I left beaches of soft sand,
for the stacked ice of Greenland
due to being an envious emotional
Shit sucks
I’m almost as wild as my own low expectations,
I thought it was just a mild year of meditation,
but I’ve been here for over ten.
Almost unaware,
let’s look at my hair, 
I simply don’t care,
I’ll just keep chasing the edge of Ice
and stay here 
until the landscape nearly eats me alive. 

Don’t jive with the cold?
Live in your mold and humidity
and your down south stupidity,
I moved here for the morbidity of glacial history.
Sea rising misery incoming
your blind hypocrisy
will be tested
when the Florida blessed
have to pull up their pants
cover their asses and
pack up the children
and grandchildren too,
While the lower classes are stuck to
Wait and drown.

Good ol’ downtown Orlando
Is doomed to be the world’s newest 
Sunken Whirlpool
or some northern Narwhal’s
New summer pool.
Are you going to be the fool to stay around and See It?
Disneyworld will swirl like the toilet it is.
Want to spoil these last years with their
Contractual breaches, as
Immaculate leeches and
little tendrils lash out from the Rodent God and
lead our children to cultural Nowhere?
Just being polite
Our species isn’t Snow White
we’re not going to get saved and ‘woke’
by the angelic white man and his Klan of 7 Sheep,
Nothing will save us from our stupid Deep Sleep.

The Heat didn’t work,
The Cold didn’t either,
This Planet’s damn sick, 
while we only give a shit about Justin Bieber…
and if you are a climate shift believer, 
that makes you a conspiracy theorist to some,
We’re talking about from the dumbest rung of the top tier,
that drink their beer, run the masses into their graves
and pray to the White Beard that
clears them of damnation in the silly cellar
filled with Nothing,
a trivial dedication to Oblivion.

Pray on Sunday
so the rest can be fun days.
Who gives a care if you harm others,
You and Your shit-polluting brothers
will keep dumping on our shared ground
while spouting about how it’s somehow more yours
and that the hordes of people that will be born and follow
Are just an issue for tomorrow… 

The land shrinks.
Half of the people think
that they can just move to Mars or here to Qaanaaq,
or that they’re hearing false-facts,
Not going to waste my time
and counteract,
The currents are changing,
The Tidal Waves Will Crash.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Come on over to Qaanaaq and visit me! We have a new glacier about to drop!!! ~ Carmelo

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The Letter

Ugonna Wachuku  


To fill empty hours of my despair and positivity; to occupy 

these fleeing hours that seem to have no meaning; just to

find fulfilling reality to the pain I face, let me write you this

letter; hoping that my intention would be well understood;

believing that whatever I feel for this being on the path to

love and life would be made known when the next new

moon brightens our calm sky; in order to bring hope,

inspiration and smiles to the bleeding soul of each

humankind who fatally face persecution and 

fundamental human rights violation.  

May we have good governance, servant leadership, love, 

human rights, peace, security, abiding electricity, healthcare, 

education, economic viability, prosperity, durable roads, 

functional public transportation, national pride, global 

respect, accountability and sustainable development for 

our enduring, protesting plus "suffering and smiling" 


This is a mind journey in the being and soul that I am. 

In my native Igbo language, we call it: ak na uche; 

meaning common sense and good thought. Let me, 

in this poetic letter, take the mantle of good thought 

and common sense into that unfathomable realm of 

the human mind and essence in motion. This is the 

realization of all that makes us human. Whether 

we are humane is another matter.


Let me, therefore, write this letter to you; believing 

that the meaning of all I desire and cherish for the 

survival and oneness of humanity would be seen in 

that same spirit of peace, love, creativity, innovation, 

sustainability, inspiration and solidarity amongst 

humankind. May we see, hear and understand. 

May we be. 


The Letter:




Many days ago, I left home.   
You were not there; but I had
to take you with me in order to
find meaning to the new person I
would be through creativity 

and innovation. 


You were not there. So, I resolved
not to leave you behind shadows and
dark clouds. Many streams flowed in
my heart. I was so lonely. Yet not
alone. I was on my way to this new
life, hope and beginning. Yet, I
knew brooks in your thought. Those
brooks embraced and watered my effort
to find that nature of life in an
environment so peaceful yet painful.


My faith was strong. I had every
firm belief that I would make it.
You gave your blessing and love
even before I asked. Did you not
tell me what to wear? Did you not
affirm that my faith will surely
see me through in that ever 

present Sea Walker's

unfailing love and care?


When you walked away, a windy, 
calm, refreshing breeze from you
embraced my being. I felt angelic
hands on my head and shoulders.
Thoughts of you followed me to the
end of blue, midnight clouds and
skies. I was breathless. I hoped to
see earth's coming new day.


In my dreams; in my thoghts:- those
thoughts you posses, I saw your face
that blue, cloudless night. I saw 

inspiring hand of beauty and dignity

which you placed on my life. I waited

to embrace your new rainbow. Then,  

waited on the beach of your love

and solidarity to ponder and dream
good, new dreams for you and for
me, for humankind in need and pain.


I write to you today, in my pain;
in my despair; in my uwavering 

hope; in my uplifting joy, in my

loneliness and calm uncertainty; 
just to let you know that love will
always conquer; even when its not
given or given but not accepted. 


You mean hope itself to me.
You mean loving thought and
the will to survive to my
being. You are life. You are
love so brilliant. And this

loving brilliance I must follow

in order to remain human with
humaneness; for us and for

our enduring, protesting plus

"suffering and smiling" people;

because through this devastating

pain, meaningful freedom, sustainable

liberation and hopeful reality must 

emerge to plant our inspiring people

on flourishing "green pastures"

of this blessed land.   

With love and every beautiful wish:


Ugonna Wachuku