Make it Alright

Ugonna Wachuku  


Now that the drums are silent;
now that the stars are shinning;
now that my love breathes with
new freshness from the waterfall;   


now that your searching soul has
risen so high to kiss the ripe
lips of my being; now that the
birds are singing you a soothing
song; now that life has planted
sweet smelling roses in the
garden of your soul; now that
the nightingale is whispering
your name to heaven's love;  


now that your beauty has brought
brilliant bounties to my being;
now that your love will outlive
the monuments of stone; now that
you will take me to that glorious
garden in the land of your birth:   


darling, beauty from heaven,
beauty of the caring soul,
just make it alright.
Make it alright for you and
for me.


Make it alright for humanity.

Make it alright till our love
builds this dying world anew.  

Let flowers, trees, forests,
streams and oceans bloom.
Make it alright for you and
for me.


Make it

alright for



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Douglas Lazard's picture

And love will one day build this dying world anew...
This is my belief and my prayer!!
Then forever peace and love will abound ~~ Dougie ~~~

ugonna's picture

My use of too many NOWs in this poem is a matter of style. I have no problem with finding words to start my lines. It was my creative wish to build a climax with a repetitive concept. I am glad with the outcome. Thank you for your humbly welcome insight and view, Bernard!

hawksquaw99's picture

if there was only something that we could do ... to make everyone get along.... that would make it alright with humanity....