Grandfather 1-20-00


A fisherman and his rod

on a warm summer's eve.

Sitting in his boat,

Looking at all the scenery

In all its peace.

Not wanting to be

Any where but here.

Staring ahead

With nothing disturbing him.

The sun lays upon

His unaging face.

He watches after his kids

And his grandchildren.

He teaches them

Everything he knows.

He appriciates

Everything his family teaches him.

For in every family

You must learn form

One another.

This wonderful man

Acts as a symbol

Of what's write and wrong.

He has seen many wars

witnessed many partings

My parents have

Gotten help from him

With their hardships.

He has taught me to

Love and care for one another.

This outragously caring man

Is my grandfather.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandfather is one of the most important people in my life, and I thank him for all he has done for me.

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Love Will Find Away

I always believed that love would find away

Isn't that what all the other people say?

And after all I have been through

I still believe it too.

After all the heartache I still believe that

Love will push through the darkness

And bring forth the bright sunny skies, which lie, beneath the clouds.

Someone once told me if it's meant to be

Something will happen

Just wait and see

How long do I wait?

And how will I know?

The waiting game is the part I hate

How long is it before it's my turn to glow?

I guess I'll have to wait and then I will know.

Love will find a way to get to me...



And that love will be true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

s true.... it always has a way

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Waitin The 42 -- Notes From Purgatory

Seen the stooped

Burdenweary shoulder

Knifed with thought

Waitin' the 42

Ellison your agonies doubled in our gutters

And equal numbers

Of angels whisper the street's calming bus times

To the unslinging of bags off shoulder

Under the system

That is the bench too

And the bags

And the transit from burden bleary day

Knifed with thought

Ellison you fool

We are all writers and martyrs

Fighting the blackness with inkpens

But thank you for the kindness

Our feet exemplefy the freedom

The whistling masses

Are crowded with

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for Harlan Ellison, who's "Notes from Purgatory" is just plain awesome, and inspired this poem.

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me for her

Never a second glance

three weeks compaired to three years

but I understand

I am only a nobody

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after talk-
ing to my best friends
girlfriend. It was a trad
me or her. guess.

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Nobody Sinks (My Letter To Nicolette)...

we were lured by the edge

to hold on to it and drive

away whats left of what we

thought were happy memories

we were pushed by fate

to cross a common line

but the blow didnt hurt

instead drew our souls

into a certain harmony

or a dance or a song

which words neither one

of us can comprehend

it is my fear

that the color of that

death chant hovering over

our heads might not be

rightfully ours still

we give our hopelessness

power to reach for it

it occured to me

that if we ever took hold

of that blackness

we may never come back

and then later regret it

i think this way when my

fears whisper such grim

realities in my mind

but my fear is not me

its just a buzzing sound

creating a haze or a blindspot

here inside my head

maybe its my own

subconcious desperate

bid to let me stay

and yours to let your

memories remain here still

although in recurring


but we are here

still holding on

not growing stronger

least not yet

but it is strength

in itself to hold on

and not let go

this is something that

i think we can start from

nobody ever grows weak

nobody gives in

i wont sink and neither

will you

keep holding my hand

its warmth its comfort

because it is only

when you hold my hand

that i am given the

chance to hold yours

while we both fool the

uncertainty of this

nightmare between us

we will never sink

nobody drowns this time

i wont

and i wont let you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

she said she wanted to end it all...i said i do too...she said "please don't"...i said i won't if you stay...and she did...a friendship flourished after that...but before all of these, we were strangers.

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You have heard it said, “No gain without the pain!”

Pain in the positive keeps us from harm

Imagine a world filled with amputees, what a qualm

I have felt pain in many a form

I live with pain ~ it becomes the norm

Pain killers I have taken

Only temporary relief, then I feel forsaken

Once had my throat slashed open!!

No anesthetic could be given, only a token!!

Ever felt the pain of a broken heart?

I’m sure many have,time will heal and you can make a new-start!

Take the marathon runner, the pain of breaking through “the Wall”

Yes, a second wind they say, after they’ve given their ALL!

The ache of being alone, missing the one *you* love

Wanting,looking, seaching - in the end, just give up!  Never finding the one who’ll fit like a glove

The pain and anguish of defeat, whether inside or out

A time of introspection and solitude, reflecting on what could have been, and what went wrong; there’s no doubt

A day will come ~ when you will stand on the victory dais, with the pain of defeat just an echo in your ear

That is the time you will cheer!!

The pain of child-birth is something us men will never experience ~ or feel

But, after the  trauma and pain ~ comes the great joy and exultation ~ so real

Jesus, took the pain and sorrow!

For *you* to be healed ~ to live for tomorrow!

In this life, we *ALL* have pain and turmoil, whether mental, physical or emotional

Give someone a kind word ~ make it vocational

So in essence remember *YOUR* pain

When next you meet someone hurting, give them encouragement, hope and comfort again

Not reticence, avoidance and coolness of manner

Then the World will be a better place when “Love” is the banner


Columbo  Star

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My Bed Is Lonely Tonight


My bed is lonely tonight

With the exception of myself

To allude boredom

I create you

My silent lover

I allow you to take me

Ravage me like the untamed beast inside you

Such might, pinning me down like evening's prey

Your arms holding me, with the strength of the forged colossus you are,
yet with the gentleness of a winter's tear, you hold me

You kiss me

Your hands stroking the hairs on the back of my head

My arms

My legs coiled around the brawn of your body, without the intent of letting go...


3 knocks pounding abruptly at my door

Sadly, I have to destroy you swiftly to avoid detection

However, I will keep you in memory for another occasion.

"Come in!"

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