The Art of Human Suffering

We exist in ennui 

Lost in formulaic riddles and obstructed prose 

The mind becomes a moonless night 

So many thoughts and none that shine 

Reflections of deflections 

Loathing and Loving 

And somewhere in between

Complex simplicity

We’re always wrong but we never see 


We exist in ennui 

Lost in formulaic riddles and obstructed prose 

The mind becomes a moonless night 

So many thoughts and none that shine  


Filtered out and filtered new

On the outside, you can be pretty too

Stagnant and free from form 

Endless trees that bear no fruit 


So, you fought, so you won 

But here we are again and again        

Aimless and listless 

Just around the corner’s edge 

To the cornea's path 


Blind to the smiles 

That cover blind arrogance 

Blind to the self-induced madness 

Suffocating on the illusion of bliss


We’re always wrong but we'll never see

Hanging low, diseased and rotting 

Endless shifts of celebrated nullity

We are the saviors of nothing 


"It's a slow death without reason 

Prolonged by human weakness"


I don't remember when 

We were not divided by incompetance 

So much beauty in this world destroyed

Abused, forgotten and left by the wayside 


I've had hope that the future is brighter

But hope is my cognitive death 

If religion and philosophy can't heal 

Is there anything left?      


We are grasping for a tranquility that rides the cusp of a failing species 

In the mind's eye we see ourselves as heavenly, but in reality we are cosmological fiends  


Burn it all down

Burn it all away

and like Rome we will fall 

and like Rome we will stay 


Bored in Class


Why am I so bored?

I should be taking notes.

The teacher is doodling on the board

Why am I thinking about boats?


I would rather be a sailor

Out on the open sea.

Or maybe a whaler

With just the fish and me.


Why not be a lieutenant in a war.

Fighting besides my men,

Invading the battle ridden shore

Where was I again?


Oh yeah, in this god forsaken class.

God, how time goes by so slow.

The teacher can kiss my ass

Cause I’m not going with the flow.


I’m going be a knight in shining armor

Riding across the land to save the girl.

I will be brave, strong, and a lady charmer

I may just give slaying dragons a whirl.


Maybe I’ll become a king,

Loved by everyone in the land.

On every finger is a diamond ring,

Where everyone would obey my every demand.


Ding Dong

The bell has rung

Playing its most benevolent song

Boy do I feel young.


Finally class is done

I’m back in reality

Out the door and under the sun

Contemplating my mentality.

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Far away

You shouldn't expect a postcard, don't expect a letter, even a simple text is too much to ask for.
The place I'm at right now is cold. Freezing in fact.
It's a bottomless pitt of self-defiance, pity and regret tied up in a box made up of tears and sealed off with a black bow. This bow is unlike any other, it's darker than any other. Look at it carefully, it has this amazing shade of black, carrying dark thoughts and slit throats. 
My question is, "can I give it away?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write my poems based off of my own emotions in the moment! All of this directly relates to my life or the life of someone I know

Lost Leaves


My heart beats in my chest tonight

As it did the night before

And the evening before that.


Today was just another day

Not one that I will remember

Or hold dear in my memories.

Nothing but a forgotten leaf

Fallen from a blossoming tree.

No, I will not remember thee,

It came and went from me

This leaf has left

With the wind

And is already withering away.


I don’t care much for the leaves

That have been departing

Unnoticed, uninteresting.

No, those should not be a part of me.

I would much rather choose

An unusual flower

With so many petals

To love and cherish

Unpredictable, unforgettable.

That’s how my days ought to be.


But tonight,

My heart stayed in my chest you see,

My days, my weeks,

Are dry brittle leaves

That didn’t belong on the tree

In the first place.


So tonight I pray

For all I want

Is to water the tree

And have flowers

Growing from thee.

To end the drought

Once and for all

Bring my life back to me.


And then my heart will arrange

To race, to jump

To skip a beat

To accelerate its pace

And pound like a drum again.


My days have been wasted,


It’s time to blossom once more

And make up for all those lost leaves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've just been feeling like my life has been so boring lately! I want things to pick up again!

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Hello, Random Imaginary Person


Hi random imaginary person! What did you say? I can't hear you.....Oh, you said Cheeseburger lemon-aid? Ok, that's cool. I got ya! Remember to flush the toilet when your done curling your hair. Please and thanks. Oh and also, don't forget to run the bath water and put tissues in it. Thanks again. Have a good apple! Bye!

Hello Imaginary person. It's me again. How's life? Sexy? I see. I understand that you like pigeons. I think they are gross and silly. Say what? You're under the sink? Why is that? Oh, you found some peaches? Give me some! Thanks! I like blankets. Do you? No? That's too bad because blankets are like Jesus. Imaginary person, what is your name? You never told me! What's that? You're speaking too soft, say it louder. Ooohh I see. Your name is Freddy. Come again? Say what? Oh ok,You said you are going to go to go camping at the morgue. That sounds fun! When are you going? At 13 o'clock? Damn that's late. I hope you have fun. When are you going to put that picture of you and the lamp on facebook? Tomorrow, at doggie time? Ok. I've been waiting for you to do that. Yeah? What's that? You're leaving? Awe man! I'm going to be so bored when you are gone! Alright then. Talk to you later. Have fun at I Hop! I'm just going to sit here and wait for something to happen....

Author's Notes/Comments: 



My thoughts

I'm so bored,
don't have anything
that I can do.

I have to study
for my finals,
but I really would rather not.

Finals are no fun,
but to be a good student,
I have to get good grades.

I don't want to study,
I wish that I was able
to know everything I've learned so far.

It would be nice to have a place
in my mind that I could keep the things
I need to know currently.

When I am done with those things,
I could kick them out of that place,
and have it ready for the next thing.

But my mind doesn't work that way,
I have to do it the hard way,
remembering things on my own.

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