One Missed Call

I think, today, I'm going to smash my phone with a hammer.
because everytime it goes off, I get a false sense of hope that it'll be you at the other end.

But you're not there,

you never are,

so instead of sitting here wishing upon stars,

I'll distroy the thing that causes me so much pain.

On second hand, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow...
you know...
incase you decide to call.  

Daniel-59's picture

Been here to Damn many times

Been here to Damn many times to count.

What the hell I'm still there an she split for greener pastures 5 years ago. every blue moon she calls looking for one of our boy's..An For a second My heart jumps 

Still haven't taken her number out of the damn thing ......... Maybe I'll Do it Tomorrow 

Yeah Maybe


~ DD~

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