Uplifting Sea Shores

Ugonna Wachuku  


For her whom I
heartily call
Valerie K. Jochum


Exciting pathways and wonderful
winds are here. Uplifting sea
shores of hope and beauty are
also here:


You are just here too with a
serenading smile seen beyond
lush landscapes and striking
stars. Yet this calmness is


Like a river bird on welcoming
streampaths of home and yesterday,
you follow the the beat from
heaven's waiting wind with ease.
Like blue dolphins on this pathway
to that blessed land in nature,
you lead those boats back to
shore with love unbound.


Now, on this moonlit night
of inspiration and oneness,
I await your homecoming at
that ancestral village square
where the bountiful soul in
you will be refreshed for that
love of humanity in the you that
you are. Surely, your uplifting
sea shores of hope and beauty
will be there. I too will be
there, yearning, with my lighted
bald eagle head and being.


Your heart will unfold with
new landscapes and gardens
from lost ages and hidden
treasures of the unfathomable.
But then, in the new meaning
that you bring to this village
square, I'll breath of enthralling
fountains and rising springs.


Yet, tonight, I await the coming
of new dawn with new meaning;
with strength; with that sweet
smelling flower you bring from
heaven's heart. I'll be there
indeed; so too will be mankind.
We will be there awaiting your
homecoming on moonlit pathways
and village squares:


When ancestral drumbeats finally
come to us with loving bounties
and saving smiles, we shall
remember that you are humbly
home, Valerie! 


Uplifting Sea Shores: 
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Valerie Jochum

Dear Ugonna, With waterfalls, lanscapes, gardens and heavens waiting 
winds, your writing drew me captive as a prisoner never wanting parole
from our cell of friendship.  Knowing you for so long has been a great
blessing to my life.  At times we are distant but only due to life's
separate trails, never are we distant from each others thoughts.  As
you have surprised me with this loving dedication to our relationship,
you have my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to God for uniting us in
this way through our present journey called life.  I do hope one day
to meet you my dear friend.  Now, as I read this poem it moved thorugh
me as comfortably as the blood flowing through my own veins, then,
suddenly I read,..." I too will be there, yearning, with my lighted
bald eagle head and being."....Oh Ugonna!!  You tripped me up and I
laughed so hard!!!  All I could visualize was the light of the sun,
stars and moon reflecting in brillance off from your beautiful bald
head!  You always have a way to make me laugh!  You are an incredible
man Ugonna and I just adore you for your wit and sense of humor! God
blesses the goodness inside you Ugonna.  You are indeed still the only
Eagle I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  When I look to the skies
and over the mountain tops, observing an eagle in flight, I always
remember you and imagine you flying high over those Swiss Alps.  :)
Never will I forget you Ugonna and, you are ever still in my prayers
for your success in writing and, life in general. Love, Valerie Jochum
New York

Abritelite .
a beautiful description of a world we would all love. abritelite

Renee' Quinn
Valerie is such a beautiful spirit.... she is blessed to have an eagle
in her life.... for me and the native american way I believe.... each
animal, plant and stone has what we call medicine... and the ealges
medicine is the power of the Great Spirit.... the connection to the
Divine.  It is the ability to llive in the realm of spirit, and yet
remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.  Valerie has
so many wonderful spirits working in her life... she is very
blessed......  this was such a powerful piece.... she deserves
something this beautiful

Iqbal A. Rashid
Marvellous dedication in the form of a very beautiful poem. Velerie, a
magical soul who has thoroughly enchanted me as well, rightly deserves

Dewey Davis
This poem calls me to a home I've never seen...It's a sweet image,
being welcomed in the village square like a long lost cousin. Your
village calls not only Valerie; there are millions of us who are far
from home. What beautiful things you write!

Teresa Jacobs
Ugonna, you are beautiful... This poem is beautiful. Valerie is
blessed to have a friend as rare as a jewel. That is you! I am going
to read your beautiful words over and over again. You are a true
writer of feelings and your words linger in my mind leaving me with
their wonderful touch. Love Teresa

Valerie Jochum
Dear Ugonna, Much time has passed since I've been able to get here to
read your works.  You know, I love them all!  But pardon my arrogance
for saying this piece titled "Valerie!!" is my favorite!!!  mmmmm
mmmmm mmmmmm  :-) Happy New Year My Beloved Eagle.  ((((hugs))))

Douglas Lazard
Ugonna,  I see we have a mutual friend!  Valerie is a very special
person and a wonderful friend. She and I have done several
collaborations together. She has a heart of gold and I as you do, love
her dearly! this is such a wonderful tribute that you have written for
her. It's makes my heart soar, for there are few who deserve such a
heartfelt homage as she!!

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~
2002-03-01 11:22:35 

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