A flash of light,

The room is lightened,

What is happening?

I am so frightened,

I see the pictures,

On the wall,

The pictures hanging,

About to fall,

They are so fragile,

Like life itself,

One twist or slip, events could change,

We must take care of our self,

What I feel right now,

It is so strong,

Weakness or strength?

Were my decisions wrong?

Fear or courage,

What could have happened to me,

If my choices were different,

Would I be here to see?

Things change so fast,

Others move so slow,

Life and death,

Will we ever know?

We dwell too much,

On worldly things,

Love and hate,

The songs we sing,

Thoughts so intricate,

The webs we weave,

Rise or fall?

Our elegance leaves,

Someone trips,

Another stumbles,

Up or down,

A volcano rumbles,

Too many tasks,

Our memories fail,

A thought conceived,

A soul for sale,

How does the mind work?

How do these wheels turn?

I fear that is something,

We will never learn.

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Every Time


She doesn't believe,

That I know how she feels,

How am I supposed to explain?

She thinks I'm trying,

To rub it in her face,

Thinks I'm trying to cause her pain,

She doesn't understand,

I've been there before,

And I'd never do anything to hurt her,

She's my friend,

She means a lot to me,

And I'd never want to desert her,

But she doesn't see,

How I feel for you,

I can't leave you all alone,

I think that you,

May be the only one,

Even if that's something I haven't shown,

I can't say that I,

Excuse what they did,

But I completely understand,

If I knew what to sy,

Or what to do at all,

I'd try to talk to them again,

I wish I could,

Get through to them,

Make them see how I feel,

I think, no, I know,

That what we have,

Is totally the real deal,

I guess that when,

I talked to them,

I said some things I shouldn't have,

If it means that I

Have lost them as friends,

Then it kills me: cause it's what I wish I had,

Yet I can't help but feel,

I did nothing wrong,

You deserved to know what they were saying,

They can't go around,

Claiming to be your friend,

Then talk like that: it's called betraying,

You that everytime,

You think you have found,

A chance at happiness,

They go and try to ruin it,

They won't do that to us,

Let me tell you this,

You mean the world to me,

I cant lose you,

I just can't let them take you away,

I forgive them for what,

They did and said,

BUt I can't ingore what happened today,

I guess I just have,

To live with the pain,

And if I have to, I will fight,

I need so badly, to be with you,

I have to love you,

No matter if they say it's not right,

I'll always be here,

You can count on me,

No matter what happens: I'll see you through,

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her greatest joy

The sky was dark

she walked alone

trying hard

to make it home

feeling the presence

but still unsure

that she were followed

by a man impure

before she knew it

he grabbed her face

forced her down

violated her space

consumating an innocent

within her womb

a constant reminder

of that night of gloom

she was merely a child

as she entered the clinic

stares burning on her skin

from the eyes of a cynic

"tramp" they muttered

as she passed them by

a pregnant teenager

was enough to make them spy

"Look at that trash!"

"I feel sorry for the child."

"Couldn't she control herself?

Or is she that wild?"

Without a tear

she ignored their remarks

Jesus knew the truth

she wasn't in the dark

for she knew the pain of being raped

would always leave a scar

but killing a baby would leave

the deepest wound by far

so five months later she gave birth

to a healthy baby boy

and despite all the humiliation endured

he was her greatest joy

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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{Shakespearian, Curtal couplet}

I found her (I guess it was a she-bird)

under our lilac bush, on a warm, Summer day.

She didn't flee, like she knew I wouldn't hurt.

I spoke softly, & her tiny, bright eyes never looked away.

I took her gently, touching her beak first,

trying to convey my own shyness at this meeting.

She didn't flutter, nor even have shudders,

& I spoke continually, tenderly, almost pleading:

"Dear, fallen one, I'll help you fly again".

So, I kept her for two weeks or so,

& when I saw that her wings seemed again even,

I removed the cage, held her, & bade her: "GO!"

She flew awhile, a circle,

weak wing down.

(I hope, being thankful),

then---flurry!---she was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An actual event, brought to mind by a later meeting with a wonderful, hurt heart, which has healed me as it was healed.

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I Can See The Rainbow !

Here I am again my friends

before this empty page

It seems I spend much time with you

to ease my heart these days

"You've Got Mail" a pleasure

Someone has dropped by to say hello

Faceless friendships granted

now with names I'v grown to know

Friendships within a cyber world

but friendships just the same

has helped to mend a healing heart

that has been so filled with pain

Simple words of kindness

Offers of sweet prayers

from cyber friends upon a page

that are ever present here

I truly want to thank you

~All my PostPoem friends~

You have helped a very hopeless heart

find some hope again.

There are some VERY special people

in these VERY special halls

I have been wrapped in prayers and friendship

My thanks goes out to all

To the inspiration of this title

"You truly brought a smile"

to a heart that has found it very tough

to do that in awhile

So ~ Yes

I Can See A Rainbow

just beyond the parting clouds

Its hue of wonderous colors

are not invisible to me now

Because of truly caring hearts

that the Lord has brought my way

~I Can See The Rainbow~

In friendship magnificently displayed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What you have just read was not ment to be a great work of art.  Perhaps I should have put my words of Thanks in prose to make sure that it is understood.  This title given to me from Jessica could have gone in many different directions but I felt that this was the best way to describe the "rainbow" that is becomming clearer to me every day. My true gratitude to everyone that has been so kind.  I hope that each of you know your name because I DO! ~Lesa~

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the way i feel about pomes is that there the love in are minds the heart in are souls.and even when we cant read we can lisiten to the love of what are minds can say. what things can we think what loves can we talk about it's the power of are minds that make us stand out like a burning candel in the rain.  threw  a pen we can tell everyone what we feel. just look in to the eyes of a poet and tell me what you see the wonders of the mind that have no limits. i can say what i feel threw a pen from my heart. and my mind will tell me that the love in my heart is for what i do. so think of what makes you happy and threw a pen you can tell the depths how it makes you you walk and feel the sun on your back see the couds in the blue look at the green grass and think what a life this is. maybe we are here to live and thats all to love the land on which are raised. to be a friend to someone we love. to know that theres more out there somewhere. maybe life is just one big poem thats not yet done maybe we fill in the pages with are lifes.then life would be Gods poem forever in are minds.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

life is a poem for everyone in are minds 3/31/02

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For A Friend

The grieving heart that silently cries

Remembers gifts of loving smiles.

Encourageing words and prayers

From beyond the heavens

Becomes the reasons

To move forward.

For your heart ~

I wish ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friend Dougie and in rememberance of his sister.  ~Lesa~

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Red, White, And Blue

The colors



And blue

What do they stand for?



Whole nation


And security

One day

Our eagle woke

For what someone did

To our



And blue

They hurt us

They hurt our colors

But once that eagle woke up

He started to attack

To hold our pride

In our colors



And blue

While we weep

The tourist laughed

While we prayed

The tourist cried

Because they know

That our prays would be answer

By the most powerful person in the world

And they cried

Because they would scared

But we laughed

While they cried

So know our pride is back

Those colors



And blue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to OUR GREAT NATION WE LIVE IN!!

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Can My Dreams Come True

Many times in lfe

You have dreams

To go to state

With your friends


Then there is a problem

To wish your dream won’t come true

The one that you wished for since the beginning of time

When you started

It’s sad when you think about it

And it makes you cry

Once that dream you wanted to come true

Failed you

And know you don’t know what to do

But be blue

I guess just stop thinking about it

It might work for you

But not always

Will it help you through

Now that dream is crushed


And above all won’t ever come true

Now you ask yourself

How could someone?

But I guessed they didn’t know

How you felt

But you guess they probably won’t ever know


Just answer


Author's Notes/Comments: 

we didn't make it to state though but we did very well, better luck next year!!

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