my best friend

she is more than a sister, she is more than a friend
she is close to my heart...N' we'll be friends till the end
she makes me smile whenever am about to cry
she makes me laugh when i feel down and sad
she wiped my tears away when i was broken one day
she took my hand and showed me how strong i should stand
she is one of the dearest and the closest to my heart
and i swear that nothing could ever make us apart
am speechless to say that she surprises me everyday !!
and both of us are proud to be sometimes crazy and insane
we laugh about some silly things but it makes us happy
we enjoy our time cuz we're always doing something funny
we have so much in common
and am proud to say ,
my BEST FRIEND i love u ...and i thank u so much
for giving me happiness... i swear that am blessed from God
and am sorry if i ever made u lovely sister Mariam Emad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it is for my best friend mariam emad <3

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