Remember My Words

Remember my words, Child,

they can do you a great deal in the future.

Without them you could lose yourself among the crowds,

Forget who you are and conform to what you don’t believe.

Yet hold them still to heart, no matter how strong you are,

For this is the best advice I can ever give.

Look up, be proud, and never lose sight of your goals.

Hold your parents up high in your life,

And carry your friends in your arms.

Try looking at the world at different angles,

Look for angels.

Above all, be passionate about all that you choose to do.

But please, please remember my words.

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Life In Black...

you are there

standing in the center

of their darkness

watching them while

theyre fast becoming

fragile pillars of

what you once thought

was your protective


it has become

unbearably punishing

but youre holding on

not letting go

not for yourself

but for you

and you know

now youre sheddding tears

for a while i thought

you were giving in to defeat

but then i saw you

saturate their

burning spirits with it

a desperate need to bring

back the years but

we both can see that

its all coming in vain

so they cheat

for desire kills

the arrival of

what is sane

and still

you are you

another effigy of

strength that ive found

determined to stay to fight

determined to live as a lesson

and be a candle that

touches lives lived

in the blackness of

the night...

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Not Forgotten

For those who lost their lives;

mothers, children, husbands and wives.

Daughters, sons, grandkids too.

We want you to know that we love you.

We honor you today, tomorrow and forever.

You will never be forgotten,

no, not ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

September 11, 2001 the day the world will never forget.

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I never learned

The lesson fine

I wouldn't share

Said I got mine

And I never tried

To be too kind

Said keep your pain

Cuz I got mine

I always said

Just toe the line

And get a job

Cuz I got mine

Now down and out

I ask for wine

They say "no, thanks"

I got mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What goes around comes around.

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The Day An Eagle Wept

The Day An Eagle Wept

Mother's kissed their children goodbye

Father's got ready to earn their families keep

the day began like any other .......the skies a vibrant blue

the day September 11, 2001 that's the day I first saw an eagle weep

hustling and bustling NYC .....a sleeping giant about to awake

subways full, streets brimming with people of every race

a rainbow of faces, some smiling, some deep in thought

however none bore a hint of what the morning would soon bring

darkness would soon descend on NYC .....and on freedom it self

steel death missiles from the sky rained down

direct hits a certain death sentence for so many

fury unleashed..... straight out of hell

heroic efforts plentiful......some truly gave ALL

frantic phone calls ......longing to touch someone ......goodbyes said

vivid memories of those leaping to death......hand in hand

nightmares filled with tortured screams

a faceless enemy......a coward the magnitude seldom seen

proud moments and painful memories

a wound upon all of mankind

tears are shed around the world

children cry for a Mother no longer

Father's overwhelmed... for their little princess is now asleep

husband's, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents....a raging river flows

and an eagle weeps

Author's Notes/Comments: 

: Good will defeat evil, I believe....and I
know it is LOVE that will stand the test
of time not HATE!

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The Good Fights No Fight

The world is in turmoil

War war war

Death to the infidel

More more more

My god’s better than your god

Like infants in a playground

But death only begets death

In vengeance they are bound

Break through

Think true

Only compassion brings light

There is no future to this fight

Know thine enemy,

there’s the key for thee

For it’s easy to kill

those we do not see

For truly knowing thy enemy

Can only bring compassion

After a fashion. …

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Stars Of Harvest, Virgo Pisces Axis, St Anthony Preached To Fishes

Z Random Poems



Each fruit has its appointed gift time
Of October eves, orange pumpkins
unclasp their vines

In July fall the scarlet cherries
August sun gives the blueberries.

in September trees of almond and apple
bequeath their fruit to the hapless

but each month and any time
presents the tree of lime
pure limelight fruit
it wove from grime

Just so each soul
has its appointed time
when liberation sounds
with its windborn chimes



St. Anthony found
when humans lent not their ears
that by the seashore
fishes ever listened
They did not need him
them to christen
since they're immersed
in lovewaters' baptism..
and swim in joy..
neath lighted seas' glisten



Pisces is the unboxed
vast ocean Pacific
Virgo.. the defined,
the small the specific.
Yet inside all beings small
is Divinity's all.

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The Sound Of Crimson

Stay with me until birds stop singing,

in the spring their songs will bring dreams.

Hold me until shadows can speak,

let their silence be our strings.

There at the foot of the mountain,

that is where our journey begins.

As the clouds muffle the peak,

I hear sounds of the violin's

Dance with me to the music

and it will play our favorite song.

Reflect off it's face of water

a goose in love with a swan.

It's the sweetest sound of crimson

and it makes me want to climb.

"Through those clouds is where it lies",

cries, the love of a life-time.

My heart is a musical instrument

and you my love are the breeze.

Let us play like we're in autumn

and then dance to scatter the leaves.

Lady, stay with me until forever

and where I live, I'll exist.

Please humor me with endeavor

an empty handed violinist.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For one to ever truly love again sometimes one must die like a tulip dies each season only to grow into another flower vased!

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Compassion for a Nation


Remember when we wished we were Superman

And we believed we could fly

We were more than just an ordinary man

We could soar across the sky

Remember when a sheet was a long red cape

No hill was too high to jump

No walls or fences could prevent our escape

Nothing could cause us a bump

X-Ray vision could see through a cement wall

So we could prevent the crime

With super hearing buried victims could call

To come save them just in time

If only someone could have overheard our plea

And made us invincible

Then we could stand so strong and able to be

Wholly indestructible

When great evil comes to destroy the planet

They would not have a prayer

To highjack the innocents in a great jet

And murder them in the air

Because we would be there to turn them right round

Before they caused deep sadness

And we'd carry those planes safely to the ground

To stop the pain and madness

If childish dreams were cool and our wish came true

Would this horror be right here

Would we be cowering to hide from the view

Of death, destruction and fear

So now we know that God has another plan

All of us who need to share

The true fact is we cannot be Superman

But the world still knows we care


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a nation under siege & all those who lost theirs lives & loved ones from a Canadian who cares.

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