

As I Gaze Into Your Eyes,

I See A World Of Pain.

I See The Hurt & All The Scars,

It's Burned Into My Brain.

When I Look Into Your Eyes,

I See The Love They Hold.

Your Joy & Your Compassion,

Is Flowing From The Fold.

Your Eyes Are Of The Nicest Green,

And Also Oh So Clear.

Like A Starry Summer Night,

I Love It When You're Near.

Your Eyes Hold Many Secrets,

But Some I Start To See.

I Know That You're Not Happy,

And This Bewilders Me.

For You Need So Much Better,

Than What In Life You've Got.

You're Headed Down That Road Again,

This Life For You Is Not.

Your Eyes They Show Your Sadness,

And This I Cannot Take.

For When I See You Crying,

You Know My Heart It Breaks.

I'd Like To Take You Far Away,

So You Can't Hear The Lies.

Somehow I Think You'd Like This Too,

As I Gaze Into Yor Eyes.

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A Selfish Prayer for Eternal Life



I lay me down to sleep


I pray you swear to me


That this lost soul will keep


For just one more morrow


The sun shine anew for


Then I will rise up to


To breathe in this world just


More time again and once


I will give praise to your


And love to you always


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a two - part poem - a message within a message.

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         Not to touch,

    The soft dew,

Of early morning,

Refreshing the soul,

    Of a news,


Conspicuous by its jar,

    The shock of the ill,

The loss of a dream.

Fall of one,

    Collision of two,

Long is the tick,

    Old be the new.

Call up a heart,

    Try not the tricked,

Slow but not dead,

    Bent but does quicken.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The toils and tumults of keeping the head above water in the 80's in Oz and the heart off the sleeve.

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Dumungaw Ka...

Poetry in Pilipino

ano bang nagtutulak sa

yo at nababaliw ka ng ganyan

wala naman akong

sinasabing maganda

at di rin ako nanghahasa

ng dila o dula ng buhay ko

sige magpakabulag ka

at dumungaw sa kawalan

tinuringang puta ang

tanong sa likod ng isip ko

hindi kumikibo ngunit

nagbabalak manakit

sino sa inyo ang

nagnanais matikman

ang luha kong dugo

lumapit ka at ng

mapasok mo ang lumbay

sa katauhan kong

walang humpay na

nananabik magsabog

ng kabutihan

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East of Liberty

Of all wonders I have seen,

    Would be the naked truth,

Of endless ranges of mountains green,

    Cleared for the profit of wood.

And lives lost of creatures large and small,

    And species that will not return,

I can only cry the simple call,

    When will we ever learn?

The progressive march of social life,

    Will ne’er let us be,

Free from the samsara’s strife,

    To give us liberty.

But a vision that fills the soul,

    Or a voice that wakes the dead,

Maybe the answer to behold,

    And to listen to what is said.

A mind may think and disagree,

    A river may be dammed,

But it is not so much to fly free,

    But where it is we land.

For the moksha of a troubled heart,

    And the dharma of our truth,

Be the breath that we simply start,

    And the death of endless proof.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have seen endless mountain ranges of thick forest; that was 20 years ago I hope we are not too late.

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my child everdearest

i wrote this letter

along with my hope to

patch your broken past

the past that i darkened

the past that my greed murdered

it was half of you life

im sorry

forgive me for choosing

a wrong path for you

for selling you out

forgive me for bashing you

wthout even getting

me provoked

forgive me for being your mother

fogive me for not being one

i want to tell you

how much i have suffered

regretting all the ill things

that i did to you

i admit

i treated you like dirt

like a worthless object

like nothing

oh how i miss your voice

the way you sang my songs

i miss the way you cared for me

being there when i was sick

being strong when i was weak

i miss them and you

despite the fact that i

ignored them before

i ignored them and you

my child everdearest

i am now hanging on

the shorter end of life

a testimony you proved

that time could heal

a testimony of my

own realization that

time could kill

i am old now and leaving soon

i have no more pride to encase me

would you let it too

for me to have

no more child to embrace me

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Before the Shower


The sudden stream of heated water spurts from the above

faucet and drenches me with the warm downpour

I initially begin to lather certain portions of my sweaten

body as the gusts of invigorating steam swirl about in an

effortless ballet

Remembering of the passion that was exchanged just before

the shower minutes ago

The gentle rush of steam reminding me of your breath,

trickling down my neck alerting tens of thousands of

excited pores in my skin

The lather slowly oozing down my back grants me to

recall of your fingers gliding, tickling my skin with a

lover's caress

And the water throbbing and pushing my body reminds me

of your body, your presence on top of mine shifting and

swaying with your arms and legs outstretched, wrapped

around mine

Climaxing in the grand finale with your body, our body

rejoicing in quenching ecstasy, together.

Suddenly, the door slides open.

It is you in naked beauty

You come to me

And your breath begins trickling down my neck...  

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